Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Chastanet Cites Hatred Towards Him As He Laments Developments In Parliament

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Opposition leader Allen Chastanet took to Facebook to lament developments in parliament on Thursday.

“Just to prevent me from making my contribution towards the Budget in Parliament today, the SLP Government prevented 4 of their most senior Ministers from speaking,” the former Prime Minister wrote.

“We heard nothing from Minister Alva Baptiste on Foreign Affairs especially in relation to the Russia-Ukraine war and it’s effect on us. We heard nothing from Richard Frederick on the various housing projects and local government reform,” he said.

“We heard nothing from Stephenson King regarding all the road projects, the redevelopment of Hewannorra International Airport, the increasing cost of electricity and the issues with physical planning,” Chastanet declared.

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“The Government prefers to focus on Allen Chastanet instead of dealing with the people’s business,” the Micoud South MP asserted.

And in a video message accompanying the written post, he declared there was hatred and obsession towards him.

“This is more and more becoming evident that it is coming at the expense of the development of our country,” the former Prime Minister declared.

“Today is probably one of the greatest examples that we have seen that in order to prevent one person from being able to speak during the budget debate the government prematurely closed the budget debate down leaving four Ministers representing over 750 million dollars of expenditure and not letting them speak,” Chastanet stated.

He expressed that people would make an issue that he did not speak but explained that he is one individual in opposition.

However, Chastanet observed that four senior government members did not speak, simply to silence the opposition again.

He asserted that the leader of government business, Castries South MP Dr. Ernest Hilaire, had made it clear that if he, Chastanet, did not speak on Wednesday, he would not do so on the following day.

According to the former PM, the labour government needs to understand that it is accountable to the people and cannot continue engaging in name-calling and bullying.

“This has to stop,” he declared.

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  1. Are you kidding me? He chastenet and of course UWP, did to the most honourable worse than what he (chastenet) is getting today. Have you forgotten? They have painted the most honourable Kenny D. Anthony with all the worse adjectives in the world. Even to the point of hatred! So, The Crow declares, UWP, cry me a freaking river and tell Chastenet to get over it and get out of politics. With him, UWP will be in the wilderness for a long, long, long time. The Crow has spoken.

  2. Weeds In The Field :
    “The ones who sowed the weeds are of the evil one’, and the enemy who sows them is the devil.
    Their throats are open graves ; their tongues practice deceit,” the poison of 🐍viper is on their lips,” mouth full are full of cursing, insultes with bitterness of the ❤️ heart, which ruin and misery mark their way.
    The way 👣of ☮️ peace and ❤️ love they do not know,”
    ” and there is no fear of God before their eyes.

    “Now,recieved reconciliation !”
    “Blessed are they”-
    Whose transgression are forgiven,
    whose sins are covered.
    Blessed is the man
    whose sin the LORD will never count
    against him.
    The Judgement followed one sin and brought condemnation, but the 💝gift followed many trespasses and brought justification.

  3. That’s the division that SLP brought to this country in 1997 and at present it has almost gone too far to turn around. What makes Pierre more Lucian than Kenny or Chastenet. Is it his complexion or is it his pronouncement that he is a little black boy from Marchard. Both Kenny and Chas are black like Pierre and Helaire and Frederick. Such morons, making someone’s complexion the focus. All these three men who have lead us plus the other wannabe Prime Ministers were all born in St Lucia. The only difference is that Kenny and Chas had a foreign parent, who incidentally in both cases were St Lucians by naturalization. All those wanting to sell our passports to white foreigners, let’s hope that one day these same persons don’t put themselves up for elective politics in St Lucia.
    I seriously don’t know why St Lucians don’t see the dictatorship that we are breeding in Helaire. Do we want this man to destroy our country like he did to West Indies cricket. How could you stand in Parliament and say if the opposition leader don’t speak first as you dictated, he will not get the chance to speak again. Is that democracy, Lucians open your eyes and stop insulting each other for these morons that we put in power every five years.

    • Are you kidding me? He chastenet and of course UWP, did to the most honourable worse than what he (chastenet) is getting today. Have you forgotten? They have painted the most honourable Kenny D. Anthony with all the worse adjectives in the world. Even to the point of hatred! So, The Crow declares, UWP, cry me a freaking river and tell Chastenet to get over it and get out of politics. With him, UWP will be in the wilderness for a long, long, long time. The Crow has spoken.

  4. I’ve been staying away from this platform thinking people probably got a little smarter with the past comments I’d been reading . But damn hell no they haven’t!!!
    What the hell is wrong with slp and the followers.
    I learn so much from UWP’s unlike slp, they don’t know nothing, no history of their country and politics.
    Chas as opposition normally speaks last on a budget and then the pm will close. They knew this but this is the price you pay chas for your parents making a white boy. For your parents working hard for you and your sister. For your parents making you rich. This is the price!!!!!
    Don’t blame me blame your parents.
    Tell them in your next life you want to be a little black boy from Marchand who knows how to fool the people all the time to win elections for 25years. The black not who lies and lies and continues with the lies. But you know what he is black so he’s excused. The black dirty dog from Marchand with dentures. Chas we love you, keep doing what you’re doing. Slp has always been people with hate so don’t expect anything different, even their own people say it amongst themselves

    • Man shut UP you fool !! Philip J Piere was born in this country, and the people voted for him hate it or love it. “The black dirty dog from Marchand with dentures” -WHAT YOU TALKING ABOUT? You shoe shining, boot licking peasant …. talking about, “Chas we love you”… Urh! get a hold of your self -> FOOL!! What has Chastenet done for you? I’d like to know. HA !

      The people voted to replace him unanimously -> Nothing you can do about it.

      • You see what I’m taking about the IQ… it’s not good at all. Our constitution does not say you can’t be pm because you were not born from the place. As long as your parents are from the place you are a citizen and by law can be pm. What are we doing to our kids future, espy those who want to see their kids excel. And yes pip is a black dirty dog from Marchand. You’ll had about to say about chas… take that and suck it…. Suckers

      • You should know cause your behind has been used so many times. go get your diapers. your main daddy waiting for you! SLP moron!

  5. It’s been interesting to read the comments on this board. My reactions are similar to the phrase: Oh what a tangle web we weave/when first we practice to deceive. Similarly one can also express their sentiments with this phrase: what goes around always comes around

  6. When the 5 year is up. Slp will want to hear ever. In the meantime please your supporters but don’t come begging the unsatisfied at the end of your term. Slp afraid of Chas

  7. SLP PIGS!! who cares??? They only go after those who are a threat to them. So that is their modus operandi! SLP will never be in power again with these fellas rest assured!

    • Raty Allen Chastanet is the one that will never be PM again. Keep on crying for your Massa Allen Chastanet house negro

    • Gutter rat keep on squeaking and hissing for your pale d@g Allen Chastanet he’ll never be PM again! Lol

      • The gutter rat is you people! That’s why you all have been ratted out!! and before the term is over you gutter rats will be done!! The voters who put you all there already suffering from buyers remorse. Evil has a price you rattle snakes! Chastanet rattle you all! So that is why he has become a target for the SLP! you dirty rats!!! go back to the gutter all of you where you people belong!

  8. This is what the Lord says :
    Concering the Opposition !
    When your years are completed from your ‘downfall’-
    I will come to you and fulfill my gracious promise to bring you back to this place.
    Because,St-Lucians are very easy to be folled,I know my plans for you,a rod to rule over them !
    Plans to give you hope,to prosper you and not to harm you.
    Then you will called upon me and come and pray to me,and I will listen to you. You will seek me with all your heart. I will be found by you.” declares the LORD, ”and I will gather you from the nation and places where I have bannished you,” declares the LORD, ”and I will bring you back to the place from where you were deprived.

  9. Give it up chasta idiot.Go back to Martinik. Leave Saint Lucia alone..YOU Are Finnished.The UWP will never win again as long as you are there leader.

  10. First they try to discredit you and when it doesn’t work they play the victim. This is typical or narcissistic individuals. Allen Chastenet is a typical narcissist…a delusional, pathological liar. I’m not sure that he hears himself…he still thinks that he can fool or trick most St. Lucians with his silly ploys…go to hell man…you don’t care about this country or it’s people.

  11. Utter nonsense.
    Here goes Allen again,no one prevented Allen from speaking.
    Allen wanted to speak last, no opposition leader or member has ever been given that privilege unless you have a 9 – 8 split in the house,then and only then can the opposition come close to that.
    One could draw numbers for the presentation order or you would have one government member followed by an opposition member.

    The king of liar was out numbered in the house and therefore knew that his lies would have been rebutted and exposed and being unprepared he opted to walk out instead of representing his constituents.
    What a shame.

    It’s time that the media stop airing Allen presentation from Facebook unless he uses the house of parliament to do so.
    No economy in the world grew by 10% in 2021 but St. Lucia did. You hear lie what a lie.

  12. A government which prevents the leader of the opposition from making his contribution in a budget presentation is either preventing citizens from knowing information which it does not want revealed or is heading towards dictatorship and has no regard for our democratic right.Why did we put these decptive persons in power? I never expected this ffom SLP. This does not put people first.

  13. Boo hoo hoo they wont let me speak……..speak when you are spoken to answer when you are call, besides no one wanted to hear from your ass. He is like a criminal getting ready to be sentence for a murder (fiscal) he committed, and wanting to address his victims to explain and justify his actions, but nobody want’s to hear from your yellow ass. The budget reflects your lack of fiscal discipline we now have to deal with.

  14. It’s high time u move away from politics. As a UWP supporter u are a failure. We cannot move forward with u at the top. Chastanet u have to bite the bullet and let someone else take up the runnings of the UWP. U are a failure. We cannot win with u at the top . It’s simple

    • I couldn’t agree with you more! He certainly needs to give it up for he is the milestone around the party’s neck.

  15. Y’all slp hacks getting me sick up in here… the man want to make a contribution towards the budget he’s been denied the chance and y’all fool’s supporting that crap…slp brain washing y’all with lies evil set of people the truth alone can set this country free and they are afraid of it.

  16. Are we that backward in St Lucia for us to support Helaire with his stupidity. We really need to take a page from Bajans and understand how democracy works. No where does Parliamentary procedure says that the opposition leader has to speak first. Pierre as opposition leader never spoke immediately after the presentation of the estimates.

  17. I love that country song Cry Baby Cry by the Cox family. The former PM is signing this song 😂😂😂 over and over again now am getting tired of hearing it. He seems not to understand that he is public enemy #1 in this country. Man you were a successful failure to the people of St Lucia, they have no trust in you any more, so get this into your big HEAD ok

  18. We seem to take a certain delight in parading our stupidity. Why should the Leader of the Opposition be denied the opportunity to speak on the Estimates of expenditure presented by the Prime Minister?

    • This is a blatant lie! He wasn’t prevented from speaking. Allen wanted to dictate when he should speak and that will not fly! He forgot that when he was PM he and his cohort deliberately prevented SLP reps from speaking. So, go cry me a river!

  19. Spoil brat now you a cry baby. Always believing you can con yourself out of every ,we know you now a chief crook con artiste king liar.

    • He is a SLP threat that’s why all the lies were said about him,cuase they kno the plan chas had for sweet Helen they would never get a chance in office again.hillaire,fredrick and king are three bullies thinking the spitting chas,but Helen cause Chas don’t need politics to survive,he was born with a golden spoon unlike others

  20. Allen if the budget was so badly written no MP or Minster could change the projection of the written budget document. Therefore if you had any solid contribution to dismantle the written (document) namely the budget you not be waiting to hear MP contribution before you turn on the light to catch the speaker eyes. If Allen can show the public where any Leader Of Opposition spoke last in the commonwealth parliament then he has a case. Allen have never and will never care about st Lucia constitution. When will Allen ever learn that the rule law of st Lucia must be followed.

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