Chastanet Cites Initiatives To Assist The Vulnerable

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Prime Minister Allen Chastanet has been highlighting some of  his government’s initiatives to assist the vulnerable in the society.

He spoke on Sunday as the ruling United Workers Party (UWP) observed the fifth anniversary of its June 6, 2016 election win.

Chastanet was part of a panel discussion on Sunday night  to mark the occasion.

He said the UWP knew it would be difficult going into office.

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“And part of that problem was that there was no money,” Chastanet explained.

He said no one was willing to lend this country money, although the labour party tried to make a billionaire an ambassador, hoping he would solve their problems.

“We all know how that story ended,” Chastanet said.

“We have to solve the problems ourselves,” he asserted.

As a result, Chastanet recalled that the government introduced the airport and gas taxes.

And he said at the same time, his administration reduced the VAT rate despite claims that it could not be done.

The PM also said the government had eliminated the debt people had at the hospitals and wiped off property tax for five years.

“We increased the subsidies for the school feeding programme and for the bus transportation programme,” he stated.

“Why? Because we said while we are building a new Saint Lucia, we must do things to help the more vulnerable persons in our society,” Chastanet declared.

“Every day at cabinet that is what the discussion is – ‘How are these policies going to affect the most vulnerable, but at the same time create the greatest amount of opportunity for our country,'” the PM said.

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