Chastanet Concerned Over Russian Millionaires Getting Saint Lucian Citizenship

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Opposition leader Allen Chastanet has raised concern over opportunities for Russian millionaires and billionaires to obtain Saint Lucian citizenship when several countries are putting pressure on Russia due to its invasion of Ukraine.

“Countries around the world and major corporations have all been implementing measures to help pressure the Russians to stop their invasion of Ukraine,” the United Workers Party (UWP) leader wrote on his Facebook page.

He noted that Dominica, Antigua, St Kitts, and Grenada have all suspended issuing Citizenship to Russians.

But the former prime minister observed that the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP ) government refuses to do the same here in Saint Lucia.

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The United Workers Party (UWP) leader called out Minister for Tourism, Investment, Creative Industries, Culture and Information and Deputy Prime Minister Dr. Ernest Hilaire.

“Why is Minister Ernest Hilaire hellbent on destroying Saint Lucia’s reputation by continuing to allow Russian millionaires and billionaires the opportunity to possess Saint Lucian citizenship in a time when world is showing solidarity with the people of Ukraine?” Chastanet said.

His comments echoed remarks made a day earlier by the leader of opposition business in the Saint Lucia senate, Dominic Fedee.

Fedee, former Tourism Minister, had called on the government to adopt a stricter stance regarding sanctions against Russia over its ‘illegal and undemocratic’ invasion of Ukraine by prohibiting Russians from applying to this country’s Citizenship By Investment Programme (CIP).

“What we need to do is ban completely Russian nationals from applying to our CIP programme,” the former Tourism Minister told reporters on Thursday.

“And to say that we will allow Russians to apply to our programme really is a slap in the face of what over 165 countries voted for at the United Nations, including Saint Lucia, that we would take a tough stance as a united world against any country that violates the sovereignty of another,” Fedee observed.

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  1. JESUS !
    His disciples came up to him :
    “Tell us, they said, “when will this things happend, and what will be the sign of your coming and of the end of the age ?”
    Jesus answer, but as I have told you, such things must happen.
    When you hear rumors of war nations against nations, still the end is to come ,all these are the begining of birthday pains.
    Russie is corrupt, their minds are busy on evil,like Poutine who were called rebel from birth, now change his face
    by plastique esthétique surgery,how ever, God will still know him.
    So then, their deeds do not permit them to return to their God.
    All of them are hot like oven ; Ukraine
    is not hidden from me says the LORD ! I will punish both of them for their ways and repay them for their deeds.

    Therefore, let us return to the LORD.
    We have greatly 💪✊👊 revolted !
    O faithful nation !
    While the word of God is still beign heard, let us walk in the light of the LORD. Let us not not detourne the works of the LORD, let God be true.
    Let us not conceive bad behavior and gives birth to trouble !
    For we created in God’s magnifique image,and reflection of Jesus Christ !

  2. Black people this in not your war. Stay away from it. Have you seen how black people are being treated by the Ucrainians. Black people the world hate you all. Mind your own business. Stay away from the other nations business. They do not care too hoot about you. Look after your people and your black nations. Unite with your black nations all over the world. God Almighty is with you. REPENT FROM ALL YOUR SINS AND TURN TO THE GOD OF RIGHTEOUSNESS. BECAUSE HE WILL JUDGE THE WORLD. YOU ARE CHILDREN OF THE MOST HIGH GOD TURN TO HIM WITH ALL YOUR HEARTS. STOP ALL YOUR KILLINGS AND MURDER OF YOUR PEOPLE. DELIVER YOUR SOULS FROM SATAN AND HIS DEMONS. MAY THE POWER OF THE ALMIGHTY REST UPON YOU.

  3. Long term this will hurt St Lucia, we should support the rest of the World and not enable these criminals, same old, same old Lucain mentality, never thinking of the long term, just now, now, now.

  4. American conjure hoodoo woman, you deserve to do a course in foreign relations because you clearly do not understand what is at play here.

    1st and foremost Ukraine is accepting volunteer fighters as a good will gesture you , Chastnet, Fedee and all those who is in support of the minister of opposition stupid remarks should form a United workers St Lucian Ukraine opposition resistant movement and offer their service in Ukraine this would put St.Lucia on the tourism world map without we spending one dollar.

    2ndly we and the world should ban everything Russian and start Using coconut oil in our vehicles.

    3rdly if the world want to stop the war by starting world war three they would have. Therefore as good will gesture please make you presence be felt in Ukraine you might see me there as well.

    • Bruh your comment was so irrelevant and ignorant… why don’t you start using coconut oil in ur car then smart guy

  5. Mr. Chasnet is spot on. Rest assured, countires and those who accommodate this pariah empire will suffer second and third hand sanctions effect down the road in terms of business and opportunities. Totally stupid for St. Lucia to embrace these Olig*rchs at such a great cost to the country’s reputation and the economy. We should be playing the long game and looking far ahead of this game called ” relationship, partnership, alliance and vested interest “. I sympathizes with the innocent R*ssians who do not support this war and atrocities being carried out on Ukrainian people. But the Millionaires and Billionaires have enable their leader for years in his atrocious and bad behavior. Bad idea for St. Lucia to be carrying on like business as usual with these cr*minals. They have blood on their hands as much as P*tin.

    • St. Lucia has no reputation. The US is now on hands and knees begging pariah states such as Venezuela and Iran to sell them oil. It is called geopolitics. Learn a little about it.

    • A johnny come lately armchair quarterback emerges from the depths of stupidity. The atrocities on the Ukrainian people started in 2004. Then the US upped the ante with the Maidan coup in 2014. Since 2014, 13,000 Ukrainians in Eastern Ukraine have been killed by their US installed government. Did you sympathise with them? In Odessa, 50 Ukrainian Russian speakers were burned alive by Nazis in a trade union house. Did you sympathise with them? Do you sympathise with the Jamaicans, Nigerians, Indians, Ghanaians that are now stuck in Ukraine because they were not accepted as refugees by Poland and robbed by Ukrainians citizens? This story goes way back. Unless you know the origins of it, say nothing. Don’t come parrot the rubbish you hear on CNN.

  6. Two things alone that will stop Putin. Himself and Yahweh. All these sanctions are only hurting the Russian people, and not Putin. The EU doesn’t care about Ukraine, they won’t accept them into the EU, they labelled Ukraine as a liability. They’re still buying oil and gas from Russia. We’re too small to make any impact in all of this. These rich Russians don’t need St. Lucia. The US has caused many wars, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libia, Syria, and list goes on, where are the sanctions on them

  7. Give it a rest Chas. Walk away from the keyboard once every three hours. Try deep breathing exercises. Experience neck rotations, shoulder rotations, waist rotations and possibly knee rotations. Ever cracked your joints? These too, are okay. I bet you would have fun outdoors discovering beautiful flowers.

    A daily barrage of nothingness is surely not a winning strategy. You will get the remainder of the public bored… disinterested. Don’t waste your ammunition because you might need it. I have heard that chamomile can be soothing. Try the local one.

    • Time to go b protest outside the Lucian embassy in dc and New York. Are Lucian policies getting like corrupt Haiti. Kick them out those politicians giving RUSSIAN Citizen rights. OH HELL NO

  8. Chasnet, the world understands that St. Lucia is in no position to apply economic pressure on Russia. Why give up perfectly good revenue at a time when we need it most. Your COVID policy has put us into such a hole economically which we cannot dig out of. We just suspended our servicing of debt to France. A hole you put us in! We need to start focusing internally on our issues instead of being a nation of followers. Let’s be leaders!!

    • Use your heads folks. His right. NO RUSSIANS !! Don’t remain ignorant of the abuses of world leaders. You guys are getting nutty. Then all your help from other countries will be diminished. Do you want to wait on A 10 mile of lines for food or reasonable gas, food or amenities. Please folks wake up. Don’t be blinded. His freedom to speech and his 1000th percent right. Why should these sick Russians be allowed our st.lucian blessings. You go there they will treat you folks like niggass. Remember to respect folks and they opinions. You may learn something..This is affecting us Americans now it’s coming your way.. so remember use your head!! Don’t think ever your lifestyle and stability and safety in this little island is untouchable.. Wake Up Wake Up Lucians. COVID SHOULD HAVE TAUGHT YOU FOLKS THAT.. THE. INFLATION AND COST OF GAS AND OTHER GOODS IN THIS WAR
      ID COMING YOUR WAY. REMEMBER!!!! ITS HEAD.Read.. Observe. EMPATHY. Research. Resist Russia Period !!

  9. Russians have been here from the time Landings was constructed, will all be evicted? Im sure no one has forgotten the glorified Vodka King who was worshipped when he visited. Are we saying that money is no longer good?

    • Yes for your living and safety and well-being. No RUSSIAN Money.! NO RUSSIAN BILLIONS. I MYSELF WILL REPORT THAT. U folks. America and Europe will make you guys pay. Think logically. Civilization. Civics.Economy. Gov affairs and A Democratic Future FOR ALL.

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