Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Chastanet Criticises CSA Response To Hilaire ‘Threats’, Urges All Unions To Speak Out

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Press Release:–  The latest statement by the St. Lucia Civil Service Association (CSA) pays scant regard to the seriousness of the damning comments made by Minister for Tourism, Investment, Creative Industries, Culture and Information, Ernest Hilaire when he called for the firing of the former acting Comptroller of Customs and threatened to use his office to settle personal scores.

The CSA statement is also a year late, since Hilaire has for some time waged a campaign of
attacks against the former Comptroller of Customs and that office.

Now, in a recent appearance on a talk-show, Hilaire publicly vowed to use his governmental position to settle his own vendettas by stating: “I have every motivation to go all out after all of the players that were involved in what they subjected me to through the last five years. And trust me I am in a position, I am in government, and I can push that agenda strongly to go after them.”

This dangerous comment by Hilaire and the comment to fire the former Acting Comptroller of Customs, came after genuine questions were being asked as to why the case against Hilaire, seeking documents for a Land Rover Sport, was withdrawn by the Customs department.

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There has yet to be an explanation to the public as to why these actions were taken.

Instead of calling on Minister Hilaire to account for his statements and issue an apology or
retraction, the CSA President Cyprian Montrope advised Hilaire: “to reflect on his statement and take corrective action as deemed necessary.”

The CSA did not even ask that the Minister responsible for the Public Service take up the matter.

The statement by the CSA is clearly too little too late and calls into question whether the executive is truly representing the interests of its members.

It was also surprising that the CSA mentioned the Leader of the Opposition in their press
release instead of dealing more seriously with this Hilaire matter. This appeared to be an effort by the CSA to deflect from the issue, as all the Leader of the Opposition did was call for accountability and request that the current Acting Comptroller explain the decision to withdraw the case to the public.

This is a request that has been by the larger public in seeking transparency. The two statements are therefore incomparable.

“This is clearly a cop out by the CSA. Like many citizens I asked for accountability from the
acting Customs Comptroller,” stated the Leader of the Opposition Hon. Allen Chastanet.

“There should have been a much stronger statement condemning the threats made by Hilaire and a promise to monitor this situation to protect all public officers. In fact all unions that represent public officers need to speak out and condemn these blatant threats.”

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Editorial Staff
Editorial Staff
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  1. I’m not a fan of Chas but here he is so right. This CSA is and has always been an SLP government puppet. I remember in the early 2000’s when Kenny came with his 0, 0, 0% and other Unions were having meetings upon meetings not to accept this bull, it was the CSA that threw all the other Unions under the bus by accepting it. History will prove many other such instances. Many of the top executive members of CSA are holding top positions in SLP. This is a dirty precedence that Helaire is setting and after he has dealt with these public servants and political adversaries, he will be coming for his colleagues like Alva, who didn’t give up the Laborie seat for him.

  2. How ironic! The authoritarian Chastanet is looking for union support. What exactly did Chastanet do to advance the cause of democracy in St. Lucia? You should be jailed for the wanton disregard of democratic rule in St. Lucia. I honesty feel that the ruling SLP government is too soft in dealing with the simpleton, Chastanet.

  3. Chas leave the dumb asses to fend for their supper. You have yours coming to you with a lift of a finger. Ware pou Chou zort!!!! Best pm eveeeeeerrrrrrr!!!!!😚
    @the crow look like you’re waiting on your girl he lie to come over and he’s not made up his mind as yet. Sucker

  4. I will withdraw my membership from my union. These union leaders are all, all all slp strong supporters. Well except for the St. Lucia workers union.

  5. I agree with Chastanet. The CSA is spineless and the dues going to it to elect useless members that say such crap should stop. the CSA has been a mouth piece for labour for the longest while and is not even bothered by criminality. what is this guy and co. doing in the SLP? Let him take the government down with him. This is his modus operandi every single place he works. disrepute follows him like caca stuck under a shoe. I kid you not; i have heard words like this man is a pig long before i witnessed the sow in all her muddy glory.

  6. Until SLP realises that heliar will be their downfall and take corrective action to reel this runaway wreck in or rid themselves of him he will continue to take them down with him. This petty man boy makes you start to wonder how he came to have this high level of qualification given his shady background and his inability to speak properly. From his first foray into elective politics there has been a shadow of corruption, deceit, impropriety and dishonesty around this boy. Why is he still holding such a high position within the ranks of the SLP when longer serving, honest and drama free members are pushed back to facilitate him? Does SLP endorse rogue behaviour? What makes this novice so powerful given his poor character? Get rid of him already!

  7. Chastnet, it’s amazing only now you know accountability. You and your gang squandered so much state funds, break all the laws of,St.Lucia and it was cool. Now allow people to enjoy their their COVID-19, Christmas, peacefully.
    Also in 2022, ready set go to face the Courts.

  8. Chastnet, it’s time to accept your lost,and allow people to enjoy their Christmas. Is it only now you want accountability, you have more questions to answer than,Hilaire.

  9. Hate the man…or say whatever about him…but what he is saying here in this instance is correct. The CSA statement was questionable, deflective and ill-timed. Regardless of the party we support, we should all see past the performances and support the right thing regardless of where it is coming from. Otherwise we will never progress.
    That being said…if Hilaire wants to put this to bed truly, he can produce the documents. So either he doesn’t have proof of innocence or he is purposely making a show of this. Both scenarios are just wrong.

  10. I am not in support of the statement made by the minister however, Chas shut your ass there. You do not have to moral authority to speak on any subject. While in office, you did worse than just talk, you had many fired.

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