Chastanet Criticises Government Over Fuel Prices, Says Saint Lucians Deserve Better

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Opposition leader Allen Chastanet has again criticised the Government over fuel prices amid the latest increases.

According to Chastanet, Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre keeps making the excuse that there’s nothing he can do since his administration is earning very little profit from fuel price hikes.

“Why would the government be trying to make a profit on fuel whilst citizens are struggling to make ends meet?” The United Workers Party (UWP) leader wrote Saturday on his Facebook page.

“You deserve better,” Chastanet asserted.

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His remarks came as he urged Saint Lucians to fill up their gas tanks and revealed information he said he had received and confirmed regarding fuel hikes effective Monday.

On Sunday, a Ministry of Commerce release echoed the figures the former Prime Minister published earlier, indicating increases in gasoline and diesel prices.

In contrast, cooking gas prices have decreased, and kerosene remains unchanged.

“As we speak, the Government is earning significantly more revenue from the Citizenship by Investment Programme and tourism arrivals than we were earning at this time last year. Why are they not using some of this increased revenue to make cooking gas, kerosene and fuel more affordable for you? “ Chastanet asked.

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  1. Why is this a$$hol3 always talking so much shate? Using a global phenomena (which is beyond our control) to try to gain political points. And sad to say, there are people who will drink this “coolaid” without thinking.

    • “which is beyond our control”. Was Chastanet God during the pandemic? You guys asked so much of him and he delivered. Grew the economy by 12.2%. Politically Incorrect castigated him when LPG went up to $25.00. Under UWP in 2008, crude oil was at an average of $132 a barrel for over 3 months and it was never $17.95 a gallon at the pump. Arthur Lewis economy is to keep the money in the people’s pocket, So what profit on fuel is PJP talking about? The pandemic was not beyond Chastanet control?

  2. Yawwwn . For once you Yellow Jackass talk about CRIME. Say the word CRIME, let the people hear you say it. You know sometimes all now so I wish he was PM just to blast his ass EVEN MORE because I know just like everyone else there would be no magic to pull out of his yellow hat in regards to gas prices or food prices . We are a small DEPENDENT ECONOMY fOOL. He still wants the government to buy gas and oil at USD$ 100 per barrel pay for it to be shipped here and then turn around and sell it for nothing like Pierre stupid. If you go by that method sooner than later you won’t have that money to buy the next shipment of oil.

  3. Ex-PM is talking pure crap. Everywhere around the world fuel prices are going up. The world leaders have already planned out the prices on fuel, with that being said Our PM can’t do nothing about it. Chas need to stop with his Bs thinking Lucian’s are stupid falling for everything he says.

  4. Why don’t the A$$e$ in government remove his $1.5 on every gallon of fuel. They are reversing everything he did but not the $1.5. Is the $1.5 benefiting them personally? I am sure there are lots of us who would prefer smelling his fart today instead of the shit of this government.

  5. G. W the school you and Chas attended has been shut down. This school produced too many illiterate like you and Chas.
    Now Chas thanks for the new hospital you completed in VF, the bananas you exported to France, the 23 Islands you built in VF, the document you signed to decrease gas. Just a few. Think of these before you talk

  6. I am tired of this old fart all over the news beating his irrelevant a$$ like we don’t know the failure he was and will forever be. Whoever is making this thing believe he is important is just as desperate and washed up as he is. If for a minute yall believe this wuss is out here on his own being a national nuisance best believe it is his power hungry wannabe first lady wife pushing this clown with the hope of being in power to feed her gluttonous demands. Biy fo rest

  7. Chas needs to understand that we do not see the problems he is talking about.
    He talking about inflation when we barely even have that and gas prices barely increasing.
    Our new pm is doing a fantastic job keeping prices low, giving more jobs, reducing violence and teaching us to be resourceful.

    Gas prices or supermarket prices does not affect anyone on this island, I think Pierre is doing an amazing job and people have no right to Criticize SLP. Give him them and everything will be resolved from salaries, to crime, to “inflation” (what chas always lying about) to “gas”

    Stop critiquing his every move, he knows what he is doing

  8. And the poverty drive is now accelerated. Some if my fellow Lucian’s does say how Lucia is a too island, the passport have weight… Now eat the passport and suck up the pride.. LMFAO

  9. I know if chas was there we would not pay this price in gas. I swear everytime SLP in power there is always a increase in something

    • I don’t understand why is that? it’s a good observation!! I’m not sure why Chasentnet would do if he was in power but there is always a need for increase when SLP comes and claims that it is because of things that where not dealt with from the former administration

    • For sure it is not the propaganda and lies spewed by SLP when they were in opposition. Now they can’t apply shit of what they were proposing in opposition.


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