Chastanet Criticises ‘Uncaring’ SLP Government Over Cost Of Living Relief

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The Government of Saint Lucia has put a band-aid on a bullet wound, is the only way to describe the SLP’s approach to addressing the rising cost of living.

Whereas other countries in the OECS are implementing major measures to keep assist their citizens with electricity costs, helping to keep gas prices down and cushion the impact on citizens, the SLP administration’s latest measure of only removing the service charge on price-controlled items is too little too late and shows a Government that is uncaring, empty of ideas and bereft of any economic strategy.

Leader of the Opposition Honourable Allen Chastanet has stated that the Government is in a position to do more, especially since Government revenues have reverted to pre-pandemic levels.

“As elected officials we need to focus on policies that help the people especially in times of crisis. This latest policy is not going to have any major impact and has been implemented too late” noted Chastanet while demanding that Prime Minister Pierre put his thinking cap on and get down to the serious business of managing this crisis.

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The Leader of the Opposition reminded that: “In early March the UWP outlined a six point plan to lessen the economic burden on the citizens of this country but the Government rejected those ideas.”

“They are borrowing over $500 Million to finance the budget but have nothing to offer while the people suffer and yet they refuse to follow policies that have worked in the past and the new ones we proposed,” Chastanet added.

“Allowing kerosene to become more expensive than diesel and gas is absurd and irresponsible to say the least. The Government has outright refused to ease this burden,” the Leader of the Opposition went on.

“Prime Minister Pierre is the one who branded kerosene as “Poor People’s Fuel” yet he has allowed the price to increase by $6.41 per gallon over the last 6 weeks. This in particular is having a damning effect on the most vulnerable in our country. How can you claim to put people first when you ignore the basic necessities of the most vulnerable among us?”

Mr. Chastanet called on the Government to reinstate the Electricity Bill Support Initiative and make it available to more vulnerable households.

He once again called on the Prime Minister to extend support to farmers and provide seeds, fertilizer and animal feed to bolster local livestock and crop production.

Another measure proposed by the UWP was the purchase of produce from farmers by the government and distributed to vulnerable households.

Noting that the high rate of Value Added Tax is still a burden, the Leader of the Opposition proposed a reduction in VAT and the adding of more items to the list of exempted and zero rated items basket.

“Instead of providing relief, we see the Government putting additional burdens on households with the increase in bus fares and no measures to assist the people who have to pay more. It’s as though the Government has given up” said the Leader of the Opposition.

“We can’t afford to let this happen and knowing that the revenue of the country is back to pre-pandemic levels we must demand that the Minister of Finance and the Government do more and deliver on the promises that he made to provide support.”

Source: Office of the Leader of the Opposition

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Editorial Staff
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  1. Chas has never worked a hard day in his entire life. He knows nothing of the life of the average working man. He never has, going back to his teenage days running around with his flashy goodtime party boys at Lucifer’s Disco and that scene. He couldn’t properly run Air Jamaica, bailed out as it reached its flaming train reck of financial ruin, and allegedly with the Sandals’ Stewart family’s help became our island’s Prime Minister and wannabe Crown Prince. He couldn’t run an airline, how could he ever run a country? And now, with a fat government pension paid for on the backs of St. Lucians strugglling just for decent medical care, he continues to get press showboating and peacocking about how he cares — when you last see Chas counting change for a pack of macaroni at JQ? Too busy getting fat on pension and tax-free allowances and other treats ‘n’ cake taken from working Looshans and lunching at the golf and country club with his white-bread private money managers from offshore. And is it true that taxpayers are still paying for his electronics? Wake up, people. And Pip’s not better, a zebra with different stripes grasping at lame, vague, and misleading excuses about Ukraine, oil prices, and a “global supply chain” that he, very, very, evidently has little understanding in an, MOST UNFORTUNATELY, is clearly not being briefed on accurately by those staff that he has either chosen to surrounf himsell with, or else those yes-men and leaches that have parasitically latched themselves onto him. It will be for the guardians to blaze our road to freedom. Look to the night sky. Ezekiel 25:17

  2. In spite of all the this,we keep on fighting 💪 with each other with words.
    In spite of all the wonderful deeds,we did not beleive, so we spent our years in terror.
    “Yet,if we streach out our hand to him,and put away the hate and leave no room for the enemy-
    “Surely, God is good to us 🇱🇨 and great even beyond the boarders, for God has not change”.

  3. @100smph well enjoy your 5 bag but the WASCO problem I guess SLP can’t help you for some reason, that sucks. @The Crow I advise you use mouth rinse after you spoiled your own weekend. @Lucian Highgrade you will never admit SLP failures but only UWP own all because Chas is “white”, just admit that stop your lies.

    • …..of course the The SLP has flaws and flawed and we in many avenue and that’s ok you live and you learn but the “unconscionable” policies of Allen Chastanet you built it and they will come trickle down economics has deeply put St Lucia in a state of despair. How do you justify St Lucia paying USD$5 million for 16yrs before we even pay the principle on that USD$ 100 million Dollar loan. 16 times 5 equals what ?? Madness. You will witness our court date from beyond the grave.

  4. Pip and the whole cabal only care about their friends. Imagine thinking that peep being one of us would put us first but instead he used the little black people of this country to win an election for him…..they put their necks on the lines, compromised themselves and their businesses, their faces were all over the TV, protesting, talk shows, everywhere hey could….exposing the wrong doings of the past administration and these people are forgotten. Yes I agree with Chas……. Pip and his government have shown that they do not care about the ordinary man. Once their leech friends are taken care of that is all that matters. We were fooled.

  5. St Lucians really need to get to know what goes on in their own country. Apparently they are not aware of the extent of the assistance given by the UWP to St Lucians during the pandemic. Be that as it may it is now up to Pierre to do likewise, so ask him to do so and stop talking nonsense. Stop believing every lie you hear, use you talents if you have any to find out the truth for yourself.

  6. St Lucians really need to get to know what goes on in their own country. Apparently they are not aware of the extent of the assistance given by the UWP to St Lucians during the pandemic. Be that as it may it is now up to Pierre to do likewise, so ask him to do so and stop talking nonsense. Stop believing every lie you hear, use you talents if you have any to find out the truth for yourself.

  7. The former administration can simply award every citizen of st.lucia one million dollars. Such an initiative will simply ease our financial situation and would still leave them with billions. Very practical and simple solution.

  8. Says the man who was awarded money for support of the citizens of St lucia who had no earnings through the pandemic. He provided no income support to the citizens when he was PM but has the audacity to pretend that he cares all of a sudden about these same citizens. This man seriously needs psychiatric evaluation.

  9. PJP words are coming back to haunt him. Promises that we all know now that he will not be able to accomplished. His defense is always about the war in Ukraine and “inflation is everywhere”. Using this as a scapegoat will not cut it. In opposition you make us believe that Chastanet was doing things all wrong. You fought high and low to be in this position to deal and solve the issues and now you are only complaining when you are the one now in the position to solve them.

    • ……”.in opposition you made us believe Chastanet was doing all wrong”. His wrong doing are what we the people have been reaping and wheeling from for the last 6 years. We are just paying back Chastanet loans now and the country is feeling the pinch. Come on July and ever six months after St Lucia has to find USD$ 5 million to pay on THE INTEREST ONLY to the Bank of Tiwan for that USD$ 100million your White God Chastanet took out on the heads of the working poor of this country you know it’s 2037 before that interest ALONE is paid off right ?? Now do the maths; For a small economy as this that’s really rough but what does the likes of you care, you don’t give a dam as long as your God is in power to hell with our sufferation.

  10. Firstly, this Govt got us back donkey beach and secret beach, and legalized marijuana on a small scale thus far!…. What were UWP doin, putting concrete walkways before the people, selling Piton Land illegally to a Doller store owner, displacing cattle for DSH, traveling to Mongolia for horse gazing! Come on, work together stop the critical evaluations and put forth some positive input and helpful advice, with all the money UWP made off the People where’s all your’S UWP financial returned assistance and DCABoard members during UWP Reign should all be held accountable for their callous actions and selfish illicit behaviors where are these financial contributions gifted back to society UWP?SmPH Please FOCUS on WASCO STORAGE!

    • Yes, I agree 100 percent. Allen Chastanet, why not do something positive, for the people, and stop all the criticizing constantly.
      You only degrade YOURSELF with your comments.
      Lets work on water for the people of St. Lucia , not JUST, the hotels.

  11. My week was just about to end well until this p@ss opened his hole. This guy needs to be invisible because is shate alone . . .


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