Chastanet: Easy Access To Firearms A Main Factor In Gun Violence

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Asserting that gun-related violence threatens the right to life, the most fundamental human right, opposition United Workers Paty (UWP) leader Allen Chastanet has asserted that easy access to guns is a main factor in the scourge.

Easy access to firearms, especially those that are illegal, is one of the main drivers of gun violence,” the former Prime Minister wrote on his official Facebook page.

“As a party, the UWP believes that the security of our citizens is the single most important responsibility of any Government,” Chastanet stated.

And he said Given the high levels of gun violence Saint Lucia has been experiencing, there are some initiatives the UWP believes would help reduce the scourge:

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1) Improve the intelligence and detection capabilities of customs, the marine and immigration police in the detection and recovery of firearms at our ports of entry

2) Improve the search and seizure capabilities of law enforcement in the recovery of firearms, drugs and cash associated with criminality.

3) Ensure that criminals do not benefit from their crimes through robust asset recovery and proceeds of crime initiatives

4) Provide equipment for collection and storage of computerized fingerprints, ballistics capabilities and DNA testing

5) Install an additional 700 CCTV cameras islandwide covering at least 200 locations

6) Improve the work environment of the Police Force through the construction of a new Police Headquarters

7) Improve and strengthen the systems responsible for the investigation, prosecution and dispensation of criminal justice. Ensure that resources are adequately and properly deployed in the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force

8)Introduce National database legislation: new laws allowing for a national fingerprint database, a firearms and ballistics database, and a DNA database for all convicted.

9) Pass the DNA Act: This legislation will allow for the Forensics Science Lab to conduct accredited DNA testing, not just for St Lucia, but for the wider Caribbean Region.
10)Plea Bargaining: Introduce Plea Bargain legislation which will allow for an agreement between the prosecution and a defendant.

11) Integrate the Police Crime Unit and the Forensics Science Lab

“Do you have any other recommendations to Stop the flow of illegal guns in our communities?” Chastanet concluded his post.

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  1. Some of the comments here shows exactly why we don’t move forward as a country…when we are all is the same boat or bucket, you behave like crabs stomping on your fellow countrymen and women just to get out…such mentality will get us no where..crime is a threat to all of us and to solve this grim situation, it takes us all to come together and fine solutions or watch your beloved sweet Saint Lucia go to the dogs….shame on your houses for such behaviour when people are losing their lives to the scourge of the gun and knife….

  2. Majority of these slp minister’s have a firearm…why…did anyone burglarize they home or threaten them no but the business owners who gets robbed can’t own one,legal or illegal st lucia have alot of fire power and with slp in power the borders are open so much more can enter…street talks.

  3. Mr. Chastanet I read the recommendations put out, its a good piece of work, but let me tell you, irrespective of what you say or do, the opposition against you as a person is bitter, you are not respected no matter what you say or do. If I had a father like yours with his $millions, and his connections, I would never be found local politics. But in a way I must give you much respect for sticking your neck out. See how the Queen took UWP money then went for the higher bidder according to him/her. Mr. Chas, no one can win the war out there, its too deeply ingrained in corruption, you have not seen anything yet, just wait. These Gang members will walk over their mothers Grave for the top Boss, and we all know who he is.(Oh Lord my God, hasten to come, come now)

  4. Good ideas, however instead of painting the outside of the forensics building in Viji 3 times, you could have gotten St.Lucia up to date so actual crimes could actually be Phockin solved with an actual PHoCking functioning, workable forensics lab! But no you had to paint it , and paint Victoria so the tourists on bus tours could see the outside….But not the poor helpless people laying on the cold tiles with IVS in their arms… you’re careless and callousness with Cabot and our sacred sanctuary secret an donkey beach says it all and why you were booted out! Go Blue👊🏽🇱🇨

  5. Isn’t it a little late now to finally have some balls to make suggestions on creating a plan of action to fight crime. I’m guessing that you presently have a lot of time on you hand for reflection to access your role or non-role in trying to mitigate the crime crisis we have been experiencing for some time. Maybe you were to busy selling our queens chain land to Cabot, since your actions reflected that you were beholding to them and others seeking deals detrimental to our people. Or maybe you are now recognizing and understanding the plight of the people you neglected for the 4 years were in charge. The cries from the people were loud and clear just as they are now, There was always silence from you and your cohorts, when St.Lucians needed your leadership the most to handle the crime situation. At least you are starting to do the work in opposition that you should have been doing when in power. You seem to be doing great in opposition…that’s the perfect fit for you, so I hope you continue in this fashion for you have found your niche in what you are good at…..opposing even if there is nothing to oppose.

  6. Eh Eh LOOK WHO’S TALKING OMG !! The absolute shame of it….during your Raine of terror you did NOTHING to address crime or gun violence on this Rock NOTHING. I can’t believe what I am reading from this man ! When they caught all those fellows with those AK-47 and other high powered rifles you NEVER said a word or address the problem. At one point St Lucian’s never knew the minister of national security was not present on the island for months…..when Francis went for surgery in NY at taxes payers expense for his LAPO BACKSIDE. There was how much shootings in Gros Islet , on Grass Street, Marchland, over 60 plus homicides during your Raine of Terror and you said nothing NOTHING, but now you give advice. Man just sit YOU ASS DOWN…… enjoy Covid……Clown .

  7. To all of you criticising The opposition Leader, why don’t y’all shut up…this man had numerous plans for The country, many things he wanted to do, was met with much opposition from all and the rogues and criminals in the party..its worse even now. Chastsnet tried his best to provide jobs, but fools like you all commenting if y’all wanted good for the country, y’all would embrace the suggestions regardless who gave it..after all its our country, but it tells me some you here commenting are criminals y’all selves. Many of those Diplomats use their positions to engage in criminal activity… Why don’t yall ask where are all those guns pouring into the country, come from? Crime will always be and get worse in the island because of people like you. Stop it please…Mr. Chastsnet I wish slp had not fooled you fools the way they did and is still doing.

  8. See who is talking? It must be Wednesday’s humor. This is the very same person who recently occupied the highest office in the land. One thing is certain, he has audacity. No legislation, nothing, nada, rien. What a bozo!

  9. 1. Until there isn’t a SLP and UWP there will always be violence and gun violence included. It’s time to get rid of all this politics and come together to save Saint Lucia from her downward spiral.

    2. A clean up of all government offices to included corrupt officers who knows or are involved in the level of violence that is plaguing this country. If you’re going to allow boxes, barrels, containers or any form of shipments containing illegal firearms then how is going to stop?

  10. Masiay yol eh check is not mate that coin those ideas? There is someone behind those recommendations and certainly it is not him! Under Chas, there was a young lucian based in USA who makes drones (yes, he is a DJI competitor) and he offered to help but he was shunned by the the yellow clowns. Lets see how the red ones handle this disease of gun violence. I say buy two UAV’s and develop some strategic operations around the footage that is captured. FYI, a UAV is not the typical drone- very costly but can deal with criminals on the spot!!!

  11. I just could not believe Mr. Chastanet have such brilliant ideas in 2022. But Mr. Chastanet why didn’t you use these ideas between 2016 and 2021? where were you at that time? Were you too busy borrowing money? Note well that you don’t have a say again.

    • I wish you would just listen to yourself, what did he said that would be his first thing putting the county back on track, the county could not borrow and Kenny said that something happened that he could not borrow, he said give him three tand he did it that’s why he was able to borrow, do you think that a county can run without borrowing, what are our resources, think again before making such comments, smh

    • Now I want you to imagine all the ideas of this SLP in opposition and now they are in government without a plan. Can you imagine. Happy you admit they are good plans. Couldn’t be done in 5 sorry 3.5 years. He is giving it to them to do.

  12. You ignored the problem during your tenure as PM. Now you have outlined recommendations to curb gun violence. We have a saying people outside see good balls. Former PM has lost credibility and the UWP needs new leadership.

  13. Chastenet you self,I guess it’s your Job to say something but that’s what you all do,talk & have all the answers when in opposition & when you get in Power is a different story…I’m so FEDUP of these USELESS Politicians with NO form of vision from both parties,just a bunch of old men with 1970’s type of thinking.Nothing innovative,just same old,same old every freaking 5 years,corruption on top corruption…It’s almost like these politicians are the NEW SLAVE MASTERS & I’m talking about the ruling party as well,nothing to do with race.

  14. It is amazing how much clarity you have now that you are the leader of the opposition. Where was all this foresight when you were the head of the government?

  15. These are some wonderful ideas. I like them, I support them and I pray that as a nation we are able to adopt them because I know they can help. Thank you for proposing them. However I must say that the former administration could have implemented them but didn’t. The Customs department was shunned because you’ll believed everything the former female head told you’ll. Thankfully she showed her true colours and was finally removed. Customs could have been equipped with what they needed but that department was punished. The purchasing and installation of the cameras, providing a robust environment for law enforcement was possible but other things had priority where the country’s finances. All square pegs went into round holes throughout the public service and most of these pegs still remain….how can we ever move forward? Because of politics we are where we are now. But it’s never too late. If we implement some of your proposals, I am sure that’ll be a good start to curbing our problems.

  16. Lol chas must be a clown and the uwp now is the circus . All those guns passed when you was in power but you was too busy selling our lands and making your friends family and foreigners richer. Who the hell does not know it’s easier access to guns smh . Right now we are in a crisis and pip self needs to fire the commissioner and restructure that force .

  17. You were in power for five years, why didn’t you put those thoughts into actions?

  18. Oh my God the so called problem solver is at it again. Where were you when all of these 60 plus months you spent waisting tax payers money. Never implemented SHIT and now you outside backing as if you were never inside to think of these measures while you were chewing the public funds. Some Guys Just Don’t Know When To Quit. (What a Waste)

    • There’s Two Radar Stations One at Vigie and the Other in Vieux.Fort How effecetive or How many Boats have been Intercepted on the waters involved in Illegal activities. Cameras are the Key in Solving Crime .The So called Criminals know Very well that when it Comes to Mordern Technology St.Lucia is Minus Zero .Administration after Administration have not addressed that Problem .This needs Urgent attention .Everything is Corona Virus

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