Chastanet Expresses Sorrow At Death Of The Queen, Praises Her ‘Unifying Role’

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Leader of the Opposition Allen Chastanet has expressed shock and sorrow at the
sudden passing yesterday of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth and has conveyed
condolences to Buckingham Palace.

The former Prime Minister noted that Queen Elizabeth had been Head of State of
Saint Lucia for 42 years, since the island gained its independence from Britain in

Chastanet said: “For 70 years Queen Elizabeth sat on the Throne, the longest by
any monarch in history. She was a towering international symbol of grace, strength and stability, who was loved well beyond the Commonwealth of Nations that she headed and which made up a sizeable portion of the world mass and population.”

Chastanet said that the relationship between Queen Elizabeth and the Royal Family
with Saint Lucia was particularly special following two visits to the island by the
Queen during her reign.

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On the first occasion in 1966 she opened the WINBAN Research Centre at Roseau, now defunct and in 1985 she laid the foundation stone for a new Red Cross headquarters at Vigie.

He added that the visits to the island by members of the Royal Family during her reign had helped to highlight some key moments in Saint Lucia’s history including Saint Lucia’s attainment of political independence.

Said Chastanet: “In addition, there was also a close personal connection between the Queen and the Royal Family with former Prime Minister Sir John Compton and his family”.

Several members of the Royal Family visited Saint Lucia over the years the latest being the Earl of Wessex who was here earlier this year.

Speaking during his visit on behalf of The Queen, The Earl referred to her long-standing pride and interest in her role as Queen of St Lucia, when he said:

“I know that she regards her role as your Head of State and your Queen as being an
enormous privilege. As you have developed as a nation, the fact that you wanted to remain as a realm, and wanted The Queen to remain as your Queen, is something that has always meant a great deal to her … and she follows your fortunes here in Saint Lucia with great interest.”

Despite the current mood in the Caribbean towards republicanism, which would result in countries severing their ties with the monarchy, Chastanet said that even if Saint Lucia was to go that route, the Royal Family’s personal ties with Saint Lucia would endure through the new Monarch, King Charles The Third, the former Prince of Wales who has also taken keen interest in the island over the years.

Chastanet praised the Queen’s unifying role in international affairs and the strength of character and dignity which she exhibited during her 70 years on the throne in dealing with issues both personal and worldly.

SOURCE: United Workers Party

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  1. Bel bows down, Nebo stoops low,they stoop and bow down together unable to rescue the burden,they themselves go off into captivity.
    Some pour out gold from their bags and weigh out silver on the scales,and they bow down and worship it.

  2. Oh what a lovely photo; Chas should autograph a bunch and give to his friends. I’m waiting to see the day PjP meets with Charles 111, bend over like Chas did and say, ‘well done Sir, I’m one of your beloved servants from the Islands its called St. Lucia’ I cannot guess the thoughts in Charles’ mind, but if I was PjP I would head for the Bar for a stiff one. I don’t know about Chas messing around with politics on an Island with 180K people, with 50 murders in 8 months, the guy was born a millionaire, he certainly don’t need that for a living, if I was him, go take some photos with Charles then resign; give Pip a signed copy in loving memory. Lord have mercy.

  3. While there are those “virtue-signalling” with their false condolences in regards to the death of a 96-year-old woman, who completed a genocidal reign over a dead empire, an unarmed, young, black man, Chris Kaba, was shot to death in South London by police:

    (From the 11:10 mark of the linked video) We get the heart-wrenching tale of the incidents surrounding his murder!

  4. This is a great pic to cherish. Bravo Chas.
    It is not my place to judge the Queen… to every man or woman his own. In the end what you sow is what you reap. … and the Bible clearly states that it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of God..

  5. The queen and the royal faily should return the stolen jewels to Africa, notably, South Africa where the largest piece of diamond in the crown is from one of the mines. Chastanet is in his element because “colonialism has a conscience,” meanwhile, the queen never faced up to the grim aftermath of colonialism and empire, or issued an official apology.

    • Africans gave the Dimond to the queen because it had no value to them and today they want it back lol fools , also Africans sale their children for the queen because they never loved them
      Thank god that the queen look after them that is why there is so much black ppl in the UK today.

  6. As a woman in this role I respect her and she did great. Woman power. But for the monarchy as a whole Kings and queens should be abolished. I’m not a royal fan and it does not stand for anything much other than glitz and glamour and having the people worship them like gods. Royal guards jobs are like robots and the royals are not great for anything. The men are not great fighters. They are just lame. Can someone tell me why do these people think that they are better than us? Go fight a god or something worthy other than walking and shaking hands a grinning.

  7. It’s just a matter of protocol for leaders and ex-leaders of countries to issue a statement of condolence on the passing of a figure like the queen. This has nothing to do with personal feelings. But mate probably admired the monarchy for real. He can identify with alot of their ideologies- lies, cover up and plunder.

  8. Were you in St Lucia in these days?
    The 863 thousand dollars you borrowed what did you do with it?
    How many passports did you sell during your reign?

    • I am not a uwp supporter and never will. But that money you are asking about it was this present administration who are enjoying the benefits of it. This is main reason for me to not vote in the next general elections. Our pm who we had so much faith in let us all down.

    • Ask PJP. He has all the information. Now I an certain that you are one of yjose that were fooled. You eh even asking about what was promised by the SLP in opposition. Eg “In 100 days we will investigate Chastanet and Guy”. Ask the questions. They also promise to investigate CIP. Yes “Our Passport”


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