Chastanet: General Elections ‘Might Be Sooner Than We Think’

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Declaring that his United Workers Party (UWP) is ‘very relevant’, opposition leader Allen Chastanet has indicated that the party has had an internal discussion and would start preparing for the next polls.

“And the reality is that general election, the way things are going right now, might be sooner than we think,” the former Prime Minister told a news conference on Wednesday.

He asserted that the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) won parliamentary seats by a wide margin in the July 26, 2021, general elections.

The SLP government currently enjoys a 15-2 majority in the House of Assembly.

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But Chastanet told reporters that labour got 51 percent of the popular vote, and only 51 percent of the people voted for the SLP.

He also addressed reports of apparent divisions within the UWP.

Chastanet explained that people would think they deserve leadership immediately after an election and before a party convention.

And he explained that leadership would not be limited to the party’s helm but would include chairmanship and executive positions on constituency branches.

“There would be all kinds of people who would give all kinds of theories as to why the party lost and that they can do better,” the Micoud South MP told reporters.

“Is that unique to the United Workers Party? Is that unique to Saint Lucia? Is that unique to politics in general? No!” Chastanet declared.

He disclosed that the UWP would go through an internal process of adjustment.

“We have a process in which we will select the leadership of our party and let us confine ourselves to that process,” he asserted.

He declared that whether he wins or loses, he is committed to the UWP.

“As long as the party continues to share those values, things I can embrace – that I know it’s not about just winning the elections but it’s about once you get in, what are you going to do with that and committed to excellence. I will fully support anyone,” Chastanet stated.

Nevertheless, he noted that it was not to say that he has given up or does not want to be the leader.

“Please don’t misunderstand me. But there’s no way I am going to use my influence in the party to prevent anyone from expressing their opinion, anyone wanting to be in a position of leadership,” he stated.

The UWP expects to hold its convention this year.

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  1. Election can call next week I will never support that UWP party, under those, who called us jackass, elietraded, put us in the mess we are today, and give out land to others were our own people can make used of them,our people have been the one preparing our burjet for how long, but was rejected by the UWP, instead employ (Earstan Young)???.. and much more.

    • Wow…. U can tell a labour party supporter by listening to their vocabulary. Always calling the opposition ” jackass , ass hole , forking this or that. I wish they would leave in a separate country with their leaders.
      Now comment and continue the name calling . Show us the vocabulary u learnt in school

  2. I no u miss office to treat st lucians bad turning your back on them. You so for st lucians after the election u left for so long, after a defeat u get your team u analyse we’re u all go wrong not u, am not for party but for st lucians even if some can’t see the light. The new government have to put every thing u all did write.

  3. Your Country have a brain drain. No matter if it’s SLP or UWP or Chastanet or Pierre you guys are doomed. None of them have the answer. Matter of fact they don’t even have a plan. Not a development plan, not an economic plan, not an education plan…nothing, nada, zilch, zero.
    My advise to young people save your future. Get your passport and get out of this hell hole.

    • I concur with you. I am planning on leaving in a couple of months. Saint Lucia has nothing for me. For someone who has earned her degree and cannot get a job for two years, has finally gotten one overseas. Leave Saint Lucia for them!

    • International Citizen, you can’t tell the youths to leave and get out like that. you need to teach them so the youths could turn things around running away will not help

  4. This country is broke. More sadly, it’s broken. Our murder rate is horrific, people laugh at us when they see the state of our infrastructure. All you guys comment when a white guy says enough is enough. You don’t comment on all the other stories, when the beautiful child of our nation are raped, babies left in bags in Castries, women tied up under beds and left to bleed to death. Your not interested then. Not political enough for ya?

    We people are so lucky we actually av those beautiful mountains that draw people to this rock cos without them we’re a murderous, self obsessed bunch of what? You decide.

    St. Lucia has a big heart, a big pride but we’re not above Gods word. Get back to the basics. Look after you neighbour, don’t commit murder….remember them? I cannot tolerate this racial shite. We need a general election like w need a hole in da head. But let’s face it. This guy is totally out of his league. Place is a mess, a bigger mess than it was

  5. Firstly at The Fox “” . Chas you are not black, you don’t fit in; the racist element therein will defeat you,, ……that’s some seriously racist Sheet man…… and Ex PM has everyright as a Lucian black , brown, white, pink, yellow, red to be in politics! Secondly UWP LOST Elections to SLP bc of CABOT! You carelessly, callously, gave away the people land and backyard without a second thought about residents in Cas En Bas and Cap. Without regards to Wasco or Lucelec! You’re DSH , Saudi, china man coverup , and Piton land sale to the doller store Canadian just put people over the top man. So shut it stop competing for more stolen cnotes on the broken backs of Lucian’s and offer advice and help, instead of toxic criticism. Why can’t both parties work together better and more!? We are 1 island, 1 movement like ripples on a pond or waves in the sea we all effect each other! Put down the guns and fight like men not like all this dirty drive by sheet goin on straight after carnival smpH! WTF.

    • What absolute nonsense you talking. How could government give away land that was a private sale. The same land that was sold by Cap Estate to Raffles under Kenny Anthony was then solid to Cabot. Please stop repeating garbage.

  6. These comments are just frightening. Lately a lot of really, really horrific news has been reported here, clearly demonstrating the decay in this countries society, murders, rapes you name it, and there isn’t a single comment on these stories or barley…

    Allen Chastanet speaks up and your all over it like a cheap suit. Nothing, absolutely nothing has improved since he left. It’s got worse, a lot worse. Every department. Worse. Get a grip.

    I would never imply things were great during his tenure but he did get us through Covid, he did make a start on infrastructure, he did promote St. Lucia on the worldwide stage, I could drive home without bursting a tyre in a pot hole…. He could only spin so many plates. You have my vote AC, now, next week, next year, next election!!

  7. Stop bashing Chast . Can’t u fools see the established political trend that determines which party will certainly win the next election ? We have for many years been giving each government one term in office. SLP will no doubt be kicked out in the next election. So just let your 15 guys and their friends,family and close supporters enjoy their perks, good times and money from contracts and new jobs before their turn comes for us to boot their a– out.

  8. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha BRING IT CLOWN . WE NEED YOUR SEAT AND BRADLEY SEAT AND WE ARE GOING TO TAKE IT. This is the problem with the United Worthless Party and they never learn, they “overestimating of confidence ” of how people really feel about them, they thought the past election was a wrap, a slam dunk, it turned out to be a disaster for them and they are DESTIN TO REPEAT 2021 again. Allen Chastanet what was your “CLAIM TO FAME” ??? What was the HALLMARK OF YOUR FIVE YEARS REIGN OF TERROR UPON THE ST LUCIAN PEOPLE ?? NOTHING !!! A horse track that needs deforesting, you spent ECD$20 million to pave a quarter mile of road, CRIME was prevalent as ever, our health care was a mess, you gave away our birthright for pennies (investments without dividend) LIFE UNDER YOUR TERROR WAS NOT GRAND, THE WORKING POOR WAS STILL THE WORKING POOR, but now they have to sew the holes you have put in their pockets with the ASTRONOMICAL DEBT you placed on their backs and this has been YOUR HISTORY AND TRACK RECORD since the very day you entered politics (fact). For those LUNATICKS who feel you are some “RESTORER” and you can run this country the way you run your business are delusional, never saw any publication calling you business man of the year. AGAIN WHAT WAS YOUR HALLMARK ?? John Compton left his HALLMARK, Kenny made his HALLMARK , WHAT IS YOURS ??

  9. I am profoundly disgusted by Chastanet’s platitudes. He has so tenaciously refused to inform himself that we live in a democracy. Democracy is inevitably messy, it must not, however, be sordid. People in a democracy have a right to vote without any fear of intimidation, retaliation, or reprisal. As such, people also have a right to abstain, refuse or disavow themselves from voting as long as it is not done through coercion.

    Chastanet is constantly parroting the line that the SLP has won by 51% of the votes. He is apparently wallowing in naivete. He didn’t have the charisma to motivate his followers to come out and vote. as a result he was utterly rejected at the polls. The SLP won a majority of the votes cast. That’s the beauty of democracy. The winner is always the party with the most votes be it 50.1% or 100%. To constantly echo the defeatist mantra that the SLP won by 51% of the votes is to not understand the fundamental principles of elective politics and democracy. If, for example, the election was handed to Chastanet with his supposedly 49% of the votes cast then the state would cease being a democracy. Because the minority would have had to usurp the power of the majority.

    Chastanet, by and large, has a limited understanding of the functions of democracy and is allowed to pontificate on his ignorance without any pushback from the media.

    • You trying to belittle Chas has just opened up your ignorance. We have a First Past the Post System and there are times in other countries with more than the two political parties like we have here, where the government commanded less than 50% of the votes cast. In fact many times in our history with 2 parties, the government had less than 1% of the popular vote over the opposition but had about 3 more seats.

  10. Russia i don’t you are a flambeau because if you are one people like you don’t like your country..maybe you didn’t get a bone so you are upset a lot of people like you have pure hatred for mr Chas because people like you didn’t get a personal St. Lucia not your pockets.You think is anyone can run a country

  11. Dear Lucians this is when we need to analyse the situation not because of our political affiliation. Many of us do not like PJP and Chastanet for many different reasons. However can anyone tell me which government ever left office and no one never questioned the way they handle the budget? A special prosecutor has been hired to investigate all your questions hopefully we will get to the bottom of these allegations . BTW did we ever get to the bottom of the Rochomel issue when KA was PM? just asking… if no well you get my point

  12. If I was Chas with a father so rich, politics in St. Lucia is the last thing I would be involved with. Too many hungry guys out to make a quick Buck; Jufalli for one, and with his sudden financial gain, somehow was able to weasel his way as Deputy, which brings addition in salary; no kidding his ultimate aim, wait till next convention, and R.F. eyeing the same. Daggers will be out for the King, PjP et al. the lust for power is greater in the mind than any other. Chas you are not black, you don’t fit in; the racist element therein will defeat you, so get out now. How long can PjP hang on, your guess is as good as mine. (Lord send a saviour, sooner than later) and that is a definite prayer, before St. Lucia become like Haiti.

  13. Look at damage we got in one year, I’ll see what y’all say by next year. Can’t wait to laugh at y’all, keep waiting for your tax return, increase of salary and 1500 promised from the goverment.
    Wait for your new hospital too, when they increase vat and more taxes I’ll sip my damm tea

    • So, what would you say when these things do come to fruition? I hope you give PM Pierre the praise. But I will not hold my breath. Y’all will just shift the goal post . . .

    • @chris..hope all is well with you and family…smh….and for all those against chass just remember it’s the people’s vote…..aredy those that praised laybah they lashing them out now…they thought it wuda be a bed of honeymoon roses….it’s time we learn to stand up and not accept all this nonsense against our wellbeing

  14. Chastanet Really believe that The United Reckers of the Poor and St.Lucia belongs to him .When he was PM so many Millions of Dollars Disappeared you still wants to be Pm .Well you will have to Resign before the next Election.Slp will Remain in power for tgd next 30years .You will Die of Heart attack before 2026

  15. Chastanet honestly we don’t want u as the leader of any party. Again I repeat we don’t want u to be leader of any party. U caused us to lose the election. There are many people within the party that don’t want u to be leader and u no that. U are a waste

  16. Y don’t u talk about Owen king hospital right now no money no service,is that true a hundred and fifty dollars to spend a night
    Y am i paying NIC, am just paying NIC I don’t know y am i paying NIC,for wat reason I no u had a package for people to ward’s hospital payments y don’t u talk about that as a matter of fact, y don’t u talk about the plan’s u tried to make people believe u had, change this B.S. people are fed up with this approach SMH

  17. When people don’t know where else to turn to for assistance, what else do you think we should do? Politicians, their friends, family people they owe are getting a monthly salary. They can obtain all their basic needs and wants but some people/party hacks like politicians more than themselves. They put them in office and they themselves are dying of hunger. Call election, I say. And this time, I hope voters will take no bribe. Vote without taking their dirty/stinky monies whether it be slp or uwp.

  18. U made your full 5years U not making any sense, y can’t u say something meaningful let me give you a heads up, y don’t u put pressure on the present government to continue wat u started, pieee said he will continue wat u started,I don’t see how this is happening man come up with a plan to try and make progress a bunch of men just their giving each other maypieee for 5years and fail to develop the country question wat about st Jude haven’t heard anything about st Jude hospital y don’t u talk about st Jude

  19. That’s a great idea, Mr. Chastanet, but with which party are we going to replace Labour? We don’t want a prime minister who will borrow 863 million dollars and the nation cannot see what he did with it. We don’t want a prime who will give a foreigner 100 acres of our land at $1.00 an acre. We don’t want a prime minister who will give a friend 7.3 million dollars for a vaccine and we cannot get it. So who will replace labor?

    • IKR. I cannot afford land in my own land. People suffering and cannot afford to eat. I just witnessed some kind stranger having to help a retiree pay for groceries in the supermarket. Things are horrid in this place and all those disgusting politicians do is play games with people.

      • @James…..As soon as you made the comment my heart melted….A visitor to my partner at home and we were talking abt the state of this country….he made mention that that it broke his heart to see someone having to choose groceries to buy and he offered to help…..people this is a sad state of affairs in this country…..i am so angry that people took their voices to the streets i cant breathe marching for george floyd and not taking time seriously to march in this country to make this govt there to know what time it is…..yes others will say why blame govt why blame politicians??? but ask yourselves what did we vote them in for??? there should be at least some relief to benefit people in this country…there is no relief whatso ever…..our conditions are disappointing as a country….we need to stand up against this….many of us cant eat and this is no laughing matter….

  20. Chastnet you really think st.lucia belongs to you and uwp . You are making baseless statements and spreading propaganda. Speak about the monies that west missing under your leadership


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