Chastanet: Government Misled People On Dubai Expo Arrangements

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Opposition leader Allen Chastanet has accused Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre and his Government of again misleading the people of Saint Lucia, this time regarding arrangements for the Dubai 2020 Expo.

“In an attempt to minimize the backlash for hosting bigger 43rd Independence Day celebrations in Dubai rather than here at home, the Prime Minister conveniently tried to blame the UWP. Whilst I was happy to see our young artists and musicians getting the exposure as we planned, we never planned to include any officials from Tourism. They actually increased the size of the delegation,” the United Workers Party (UWP) leader wrote on his official Facebook page.

” It was always about promoting our Culture, the Citizenship by Investment Programme and Export Saint Lucia. Dubai is not a market where we anticipate any significant tourism traction simply because there are NO DIRECT FLIGHTS from Dubai to Saint Lucia!” The former Tourism Minister asserted.

“The Government says that they only continued with the trip because it was planned under us. Why wasn’t the same logic applied to the Rodney Bay Road Expansion project, the Choc and Talvern Housing Development, the Hewanorra International Airport and most importantly the St Jude Hospital Reconstruction Project?” Chastanet asked.

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  1. I have no issues with the forum in Dubai, however, the entourage was too big. I have no doubt that the previous administration would have had a similar sized entourage, these politicians are all the same, whether we the people want to admit it or not. I do think the local independence celebrations were downright shoddy! Our country is in trouble, not only because of the current administration but also because of the last and because our people keep accepting mediocrity and do not understand their responsibility to the land of their birth.

  2. Ras Biko and Freemason you two are the best! Man you two had me crying with laughter so early in the morning.

    My family was wondering what could tickle me so early in the morning.

  3. I’m guessing on their return the Mini-Stars will give us a well edited report beefing up their success with new investment opportunities, partnership and a possible direct flight from DXB. We all are expected to praise them for their hard work only to realize none of those opportunities will come to be..up to now I’ve not heard one word from the Mini-Star for Education on the police killing of Ajani. Not a word from Dr. Kenny on the brutal beating of Jordan. You as a politician, haven’t you realize that everyone has a smart phone and able to recall your transgressions. The youths need a higher quality of representation. Barbados PM is clearly raising the bar for all PMs in the region. Look after your people of you will suffer the fate of Chas.

  4. From a leader of vision to a clueless gang! Only in St. Lucia… Prepare for 4 more years of sufferation. This is only the beginning folks. We have set the country back 15 years. Price hike dun start, gas haven’t seen 1 decrease. Even kerosene raise… tan sa!!! And boys in Dubai smiling away!

  5. In that Ex Po what is the Min. Of Housing doing there? I thought it was for Show Casing St. Lucian Crafts, Arts and Investment etc. (Lord show us the way)
    Slt where’s my earlier post?

  6. Honesty keep on moaning like a p#$$y ^ss b!tch no one is jealous of that loser Allen Chastanet. 15 2 deal with it jack^ss

  7. With all due respect.. for the likes of Cabot an no disregard for the peoples and secret and donkey beach and DSH which is desert star holdings yes or no…correct me if Iam wrong please DSH anyone can research it is OWNED by Saudia Arabians,,, who now own a PHoCking Third of VF for the race track and 40,000 thousand USD Horses that were flown in by private jet an have been in Ac stalls….. what about that!… what about you’re trip to MONGOLIA for Horse racing research? Come on man smph an the list goes on….. piton land to a next PHoCking $ dollar store owner Canadian…. Woiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii dolphins lizards snakes oh my!

  8. While they busy celebrating independence in Dubai right here in our country, incompetent and clueless village councils were doing a whole load of nonsense. Flag raised tet uh bas…. we were douvanm deyere not douvan assam in dennery . mwe honte

  9. Well Dubai is a Muslim country and the people expect visitors to ‘dress modestly’…I support all local artists but to have a tight pants half way down your butt is that good marketing, why wasn’t sly on that list…natty congcara perhaps motto. I’m waiting to see what helair will come back with, first was Soudi Arabia (juffaly) now Dubai (pending).

  10. It is only an observation, it seems to me that when ever Chas’s head pops up or he is quoted to have said something – up comes the racists on here.(frankly I don’t know why with his multi millions why bother with local politics) but I give the guy credit for sticking it out and not running away like some cowards, he is a fighter.
    What the heck is the Minister for Housing doing in that delegation? and Mr. Smiles when there’s gun battle every where in his constituency? Oh lord my God, things not right In St. Lucia, we call on you to do some miracle for us.(stop the killing)

  11. To all you Labas, THE TRUTH WILL ALWAYS BE THE TRUTH no matter what you say. Now all I am waiting for is for the government to find the corruption of the Chastanet administration and I am serious and we, especially the Labas should always call for it. Now they seem to be moomoo on Chas corrupt and Guy teefing!

  12. Many of those who went were there out of spite and a petty vendetta to stick it to Chas and the UWP. Why was Richard there? Why was Fagdius there? Chas is right…we don’t have a significant tourism product coming out of Dubai so there was no need for a tourism delegation there. And Richard…what was his role? This whole Dubai carnival and the participants were deliberately to give Chas and UWP the finger. And then Pip will ask people to stop the pettiness and division when his cabal is the one fueling it

  13. Cry a River, cry a blasted river you clown. If this government chooses to scale back and not spend so much on all the tral-la -la-la you left behind I for one won’t argue with it. The country is in a financial sink hole because of your yellow ass yellow failed “trickled down Economics”. MOVE YOURSELF ! The nerves ; you want the SLP to spend 20 million to pave 1/4 mile of road ?? I didn’t know we hit oil……I must ask that blasted fool who always bawling over our baron sea bed when that happened. Honorable PJP just watch and balance the books and keep St Lucia in the black and do projects one at time when it’s feasible. We are not going to court like Grenada… least not on your watch. Chatting and passing yellow crap about misleading St Lucian’s when all now the USD$ 7 million vaccine money you and the Coolie teef you can’t refund St Lucian’s to date……I for one won’t hold my breath because I know you and him eat it already and we will not see a penny of it back. Some degenerate jackass talking “how you bring home the bacon” ….do you see the price of bacon….. exactly St Lucians can’t afford it pork or monetary.

    • Whenever you go beyond five lines in your comment, I can tell you’re on the back foot doing damage control..I rest my case.

  14. Chas this showed me how much rf is jealous of chas. You’ll were all against him for traveling to much, at least he brought some bacon home.
    Why did you go to Dubai especially since you knew it was chas doing. What was your roll there? Need to know

    • Dishonesty, where “home” is again? Among the small brain, low IQ Lucians or in Chas paypocket? Go home. We well know you.

    • How can Lucia be your “home” when youself say you going to look for citizenship some other place because Lucians brain too small and they IQ too low for you.

  15. It seems that Chastanet is looking for a Nobel prize for his imbecility. What is wrong if the new government went about and reform the program? Chastanet there is a new government in town and it is at their discretion to alter, amend and cancel any program they see fit. You are a sore loser.

  16. Why? NIcka it’s because fresh start and guy name not being the Dubai expo…simple. Now I agree with you on the size of that delegation….its like we are performing to please the rich over there. Them people eh care about Umpa or Arthur…them artists coulda more benefit from market closer to us like the afrobeat movement in the USA. Like I said before….uwp was already wrong when they crafted this trip…slp just worsened it!

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