Chastanet: Government Turning A Blind Eye To Omicron And Has Given Up In COVID-19 Fight

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Press Release:- As we head into the New Year, it is clear the Government of Saint Lucia is turning a blind eye to the emergence of the Omicron Variant of COVID-19 and has given up the fight against COVID- 19.

The SLP Government has articulated no clear measures to address the present and looming
crisis, even as evidence grows that the Omicron variant spreads more quickly.

While Globally, we can see other countries have stepped up their vaccine and booster drives and have made changes at their ports of entry, the SLP Government has continued to bury its head in the sand.

This lackadaisical approach and lack of urgency will have implications for our health sector, in particular, our already exhausted health workers on the front lines, and by extension
our nation’s economy.

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Leader of the Opposition, Honourable Allen Chastanet, has said that “the silence is deafening” and noted that there is also no pressure being put on authorities.

“Right now the people of Saint Lucia have no comfort that the Government can manage Covid- 19. Where is the Covid-19 Command Centre by another name? It is as though the Government has given up,” said the former Prime Minister.

“There is no communication. We are not seeing increased support to healthcare workers, we are not hearing about improved testing capacity or anything about border surveillance or community surveillance. The Government needs to come out and articulate clearly what the plan is. When we were in office we made it a point to have regular updates to the nation on this issue so people clearly understood from all stakeholders what was happening and what would be expected of them. Now, there is nothing, except frustration from the people who feel left out in the cold. People are dying, loved ones are being lost more and more, with no explanation as to how we will address this crisis.”

The Leader of the Opposition said there is an even greater sense of urgency because of the
number of Saint Lucians who suffer with Diabetes and Hypertension.

“This new variant may spread faster than others. Can our health system withstand another surge in infections? And what is being put in place to address this?” asked the Leader of the
Opposition. “No one is coming forward to answer these questions and the mechanisms we put in place to address these matters have been allowed to fall apart. What support is being given to the Chief Medical Officer and the health sector as a whole? Is there even a plan?”

In light of the lack of response from the Government, the Leader of the Opposition is urging Saint Lucians to continue to get vaccinated and strengthen public and workplace safety measures.

“We need to do all we can as a people to safeguard against Covid-19 and slow the spread,” he added. “We cannot lose hope that we can overcome this. We as citizens have to play our role to protect our families, friends and our community during this holiday season. Let’s get vaccinated, let’s educate ourselves and let’s continue to fight this virus.”

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Editorial Staff
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  1. Chas I did vote you out but give Jack his jacket you were doing a far better job than these guys #my country needs help

  2. You Chastanet will never enter power in st lucia you are finish you should e the last person to open your mouth happy retirement

  3. The fact is that this pandemic shouldn’t be politicized. We all in this country need to unite to come up with more effective measures to curb the spread of the virus. Covid don’t care who you are; it kills. We need to stop all the ignorance and start to face reality, this is serious business. It’s not about red or yellow, it’s about humans. Wake up people. It’s getting worst.

  4. Politician are not the problem. The problem is the people who are not concern about themselves and their community. The mighty America can not adequately deal with COVID. Do you believe St.lucia or other similar states can effectively manage COVID?

  5. Lots of commentators here (as well as our politicians & medical authorities), are having a difficult time providing coherent reasons why we all should be multi-vaxxed & boosterized against Covid-19. After almost 2 years living with the pandemic (or for some 300 citizens, dying), I present you with a video that will make it very easy to convince the vaccine-hesitant among us:

    Please take the time to watch. It’s for your own safety!

  6. @Straight, get it through your head. Chas will NEVER again become leader of this beloved country. And by the way, you’ll = you will, y’all = you all.

  7. Straight you house slave keep on barking for your runaway Massa Allen Michael Chastanet. He couldn’t care less for the likes of you.

  8. The solution to this fake, manufactured crisis couldn’t be simpler:
    1. Stop all testing IMMEDIATELY.
    2. End all “protocols” and restrictions IMMEDIATELY.
    3. Open up the country IMMEDIATELY
    4. Watch every hotel, restaurant and private business thrive IMMEDIATELY
    5. Watch St. Lucia become an example for the world IMMEDIATELY
    6. Let all people manage their own health affairs IMMEDIATELY…..there is no role for government in the private health of individuals, even if there WAS a real pandemic!

    The fact that no government official would ever consider such an obvious end to the situation should indicate to everyone who they really represent…..and it’s not the people of St. Lucia!

  9. Crow, meme and virus…the ignorance and hatred that RF has placed in you’ll is evident. Further you names are clearly an indication of who you are.

    You’ll can’t take the opposition???? Chill and watch as the SLP government fails on all fronts

  10. Dude wise experts are saying Omicron will lead to the end of the pandemic. The same experts who predicted that this pandemic will follow the path of all others and become endemic. As with every other pandemic and the nature of life, the strong survive, the weak/vulnerable die out. Power hungry and crooked thieves are the ones peddling this day after day. Let it go you with your moronic jibes.

  11. Rubbish !! Just Rubbish St Lucia was doing well we all know when Christmas came and everybody come down our goose was going to be cooked. So many cruise Ships coming down with it. But St Lucian’s, St Lucian’s, St Lucian’s, the most indiscipline people on earth. Watch them all this week especially from tomorrow.

  12. Dont worry Chas . Most of the persons commenting are mere ignorant fools but those who sow the wind will reap the whirlwind. Patience is a virtue.

  13. This government gave up from the moment that it stepped in to office. Its excuse was ‘ go leave it up to the people to be responsible.. like this alone will solve the problem. Many have realized this and those that are defending this government where Covid is concern are just kidding themselves. The know that this gov’t just allowing Covid to run its course because they do not know how because of what they said it opposition. Well I don’t care what this gov’t do at this time.

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