Chastanet: Hilaire Appointment Egregious

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Press Release:–  The appointment of Ernest Hilaire as “Deputy Prime Minister” further solidifies that the SLP Government has scant regard for the Constitution of Saint Lucia, the rule of law and the people’s right to know.

Hilaire is currently embroiled in a scandal over the purchase of a Range Rover vehicle and the dismissal of the criminal case involving the vehicle by Customs with no explanation.

For several weeks, Saint Lucians have been asking for an explanation as to why the case has disappeared and why the Prime Minister was present when the case was withdrawn and not allowed to be settle by the courts.

On the heels of all of this, the Prime Minister has made the appointment, establishing for all that he does not care about any of the questions raised in the public domain concerning Hilaire.

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Coupled with this egregious appointment is the fact that there is no position such as “Deputy Prime Minister” in the Constitution of Saint Lucia.

This issue had been brought to the current Prime Minister’s attention on countless occasions when he purported to be Deputy Prime Minister in the Kenny Anthony administration.

Once again, we clearly see the St Lucia Labour Party is continuing to ignore the Constitution of Saint Lucia.

It started with the confinement order which goes against the Constitution and now the so-called appointment of a beleaguered “Deputy Prime Minister” in Hilaire.

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Editorial Staff
Editorial Staff
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  1. More Deserving ???
    O Lord, Almighty God of revelation,
    please reveal what is hidden in secret and
    judge according before it is too late !!

  2. God has made the one as well as the other !
    A trap and a net !
    Wicked men ruling over a helpless people !
    Would you like someone like King Solomon
    wich the Lord ‘highly exalted’ in the sight of
    all St-Lucians and bestowed upon him the
    royal splendor such as no king 🤴 over-
    even has been before ???
    Then, let us continue our prayers for our well
    beign and future generations that by spécial
    grace the enemies be defeated boldly !
    For God answers agreeable and sincere prayers
    in Jesus name with thanksgivig, praise and forgivness.


  4. One member of the unholy trinity must be pissed off one more time. His argument – I was once a P.M. I know the ropes, what about me? – look buddy, you know very well what being screwed over is all about. The sad thing is, you made a deal with the devil, you went with the ‘highest bidder’ you’re a minister, just shut up and no more slaps or else you won’t make it at the next elections. Isn’t Alva more deserving? Jufalli is Kenny’s pick, been friends from way back, but for now, the Dr—g lord is in control.

  5. I will ask again, what has happened to Chastanet case of the Soufriere foundations of the miss used of money, which never went to court, but he became prime minister, should we look at Hilaire case, and don’t look at Chastanet case?
    I am from Soufriere I do want to know what happened to that case?

  6. SMH let us all agree Hilaire has a problem and need help….Fine….. Will you also agree that Allen need help…. He Allen needs a lot of help…. First he must tell the public his true academic qualification, next he needs legal advise as to how to read and understand the constitution,

  7. i don’t think that Hilaire realises he has a problem that requires a therapist. Anybody who supports him should encourage him to see a counsellor.

  8. I guess some people love to call people idiot when they are the biggest idiot. When one write that a Deputy Prime Minister is not a portfolio because there are no responsibilities then how does he explain Minister in the Cabinet with no responsibility. As per him again using the same Government Gazette he can verify in the 1979 to 1982 administration Minister Without Portfolio was appointed in the Hon. Cecil Lay. In the westMinister system Minister Without Portfolio is a common thing. It has happened in the following countries, Dominica, Antigua, Jamaica, Trinidad, UK, Australia and many African countries. Therefore Ms. NOT A HYPOCRITE before you call people idiot base on your emotions and not facts you need to do your research. Furthermore Barbados and Dominica each has a Deputy PM which is not laid out in their constitution which is a carbon copy of st Lucia constitution.

  9. Oh who cares. Finish the hospitals and the roads so the ambulances can get there. If you do that I don’t give a SH1T if you drive a Ferrari, let alone a Range Rover!!!!

  10. Guy joseph was accused of signing a 90 million us deal. Not once you ever address that situation . how can guy sign such a document without your knowledge . you never explain to the country as to if there’s any truth . you chastise the reporters every time you’re been ask a question . even a court you had . chastnet was just out of touch with the people .

  11. How can chastnent hate deputy Prime Minister like that over a range rover ? But chastnent you shut down the complex and opened it ocean blue . you took bread from the fishermen Island wide . you quarelling over a range rover smh …

  12. We need to think of the motive behind the frequency of his appearance on social media. One has to wonder if he follows up after commenting. His motive may just be to piss his enemies.

  13. @SMH, I did not Drag you into anything. May be the DRUG had you to comment on a political matter and that’s what dragged your drugged self into a political matter. Ok.
    @ senior, I see you playing bright@ Rude. Now both of you remember that you all can play bright but there are those here who are really bright and knowledgeable. Ok @ Senior and @Rude.Now for some education: the people you listed as Deputy Prime Ministers were never appointed as such by the Governor General , except in the case of Phillip Pierre( and I can give the details as to why Kenny that that foolishness. Now @ Senior and @ Rude, I dare you all get one publication that states that the Governor General appointed Hunters j Francois, William George Mallet, William George Odlum or Mario Mitchell as Deputy PM. A search is not difficult, just search copies of the gazette immediately following general elections (not difficult).These people were only referred to as that but no formal appointment.
    Now, the one who is playing the brightest, that is, @Take That Allen, wants us to believe that the position od Deputy PM is a portfolio. The idiot does not even understand that a portfolio is rea of responsibility as a member of Cabinet. What is the area of responsibility of the Deputy PM?😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂🤣😂

  14. Chastenet hole your rass. You always talking the same share! There are bigger things to talk about. What you are doing is pandering to the base and as of right now, I can say that the base is not what it used to be. They are against you. You Ass Jack!

  15. Senior how could you forget Mario Mitchell.

    Why is Chastnet so afraid of Earnest Hillaire?

    Why is Chastnet so obsessed with Earnest Hillaire?

    What is he afraid Earnest will uncover.

  16. Apparently there is no other person in PJP’s cabinet that is deserving enough of this position other than He-Liar. There are still questions to be answered concerning this Land Rover saga and PJP feels it is best to appoint Helaire as his right hand man and give him a title as deputy PM. It says alot about Philip Pierre. And you believe they will curb crime and this administration will deal with corruption. What a laugh. St Lucia is the laughing stock of the Eastern Caribbean.

  17. Allen once again you are the one that does not understand the constitution. The constitution only make mention of Three (3) ministerial offices, The Prime Minister, Minister Of Finance and Attorney General. Therefore are you Allen Chastanet saying the following ministry are unconstitutional, education, health, communication, sports, etc etc ….. Allen the PM in his own judgement has the power/ right to appoint anyone or creat any ministry within his cabinet. Therefore Deputy Prime Minister is a Cabinet and Ministerial position as seen fit by the Prime Minister. The thing about you Allen is that you always think your temerity will foul people yet you are the one creating the cacophony sounds.

  18. Chastnet tries to mislead the populace again.know your political History before you speak.
    The following person’s has served as,Deputy Prime Minister’s,in St.Lucia
    1) Hunters j Francois
    2) William George Mallet
    )3William George Odlum
    4) Philip Joseph Pierre.
    Please do your fact check before you spue gabbage,you Chastnet will never learn, because you doesn’t listen,like you stated.

  19. PIP does not have a choice in that decision,it is Kenny calling the shots. Kenny wants to Keep the Drug baron and Stephanie Queen, at bay. The next time that PIP travels, it will be automatic that Hilaire acts as PM and that, Kenny’s medical bills will be paid without cabinet approval.

  20. @Not a Hypocrite I made not one comment for or against his statement…. And politics is still has become a circus in SLU. Don’t drag me into your drama!!!

  21. @SMH and @realist (who is not real), why don’t you all address the question: DOES THE CONSTITUTION PROVIDE FOR THE APPOINTMENT OF A DEPUTY PRIME MINISTER? The answer is NO. Therefore, for that appointment to be made is clearly a fraud. Did I hear fraud? Well not strange after all I heard Hilaire.

  22. Chas o Chas ….corruption…..hahahhahahah… were the head of the world’s largest group of………..

  23. lol there was tons of scandals under your watch and you did nothing. Why change your tune now you not in office

  24. Chastnet , guy joseph , ring the bell , juke bois said this can never happen , but look it . the flambeaus in here irritated . all sorts of comments soon to come

  25. 😂😂😂 oh I knew it!!! When I saw the news of the appointment I said Chastanet won’t like this at all!! Politics in St Lucia has become a circus.

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