Chastanet: “Join The Campaign To Get Our Roads Fixed!”

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Opposition leader Allen Chastanet has again taken the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) government to task over the state of Saint Lucia’s roads.

“Join the campaign to get our roads fixed,” the United Workers Party (UWP) leader urged in a Facebook post.

The former Prime Minister asserted that before leaving office in July 2021, his government had initiated the “largest road reconstruction Programme ever experienced in Saint Lucia”.

“Some of you would remember the famous chant by the SLP that “People don’t eat roads” as their counter to this unprecedented initiative to provide citizens with roads which would reduce their vehicle maintenance costs, improve traveling times and bolster road safety,” Chastanet said.

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But he observed that unfortunately, the new Government has stopped the programme.

According to the Micoud South MP, the result has been that many roads which would have already been completely rebuilt had the projects not been stopped, are now in deplorable condition.

He said a key example is the Rodney Bay Highway.

And Chastanet also mentioned the recently renamed Sir Julian Hunte Highway.

“Have you seen the state of the SLP’s newly renamed Sir Julian Hunte Highway? What an insult to a man that they claim to respect! You deserve better,” the UWP leader declared.

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  1. Chas, tell us about the 863 million dollars you borrowed, how many roads did you fix with it? As a matter of fact, tell us what you did with it. Finally, how many St. Lucian passports did you sell?

  2. I would love to speak with our ex PM regarding Gais Bais Road, In the South. I have tried talking to Mr Bradley Felix, I have tried talking to the government THIS ROAD IS SSSSSSOOOOO BAD (if you can call it a road now) NO ONE wants to listen. No emergency vehicle can access it now. Families are living there. Its a disaster waiting to happen.
    I would be quite happy to speak with the ex MP on this matter.

    • When it comes to fixing roads, both Government have it wrong. Any sensible Government would see that there are roads that needs priority over others. You would swear that the small communities are not part of St.Lucia and they didn’t vote for the representatives. Communities like Augier, Grace, Banse La Grass, just to name a few. It is high time Government get their priorities right when it comes to fixing roads. We pay our roads taxes too.

  3. BBC – Big Blem Clown…..sit your sorry behind down. Roads don’t deteriorate in a year. Yes, they are bad but this is from the continuous neglect by your government…. so put a sock in it fool and let the government work

  4. I agree with him. The Debrieul , Roblot, Montete road is a mess and this road being a major secondary road. It is in a bad condition. Some places in Roblot the grass is so high on both sides of the road. That soon it will be unsafe to walk the road. The people with private vehicles are complaining and we are left with no form of public transportation on this road. The choiseul mini bus association had something in place for a driver or drivers to commute this route but it lasted less than a month as the drivers are complaining about the road. Again I will lament that this is a major secondary road because if there is an emergency along the way from Victoria to Lafargue this is the only other road that can link the whole of stlucia whether traveling through the west coast to the east coast or the east coast to the west coast. Take note this road is a very very important road and human lives in those communities. For once let the government of stlucia do something to benefit the low class people. Peace and love

  5. Saint Lucia can never go forward for their own good..The red and yellow is so hateful ubealivable shameful especially those that live overseas sad when chas was fixing the roads the ignorant slp people don’t eat roads stupid backwards people..ST lucia has the right pm

  6. ALLEN tell us about the $ 1.50 tax your admin.
    Imposed on every gallon of fuel for road maintenance.

    You advised that the funds would be kept in a “LOCK BOX”.

    Please tell us how much you left there for the SLP.


  7. St Lucian’s needs to start acting like the French people protest all vehicles park even distribution food (just for day 1/2 or 1 day) trucks ect…and people hit the streets protesting for our roads conditions even the major highway people need to be learning and escaping potholes where they are crazy shit smh

  8. Slp is the Government of the day all Roads in St.Lucia in a Deplorabe Condition .Uwp is to be blamed for the Poor Conditions of Roads in St.Lucia

  9. Where is BIG Bear? The roads need some attention. Parts are skyrocketing and gasoline prices are ridiculously expensive. We can’t crow out of this reality.

  10. Away Chas, you are now grasping at straws. No tricking the people this time like you did when you bamboozled them about the gas prices. So, go back to oblivion and stay there.


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