Thursday, September 29, 2022

Chastanet Lauds Youth As ‘Greatest Source Of Hope And Optimism’.

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Prime Minister Allen Chastanet has lauded young people on the occasion Wednesday of International Youth Day.

On his official Facebook page, he said he has always treasured the opportunity to connect with the youth whom he described as the greatest source of hope and optimism.

Wednesday’s  Facebook post is reproduced below:

The greatest source of hope and optimism are our young people.

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On this International Youth Day 2020, I join the United Nations in the call for “Youth Engagement in Global Action” which spotlights the ways in which the voices of young people are making a difference in so many issues that confront humanity.

I have always treasured the opportunity to connect with the youth, whether it be at the official level meeting with the Students Council, the National Youth Council, sports teams, artistes or having casual one on one discussions with young people about their aspirations, challenges and how they want to participate more in continuing to build a new Saint Lucia.

I am especially motivated by the success stories of our young people when it comes to obtaining higher education, their creativity and innovation in starting their own businesses, the growing work ethic and drive as they branch out into new sectors like digital technology and ICT.

I have also been inspired by the number of young people who are stepping up, especially as our country navigates this Covid-19 pandemic, to help others. Some of you have not hesitated to jump at the chance to help your country and I am so proud of those who have volunteered to deliver meals, check on those in need, especially during the shut down and shown that you are a real integral part of the community spirit that makes this a great nation.

Our youth are among our nation’s most valuable assets and as a Government we are committed to ensuring that we create the environment for a healthy upbringing and as they develop encourage them to sieze the opportunities to become productive members of our society.

As a Government we encourage youth advocacy in all areas and especially as it relates to peace and security, climate change, sustainable development, human rights, governance, food production and more.

Like the UN Secretary General, I believe that this generation is resilient, resourceful and engaged and the success of Saint Lucia is tied to not only building a future for our youth but building our youth for the future.

On this International Youth Day let’s continue to nurture our young people, honor their successes, play our part in guiding their way and ensure that their voices are heard.

Today let us celebrate our young people and all youth organizations! Happy International Youth Day!

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