Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Chastanet: ‘Nothing Is Going To Change’

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Former Saint Lucia Prime Minister and leader of the United Workers Party (UWP), Allen Chastanet, says he sees the just concluded general elections on July 26 as a ‘pause’.

“Nothing is going to change,” Chastanet asserted as he recalled that there were people in the House of Assembly talking about friends, family and foreigners and complaining that the former administration was callous and uncaring, while engaging in road construction projects in order to help themselves.

It was an obvious reference to the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP), which in opposition accused the then ruling UWP of facilitating friends, family and foreigners or FFF.

The  SLP dealt the UWP  a crushing defeat at the polls, with the latter managing to cling on to only two of the eleven seats it won at the 2016 general elections.

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Chastanet retained Micoud South while Bradley Felix was returned as MP for Choiseul-Saltibus.

The SLP won thirteen seats in the 17 seat House of Assembly while independent candidates, Stephenson King and Richard Frederick were also victorious and have been appointed to the SLP cabinet of ministers.

In elaborating on his remarks that nothing will change under the new labour administration, former Prime Minister Chastanet told SKY FM on Friday that the same projects that were going on under his former government will continue.

“The same foreigners that you were criticising before, now that you are in government you are going to see that these are the best projects ever. We met with them and we got them to change this and change that – same projects. But it’s for the general public to believe,” Chastanet asserted.

According to the former Prime Minister, the reality is that fifty percent of the population did not vote.

“I certainly am not one who believes despite the fact they have fifteen seats in the house, that they have been given the level of mandate that they believe that they have,” Chastanet explained.

And he went on to add that ultimately, the issue is not about Allen Chastanet or Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre.

“This is about Saint Lucia and I am satisfied and confident that what we have done, time will legitimise and time will provide the verdict,” he told SKY FM.

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