Chastanet on Saint Lucia Becoming A Republic: ‘…..The Time Has Come…!’

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“I certainly believe like a lot of other people the time has come to make that change,” opposition leader Allen Chastanet told reporters on Thursday regarding Saint Lucia becoming a republic.

According to the former Prime Minister, having the Queen is a “ceremonial thing” like other countries’ amendments to becoming republics.

“The Commonwealth never goes away because the Commonwealth is history, so the Commonwealth now becomes a membership of persons who were part of the British Commonwealth and the question becomes who is at the leadership of the Commonwealth,” the United Workers Party (UWP) leader explained.

He noted that the Queen had been the head of the Commonwealth but passed the baton to Prince Charles.

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“England, Australia and Canada have been the leaders of the Commonwealth,” Chastanet observed.

And he asserted that perhaps the time had come for a change.

“If the Commonwealth now is going to de-robe itself of its historical ties to the monarch, maybe it’s time if we want that institution to still exist, it conforms to what we have seen at the UN or anywhere else where it’s on a democratic basis,” Chastanet told reporters.

Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre has acknowledged a strong argument favouring Saint Lucia becoming a republic.

“We are dealing with constitutional reform and we will discuss it with the people of Saint Lucia and if that comes out of the mix, sure we’ll go,” he told reporters on Thursday.

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  1. Not so bright, but damn Allen Chastanet is the Biggest puppet of the economic world forum. Allen Chastanet has zero vision for St.Lucia accept for his white skin, and he is not relavant in St. Lucia grass root effect. Allen Chastanet is about more pain, death, destruction of St. Lucia and the people toward the New World Order and great reset.

  2. Our Heavenly Father speaks to us, here is what He wants us to know:-
    “As Moses led my people out of physical Egypt, and my Son delivered My people out of spiritual Egypt and bondage, I will deliver My people from the idols of Egypt. Behold, an Ark like Noah’s await you, My people – not of wood this time, but of Me. Yes, Me, The Great I Am. Behold the Hand that parted the Sea is reaching out to thee. Take hold and cling. In Y’Shua, Jesus [Salvation] there is Everything – and more than you know; you are all the children of My heart, and I do love you all.”

  3. Surprise – AS P.M. I was hoping that PjP would have taken the initiative to announce to the Nation the Cabinets intention, to proclaim the formation of St. Lucia becoming a Republic. Instead we have the leader of the Opposition Party coming with an articulate announcement that the time has come to make the move – Bravo.
    May I add a personal opinion, that every former British Colony in the Caribbean, should consider becoming a Republican State within the Common Wealth of Nations. Including Great Briton. Whereas the the thought of ‘Federalism’ back in the 1950’s died out, it appears to me that the time has evolved and a much better and more respectable outcome has arrived. It will be a glorious occasion, so go for it ( may the Lord above be our guide)

  4. How can you possibly separate yourself from yourself? Saint Lucia IS England. There will be no Republic status, in fact we are about to adopt the pound sterling as our primary currency. Yol mad mun? What republic????

    Yuw goyz med ou whaat? NAHW, NAHW……repooblik

  5. President Chastenet, President DuBoulay, President Kenny. Leave this alone as it will only bring more division and suppression. Focus on issues and stop distracting. The majee that goes on here is not the Queen’s fault but selfish, corrupt politicians.

  6. Re Article! Unfortunately there are no leaders in the negroes in the Caribbean… only Crabs in a barrel, They pull each down too many Times.. They should find a noncurrup One..Too many of them with letters before and after their names makes them worthless..I endorse my thoughts..

  7. We must have faith in our pm, he promised he will reduce prices, increase salaries, decrease rent, decrease tax, give us a tax break, give certain individual 1500 for support, the list goes on.

    Pierre will bring this country back to greatness, he’s already decreasing prices on certain goods. Every medical job will also get a major increase in their salary.

    Pierre will save us, we must be patient. It’s been proven he has done far more than uwp has ever done in their lifetime.

  8. As usual St.Lucia follows the lead of another nation but i would welcome removing the queen as of head of state

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