Sunday, September 25, 2022

Chastanet: Opposition Not Extended Government Christmas Toys Courtesy

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United Workers Party (UWP) leader Allen Chastanet has accused the government of not extending a traditional Christmas toys courtesy to the opposition.

“Every year for Christmas, regardless of which political party is in office, toys are distributed from the Government to each Parliamentary Representative regardless of which political party they are affiliated with,” the former Prime Minister wrote on his official Facebook page on Thursday.

“This year just as expected, the Opposition was not afforded this courtesy. Thankfully I had already taken some time to personally purchase 500 toys to be distributed in the constituencies of Choiseul-Saltibus and of course in my beloved constituency of Micoud South,” Chastanet observed.

Chastanet’s administration lost the July 26, 2021 elections, retaining only two of the 11 seats it formerly held – his own Micoud South and the Choiseul-Saltibus  seat of Bradley Felix.

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The opposition leader said he and his wife, Raquel, wanted to ensure that they give quality presents and toys that would be educational, fun and help develop their creativity.

“Can’t wait to see the smiles on their faces. Wishing all of you the very best for the season and beyond!” He wrote.

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  1. Toys? The children need education not toys. The children need food not toys. Who you fooling? The uwp people need a convention not toys. The uwp people need another leader not toys. Did I hear Isaac Anthony?

  2. My dear Prime Minister Mr. Chastnet may the good Lord bless and keep you and your family safe, with good health đź’Ż.
    Thank you for making out little children happy, your goodness and kindness will always be a light in your Parth, Don’t worry about the Monkeys let them stay in the zoo.

  3. @Johncrow Laborian why don’t you leave with your White God. You were branded Enemy of The State so just do us all a favor and hit the road jack. Honesty & Concern follow Laborian in hot persuit St Lucia has a national Bird we need no more Johncrows. Your White God made off with USD $ 7.3 million let him buy the “gift’s for his constituents

  4. LABORIAN, I need to address you. If one follows Christ that individual is Christ like. Now when one supports Allen it means that this person is corrupt and a great Liar. Where do you stand?

  5. Some of you all lucians have serious problems chastnet has a better heart than pjp..he is taking the country down in a pit in five months..some of you all see nothing wrong with that..before chastnet open his mouth some of you all want to eat him alive..chastnet work for what he has what pjp have changed you all mind set stop the hatred that is my opinion

  6. Chas I keep telling you the sardines cannot swim in the same water as you. That’s how these slp’s are to us chas. Their mentality says it all. How many of you’ll can give up you’ll practice and do charity work. Keep up the good work Mr and Mrs chastenet. It’s a pity st. Lucia is not ready for you’ll and might never be. We are doomed!!
    We like being in the gutter!!!
    We live begging!!!!
    We love gossiping!!!
    We love to hate!!!
    We love to compete with each other for all is bad reasons!!!
    We like to kick our neighbors down when they are low!!!
    So chas please I wish you’d move on and keep swimming with your own kind the sharks because we can’t and may never be ready to be better.

  7. Why is this person addressing Lucian american under my name?…there is only one original John Public👤

  8. How is Chas a thirf? He worked for everything he has. It’s the politicians who have little skills in anything noteworthy and are millionaires that you have to look out for

  9. CHAS….GO ASK FORTUNA BELROSE WHAT SHE AND ALL OF YOU DID TO MARCHAND ….publicly admitting to discrimination because they disnt buy into your philosophy…now you crying fowl? Charity and goodwill should never be politicised…SLP please stop if that’s the case…but this man here has no right to now shun what he profoundly supported while he was leader of the country…effing pinocchio!!!!

  10. But why give to only the constituencies yall won..What about the children of the parents yall had in all the motorcades mataying their backsides,still vex with their neighbours and so on..This is too clichè.And then yall say yall love all your uwp supporters. 500 gifts could share evenly across the countries.

  11. Where the children’s parents, nenenn, paweihn, aunty, uncle, grandma, grandpa…. to buy the much-needed iPads, laptops, tablets, educational gadgets…, some of you are pushing for them to be gifted as Christmas presents. Is that “entitled” mindset that has the island in that state. Someone wants to give you a gift and you expecting a tablet, iPad, laptop, phone, house, and land. No wonder there young people don’t want to work and we have broken the record for crime rate.
    Choops tuhn.
    One administration always wants to destroy the legacy of another which never works in the favor of the people. The people, on the other hand, always seeking handouts, so they’re always in favor of those who give them $1 for Christmas and leave them high and dry until next Christmas when it is time to give out the $1 again. During that time, these same people “ka gweeyein by soleil”.
    Fight amongst yourselves instead of standing together, fighting for what the ppl you all voted into government needs to provide for y’all. Sacway cooyon con zot yay!

  12. Why would one hate so much that he says send the hapers and toys to cap estate. If he dies that’s another story. SMH. St.lucians. slp isn’t keeping us back uwp definitely isn’t keeping us back. We ate keeping ourselves back with suck idiotic thinking. That’s why slp won bcuz they muster on that trend of thought.

  13. This self acclaimed laborian I wonder why he has so much hatred in his heart. Here he goes again preaching racism,with this kind of mentality; do think we can ever move forward?
    Stop being a racist and putting people over you.

  14. No wonder st lucia going backwards the hatred some of you all have in you all blood chastnet don’t need st lucia. You all have a black pm he is an embarrassment both at home and international face shame on some of you all st lucia can never go forward with that kind of behavior

  15. No matter what political party is in power the children always look forward for their toys..even though they have a laptop. Slp always doing things in reverse people have to speak up when something is wrong stop the politics that are dividing the country

  16. The children need no toys but iPad, laptops and educational devices….. Get the hell out of here with your old cheap toys politics. From early as age three children should be introduced to computer devices.

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