Chastanet: ‘Our Roads Need Fixing’

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Opposition leader Allen Chastanet has taken issue with the state of Saint Lucia’s roads and is urging the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) administration to do something about the situation.

The former Prime Minister took to social media to air his concerns.

“The current condition of our country’s road network is totally unacceptable, especially the state of the main roads,” he stated.

“I still can’t understand how a Government that claims to care, would allow citizens to endure exorbitant fuel and cooking gas prices, increases in electricity and bus fares whilst keeping the roads in a condition that constantly causes them to spend already scarce funds repairing tyres and other suspension parts,” the Micoud South MP asserted.

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“Our roads need fixing. You deserve better!” He declared.

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  1. Chastanet, the SLP government cannot fix the roads at this moment because they are too busy paying off your onerous and odious debt. If you were a little less selfish our economy would be more resilient.

  2. Ckeck with anyone working at the airport. Chas is likely too busy showboating with the Stewart family in Miami and enjoying all his big paper apparently stashed offshore to truly know about St. Lucia’s roads other than to the golf club in Cap. And while our kidneys get shaken loose from potholes on the roads, he flies and boats. And why is no one asking why government and taxpayer moneys is still paying for so many of his expenses? Everyone is silent, why isn’t this most open secret amongst both UWP and SLP being disucssed publicly? We Looshans must be happy paying to pay his colonial way like the good little colonists folk been doing for has as he lives high on the hog. Cheers to Chas for continuing to manipulate true, working Looshans and smile and look at us square in the eye as he does it. We’re suckers. Hope they remember it’s we who are the ones cooking their food, driving them around, tending their gardens, fixing their nice cars, and otherwise looking after them both when they’re awake and while they sleep. Let us pray.

  3. Hmmm this fool you hear him people he can’t say CRIME you know, yeah he picks his fights. I guess he wants The Prime Minister to follow in his foot steps and spend ECD$ 20 million just to pave quarter mile of road like he did. The minute they came to power they stop the concrete road in my neighborhood, the folks lower down were living in world war two Haiti had better roads. Look at the state of St Jude’s Highway especially by the gap at the brewery close to the medical school , people lost their lives there because their is no sidewalk so people resort to walking in the road and they never fix it, bunch of Clowns. The Most Honorable KDA had written to him to fix it and to finish the concrete road which they immediately stop when they came to power he never did nothing in the South (choops) old dutty White Johncrow.

  4. X PM, the additional $2.50 tax per gallon of fuel was suppose to be placed in a lock box for road maintenance by your administration.
    It would have been helpful if you had told us how much you left there after the election.

    But then you know the present administration have been collecting $ zero over the past year due to the international price of imported fuel.

    Such hypocrisy.

  5. Everyone is entitled to their opinions however most of these comments clearly shows how much some of you disapprove of the former PM. May be some of us haven’t learnt anything from our politicians as yet so my questions is as a regular citizen if I were to ask the current administration to fix the roads how would you réponse to me???

  6. How comes Times eh have how police de-garshay the pimp on social media- me you him etc. Finally these women could be free from evil!

  7. So chastanet with all the money that your families have through the expliotation of black people why can’t you contribute towards the fixing of the roads it appears to me that you want poor tax payers like me to fix road so you can drive in comfort in your expensive vehicle

  8. Look who’s talking, I am so seek and tired of this Chameleon. St.Lucia tired of this lunatic and we have to learn to move on. Next UWP leader Chas you are a successful failure.

  9. Chas, where is the 863 million dollars you borrowed? What did you do with it? How many passports did you sell during your 5 years in power?

  10. The roads are being fixed Mr. Ex-Prime Minister. I can now drive through Marchand with great ease and I am actually seeing movement towards the fixing of the Millenium Highway and the Vigie Road. So.. what are you talking about? My eyes are not fooling me. The Marchand Road especially got to a DEPLORABLE state under your administration – it was a real joke! So don’t let me get my boxing gloves off.

    • Hey SERENA, your eyes not fooling you but your brains making an a$$ of you.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 You mean you don’t even know that the Millenium Highway/Cul de Sac project started way before this current administration got into office? Is Marchand Road the only road in St. Lucia? Drive around and you will see the state of most roads. By the way, while you are at it boasting about the Marchand Road, can you explain why they removed the three speed bumps that were placed there to check the traffic since we have young children who sometimes leave the field running or chasing balls?

      • Yes with your stupid self. Who feels it knows it. The Marchand Road is FIXED. And I can SEE that the Millenium highway is actually under repair. No.. Marchand Road is not the only road but it’s the road I use DAILY. So of course it has a huge impact. What… you want all roads fixed in one year. JACKASS.

  11. BOTH parties are to be blamed!
    From past and present administrations … from since 1997 to this present time.
    25 years of deplorable roads … but taxes and insurances have increased.
    And they want SLU to be a “Tourist Destination” … smh.
    I think I will buy myself a boat to take me from “port to port”.

  12. Not only Roads in shambles, how about the new St. Jules Hospital in V/Fort? if something is not done in a hurry, things will begin to crumble. Lord we need a miracle.

  13. All the Roads in St.Lucia. are in a Very Deplorable Condition .Motor Vehicle Owners Have to spend So much on Suspention parts .Uwp in power Millions Disappears. Slp in power the Crime Rate increases per Minute

  14. Tell them brother Chas. they wanted to be in the hot seat and can not handle the kitchen, a while year now and they can not show anything but all they do is reflect on the the stride st lucians make on their own and try to take credit for it . Example the cricketer Johnson Charles, and the cook in ny. Smh.

  15. UWPs, your lord has spoken. Let all now come out and talk shi7! Doe worry, good news will soon come. And y’all will be crying a river all the way to obscurity. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  16. The roads not only need fixing but Saint Lucia need more over passes and tunnels and bigger bridges now woi, too much traffic.

    Last time I come on tour and mad traffic in the place am sitting in traffic for hours. I live the fast life I like things moving a little quicker.

  17. You a see as they came in power they stop the gros Islet road project. Smh and the thing about it is the roads are deplorable to the point it destroys your vehicle but if you don’t pay your license or insurance fees which is what they use some if not most of the revenue generated to fix the roads police want to stop you and charge you for not having those things. Now tell me why the hell should I be stopped and charged for this and the government not fixing the roads my tax money I paid to drive on the road for?.

  18. the only time they fixed the so-called roads was some months ago to please prince Charles on behalf of the queen and all we got in return was a picture. He a even say he going to send some money to help us fix the roads

  19. The roads are deplorable. Both parties are responsible…and they know that. Normally, bad roads tear up your suspension system. Unfortunately, our roads are so bad, they even destroy your braking system.


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