Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Chastanet: ‘Our Students Should Not Have To Pay For Bad Policies’

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Press Release:- The Government is working in reverse and must begin to take decisions while also looking at the impact of those decisions on the future.

If the Government cared about the reopening of school in January we would not have seen this laissez-faire attitude to the protocols in December.

We have a situation of a Government operating with no plan and they have a blueprint. We worked hard during our time to establish solid policies for schools operating during COVID-19.

What we needed to see was the foresight ahead of the Christmas season that would have minimized the impact on schools and the economy. If the Government thought reopening schools was important then some sacrifices should have been made for the longer term benefit. That is what leadership is about.

Saint Lucians can all see that the reopening of school has been a complete disaster. A major area that the Government missed the mark was with consultation and communication.
Where is the information on the education sector with regard to COVID-19? How can parents have confidence in sending their children to school if they don’t have the information? This was an administration who while in opposition cried that there was lack of consultation. Yet, here we are with their first major school term opening and there has been a freezing out of the stakeholders. Our students are now suffering because of the bad policy decisions of this administration.
As a Party we too want to see children at school because we believe that for some students school can be the safest place but this must be done in a way that all can have confidence in the plan. It is obvious that neither teachers, principals or parents have that confidence that they or their children are safe.
With the Government’s announced adjustment to school operations, I am advising that the SLP administration fix the issues of poor communication, lack of a strategy and poorly administered COVID-19 protocols which have plagued the re-opening of school, leaving students, parents, teachers and school administrators completely lost and confused.
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Editorial Staff
Editorial Staff
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  1. You all ignorant laba hacks st lucia can’t go forward with that aborite cabinet and that many teachers and students that are mean to tell me because chas speak you all has a problem shame on you wonder the found st lucians iq level is so low..pjp has no leadership skills change you all mindset because our country will sink

  2. You all don’t want to hear the opposition, then go to Barbados. When the present administration was in opposition they had all the answers, now they like fish out of water.

  3. Allu throwing stones at the man who was well off before politics…why don’t y’all drink some water and watch allu lifestyle or at least watch yall PM..
    Chas is not in power anymore…the song saying the flambaues uh ra raaa but it looks like is allu labour hacks…the man is in opposition explaining a way to help y’all children when yall pm don’t give a dam…hacks…yall don’t even care about yall children..the time used bashing the man use it to educate yall kids at home..why put politics before family fools

  4. Stop using our schools as political football. I am not cool with kids not in school. Stop playing politics with covid. Stop the blame game and ask St.Lucians to get with the program to combat this virus.

  5. The man suffering from prime minister myelitis, the only cure for that is to be PM again but unfortunately for you, only the voters of this country can make that possible.

  6. Chastanet, the defeated former prime minister, fostered a toxic political environment that celebrated corruption, lies and instigated a despicable attempt to disrupt the election. He ruled St. Lucia for the benefit of a small group of elite whites, for example, OJO Lab, Rebel Investment, Cabot Holdings, Lockabie, CO Williams, his wife, etc. Currently, Chastanet has made himself a clumsy symbol of everything presently enraging St. Lucians.

  7. Tell chantanet hold his ass now he In opposition he seeing all Faults when he was der he was blind sore looser

  8. Boy stop braying! You’re exactly what you called the people of this country……a braying JA. Why don’t you go look after the affairs of the constituents who were silly enough to vote you in again. I guess they’re not in your class. Stupid man

  9. A man who has ran this country badly in all aspect( financially, economically) wants to offer advice. Had you done a good job you would not be out of
    office. Now you have all the answers. In opposition you belong and that’s where you will stay forever.

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