Chastanet Presents Documents In Joint Hilaire-Juffali Account Controversy

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Opposition leader Allen Chastanet told reporters Wednesday that he had presented documents to House Speaker Claudius Francis regarding a claim made in parliament the previous day.

The claim came amidst debate on the Special Prosecutor Act aimed at addressing corruption by incumbent public officials and others who have demitted office.

Chastanet had declared in the house that Castries South MP and former Saint Lucia High Commissioner to the United Kingdom Dr. Ernest Hilaire had a joint account with late Saudi billionaire Walid Juffali.

Juffali received an appointment in April 2014 as Saint Lucia’s Permanent Representative to the International Maritime Organization (IMO).

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Chastanet made the joint account claim while calling attention to the Hilaire Range Rover controversy, which the opposition United Workers Party (UWP) dubbed ‘Rovergate’.

But Hilaire, accusing the Micoud South MP of ‘stepping out of line’ and misleading the house, told parliament that he never had a joint account with anyone in his life.

However, Chastanet declined to withdraw his statement and promised to present evidence the next day.

“I have provided to the Speaker of the House already a letter from the Auditor General indicating that the account existed,” the former Saint Lucia Prime Minister told a news conference on Wednesday morning.

According to Chastanet, the letter indicated that no permission was sought to open the account, that 66,500 pounds were placed in it, and monies from the fund went to some staff members.

He said he also provided the Speaker of the House with letters from the Accountant General.

“I also have copies of the opening of the account and that the account was in the name of Ernest Hilaire as High Commissioner and that the co-signature on it was Juffali as the Ambassador,” Chastanet told reporters.

And he explained that he would provide the remaining documents ‘early next week’.


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  1. Ok the documents exist joint signatures High Commissioner(HC) and the Ambassador. There may be a good reason why such an account is activated. I think staff payments was mentioned. This was no hidden offshore account …it must be for a reason.
    The former HC did not recollect not a crime.

  2. How can right the wrong which is going on in our country when are divided among ourself by colours no wonder our young ppl are turning into criminals this days. Because we are justifying all wrong doing, because of affiliation to religion, politicians, children, teachers etc.

  3. GOD’S L❤️ VE and Ours
    I write to you,dear children, that your sins may be forgiven on account of his name.
    I write to you,fathers,so that you may known him who is from the begining.
    I write to you,young men,so that you can overcome the evil 😈 one.
    I write to you,dear children,so that you may known the Father.
    I write to you, fathers, because you have known him who is from the begining.
    I write to you, leaders, rulers and officials so that you may love one another and be strong,and the word of GOD lives in you,to overcome the evil 😈 one.

  4. People Chastenet Has been presenting this evidence all throughout the election campaign, but the slp propaganda was so loud and deafening, that Lucians drank the noise of lies and accusations of corruption that no one could see or hear about this very serious lies and deception ….they wanted Chastenet out at any cost and they did it…so in essence…this is not the first time the LO UWP HAS come out with this statement…stay tuned the facts will show up and my people listen and analyse for yourselves.

  5. Is this fake news or has the speaker
    confirmed receipt of the documents confirming existence of the said account.
    I for one don’t believe Hillaire would be so stupid

    • You really don’t know that arrogant individual if you can make that comment. Did you listen to his exchange with Chastenet during Parliament. The man is worse than Masa. He warned us St Lucians that we are gagged and will pay for anything we say that is remotely untrue.

  6. It is so strange, Allen has never presented documents before on this issue all the time he was in office but now he has, let us see the documents and also your degree.

    • from my understanding from what i read this issue was only just brought up amidst debate on the Special Prosecutor Act and also from my understanding he did give the speaker some of the evidence. So my question is what will Hilare say now?

      • If I can recall Rick Wayne had already shown that evidence a few years ago on TALK and to me it was prior to the 2016 elections. That just goes to show that politicians protect each other despite the show they put up in Parliament. We are the fools believing them.

  7. Hilliar thinks he is the boss and pjp should be ashamed of himself..once you endulging wrong you must pay for it this man should be ashamed of himself to many claws around his circles..pjp administration is a clown cabinet

  8. Chast what happened to helaire land rover u drop that case man, now is about account? We have to go through 5years of BS and no progress how long will this continue every 4 to 5years politician just their giving each other maypee and have no vision. Milton Milton Milton Milton Milton SMH

  9. Every Politician is open to scrutiny.
    As I understand it individuals will be able to apply to the Special Prosecutor(SP) for investigation. I also understand that flippant ,malicious unsubstantiated accusations will not be entertained.
    I probably missed that element of the bill.. the time line for the SP how retrospective, and what is the life span of the SP.
    An essential element of Philip Pierre campaign included integrity,all cabinet members were put on notice that any action which compromised the integrity of the government will not be acceptable.

  10. Any politician who is proven to have intentionally broken the law to feed his/her selfish ego should be expelled and permanently banned from government . I don’t care what color they wear.

  11. Wow this is such an idiotic comment. You actually took your time to type that as a contribution. I think you should change your name to Lucian Idiot Grade Woyyy 😂🤣😂

  12. Helaire should realize that his house is made up of only glass, so it’s obvious that the stones he has thrown would one day break his glass house. Going back to his West Indies Cricket board days and the unaccounted millions for grassroots cricket in St Lucia.

  13. Helaire should realize that his house is made up of only glass, so it’s obvious that the stones he has thrown would one day break his glass house. Going back to his West Indies Cricket board days and the unaccounted millions for grassroots cricket in St Lucia.

  14. Oh-OOhh, there’s tangible evidence – “The Panama Papers “, lol. Someone is shaking in their boots right now. Way to go Mr. former P.M! It’s one thing to mud-sling and make reckless accusations on the side, with no proof or evidence to support it, and somethings else altogether to present facts to back up your accusations. The current administration is notorious for making reckless and irresponsible noise, with no facts in sight to support them.

  15. The knives are out and are being sharpened and it glistens as its sharp edge bares its teeth to the victim… Soon, the crimson will bathe the whetted blade and a grand satisfaction would have ensued…


  16. Now that puts the fox in the locked chicken coop. I welcome any initiative that uncovers corruption in government or those in opposition. Time these two timing politicians come good in doing the people’s business. I await more supçon.


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