Chastanet Responds To Frederick’s Criticism Over Dugard Housing Crisis

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Opposition leader Allen Chastanet declaring that what has been dubbed the Dugard housing crisis is not a matter to play politics with, has said that Housing Minister Richard Frederick has gone in the direction of making the issue about Allen Chastanet.

“This is about putting people first,” the Micoud South MP wrote on his official Facebook page.

The former Prime Minister disclosed that he visited the families in Dugard, Micoud, displaced after a court-ordered demolition of their homes in a decades-long land dispute.

Demolition in progress – Courtesy HTS

“I am hoping that the Government will allocate some Crown lands to the affected families and provide some funds to immediately provide much needed relief and build some housing for residents,” the United Workers Party (UWP) leader stated.

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“Both parties involved have suffered a tremendous amount of hurt over this situation and we must do all we can to start the healing process in the community,” Chastanet asserted.

On Monday, HTS Evening News quoted Housing Minister Richard as saying that the Allen Chastanet, then Prime Minister, let the people down.

Frederick told HTS that the Chastanet administration should have bought the disputed property and arrived at terms with the land occupants.

“From all indications they had gone to their rep, the ex Prime Minister, who in my view could have done something to avoid the situation,” Frederick told HTS.

But he observed that Chastanet, in whose constituency the displacements have occurred, did ‘absolutely nothing.’

According to Frederick, thirty families are homeless, and he explained that the Government would do whatever it could to assist.

A Government delegation was due to visit the affected community Tuesday.

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  1. Even in the case of lifeless things life that make sound,problem solving.
    And now I will show you the most excellente ways-
    Settle matters quickly
    Love ❤️ Says it all.

  2. Why must we put politicians in everything? The owner of the land could have sold the land to the people. This owner is heartless. Now why are they blaming Chastanet. The family made a stupid mistake of not having documents and building vyti vye now they want to blame politicians.
    This just shows how illiterate many of us are. We love to blame everyone else but ourselves. Remember the saying ‘ignorancy is no excuse to the law’.
    It seems I will have to go build on a family member land and then when the drama starts say I did not know and call the gov’t to bail me out and get land free.

  3. Dumb ass The most deplorable Lucian lowgrade opens his ass / mouth again and the usual foul of odor emits ……did they steal it from ‘lazy broke ass ‘you ?

  4. Its only when the politians are out then they see all what should have been done. they promise fantastic things abd solutions to the people. when in power all promises are conveniently forgotten. Projects forgotten and millions spent for consultations where the previous governments had approved. if the project was approved under one government ….cannot the present just complete it? Thats why st lucia will always be a third world country. developed countries continue and finish projects. So people continue suffering cause governments do not keep promises tgey firget who put them in power.

  5. I think if a family has been on a piece of land for several generations, you cannot move them out. so that means if your mother was the same place, you grandmother, your great grandparents still same place ect.. displacement should not be an option. but if you are squatting on land for 10 years and owners come for it, then u might have to move.

    • You can be on a piece of land for generations, the bottom line is that you can and will be evicted when the true owner of the land comes forward. St Lucians like to stake claim to what is not their too often. Same way in about 1990 I purchased a piece of land from NDC. Some woman decided that she would put a barbwire fence on my property and about one third of the adjacent property. I was on a cruise ship working to come back to build only to realize that the woman had already put up a concrete foundation on my property and then had to guts to ask for compensation.

  6. Chas, I love the way you are treating the people in your constituency, they are in the 43% you refer to as jackasses. You removed the DISTRESS FUNDS, do you remember that? Tell us where you have the 600 million dollars you borrowed hidden. we need it bad or ask Sandals to give you Chas some of the 24 millions you gave them.


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