Thursday, September 29, 2022

Chastanet Responds To Latest Hikes In Fuel Prices

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Opposition leader Allen Chastanet has responded to the latest hikes in kerosene, diesel, and LPG prices.

“The SLP Administration has increased fuel prices yet again. What is most disheartening is that the Government saw no need to introduce measures in the budget to protect you from these continuous price increases,” Chastanet stated.

“I guess this is the visionary and caring leadership that Philip was boasting about during the budget,” the United Workers (UWP) leader said on his Facebook page.

The Ministry of Commerce, Manufacturing, Business Development, Cooperatives, and Consumer Affairs on Monday announced the following fuel price adjustments:

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GASOLINE remains unchanged at $3.51 per litre or $15.95 per gallon
Kerosene increased from $2.33 to $3.09 per litre or from $10.57 to $14.03 per gallon
Diesel increased from $3.51 to $3.57 per litre or from $15.95 to $16.23 per gallon

Regarding LPG, the adjustments are as follows:

20 Pound Cylinder (9.07 kg) increased from $39.81 to $42.93 per cylinder
22 Pound Cylinder (9.98 kg) increased from $43.79 to $47.23 per cylinder
100 Pound Cylinder (45.36kg) increased from $309.89 to $341.16 per cylinder

The Ministry said it would announce the subsequent adjustment in the retail price of fuel on May 23.

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  1. Pjp is a worthless pm just can’t believe st Lucian put that man in office as a pm sad

    • Re.Your comments,how can you help our current Pm? We need to support him,he can’t do it alone, you might be too young to know what the banana farmer did to Mr George Charles we should never let that happen to us again, George Charles endorse the banana farmer and he stabbed George in the back, and up to date we are feeling the pain of the back stabbing yellow fever.. Please let us help our own son of the soil, stop throwing him under the bus he needs our help, it’s time for us as as original St Lucian to unite, don’t let the foreigners to come to your Land and be your masters..Use your brains my fellow St Lucian’s and stay focused.. The yellow ones have called us to many names such as Jackass etc if you get my drift.. They eroded our minds and brought in “Green Gold” and ruined Us.. TODAY they are asking us to eat bananas and we will be fine..
      Wake up my fellow people and support your own..
      I endorse my thoughts to all of us.. please correct errors if any..

  2. Why don’t you think for yourself and stop letting politicians make you say nonsense. I work in the treasury department from 1990 and absolutely no government has come into office with an empty Treasury. Pierre came in with a healthy Treasury than Allan Chastenet inherited from Kenny and Allen didn’t get anything close to an empty Treasury.

  3. I thought prices on commodities like oil, LPG, etc. is market driven. Supply and demand and whatever OPEC wants done!!! Very sure Chas is aware of that. If you do not produce it, then you have no control over the price people pay. Maybe we should look inwards first and recognize that the massive tax increase you implemented on travelers might not have been a good idea. Since you are complaining about price increase effects on people’s lives and Tourism our biggest income generator.

  4. Expect prices to keep climbing, therefore the best you can do is to conserve. Reduce consumption by any means necessary. The government needs money to keep functioning so don’t expect them to remove or reduce the little they make through taxes. Remember they started with an empty treasury. We should do all we can to recover stolen money.

    • Thats a lie. They did not come to an empty treasury. Stop spreading lies. Slp is a conplete failure.

  5. I am an independent voter. It is sad to see some of the foolish comments that some persons write. It simply shows they do not base their comments from an impartial perspective of a report or opinion expressed by some others. We are faced with a situation of constant increase in cost of fuel at a level we never had under the previous government whiich experienced several months of either no revenue orless than half of what the current one gets . Yet it never raised the cost of fuel so much. Instead it absorbed some of the cost. The current price of crude oil on the world market is $105.59. It had reached this amount under the UWP and the govt. absorbed zome of the cost to keep down the cost of gasoline,diesel,cooking gas and kerosine. Why can’t the present one do this instead of blaming Russia/Ukraine war ? Is this how u care about the people ?

  6. Are we following world events? The bigger countries are using the war as a scapegoat to squeeze the poorer, smaller, more vulnerable countries. Yes fuel prices are high but in recent weeks they have stabilized so why the continuous increases. Countries like St Vincent have lowered the duties and taxes on fuel to keep the price at a reasonable rate at the pumps and household levels. Can’t we do the same here and stop using excuses for our lack of foresight.

  7. PJP is no better than previous PMs. He claimed to have all the answers in opposition and now he looks to blame something or someone for his continuous failures.
    He made a budget and didn’t know how to forecast. All the brilliant minds he appointed didn’t tell him about the inflation and expect rising prices so include some finance to cushion the impact that it will have on the people. That is reasonable to ask.

  8. Stop looking to PjP or Chastanet, your attention is on the wrong object. Look to the Almighty ‘the author and finisher of our faith’ – these things which seem to bother you today, is nothing to compare to what is written to come; no political Party or ways to govern, be it democratic, republican, Trump or Putin, Jew or Catholic, nothing should separate you from the love of God. But, but, but if you draw back, and look rather to the things (the happenings)of this present world, then you are listening to wrong voices – the things seen, rather than that which is unseen. God is a Spirit – (so daily I separate myself for a Time to meet inwardly, to thank and to Praise Him in Love and adoration) I am not at all woried, though this world will at the given time be destroyed. I daily speak to he who will listen; I cannot do anything else. Open the good Book; Pray.

  9. Not to bright pm continue to embarrass us, you mean to tell me the guy is not familiar with what’s happening around the world gush man your wife is a bright lady asked for her advice before you write anything on Facebook that’s why we can’t let you speak in the house sorry.

  10. @ Jone ; you are the only one who made any sense here.
    You said ‘ remove duties and taxes on certain items ‘ well that should go a long way in not to have to charge so much………(smart girl)

    • …….Kenny did just that , but how soon you forget what happen during Chastanet Reign of Terror, I am most pleased to remind you. (Fact) Under The United Worthless Party claim to fame, VAT was added to NON VATABLE items that was earmarked to help the working poor all in the interest of pleasing his Cliques in the business committee. It’s either Jone and yourself are not well read of his atrocities, or both you just choose to have ” Selective Anesthesia” (the norm).

  11. It is IMPOSSIBLE for man to live whithout the word of God.
    In the begining was the word (Jesus),and the word was with God,and the Word was God.
    He was with God in the begining, but was revealed in the last time for your/my/our sake :
    The living stone and a chosen people
    The living stone- rejected by men but chosen by GOD,and precious to him- you,we, also like living stones.

    Do not worry !
    Therefore, I told you,do not worry about your life.
    Look at the birds of the air ;
    they do not reap or store away in barns,and yet your heavenly father feeds them,
    Are you not much valuable than them….
    Everything is by prayers and supplications submit to God through Jesus Christ.
    The only solution is,to depend on the word of God.
    Because these things must occured !
    Therefore,let us seek first his Kingdom and his right hand (Jesus)and all these things will be given to us.

  12. Chastanet is nothing but a consummate hustler; a purveyor of disinformation and propaganda. The great United States cannot control oil prices, how will the SLP administration manage to lower prices? Chastanet is intellectually and morally bankrupt; all he can offer are platitudes and filth hoping his hacks will be persuaded.

    • I think you came to show off your vocabulary…But all I see is multiple statements of no substance

  13. Yawwwn I am curious to know who’s not paying high gas prices. In Trinidad of all places gas prices are up big time and don’t even talk about the US. The whole world is feeling the pinch. So what does Allen Chastanet want the government of little St Lucia to do ?? Buy high and sell low ?? Really ?? That would equates to what ???. If you are loosing money to run your essential services one way you will need to make up the deficit elsewhere…and he call himself a business man…..yeah that’s why we are where we are today.

  14. I hope St.Lucians can see now which government is caring and put the people first, instead of friends and family !!

  15. My fellow st.lucians the fuel issue is indeed a global problem. No government can save you. Kindly, adopt some home economics such as walking rather than driving and cook for more that one day with the same fuel. The economic situation is projected to become worst and the opposition is also part of that worst.

  16. A lot of price gouging is going on here. How do we the consumers get to know how they come up with these prices? The process of assigning prices to goods and services in this country is not transparent at all, so these governments and companies like Massy can charge whatever they want for anything and consumers have no choice but to pay it.

    Since the government is so sympathetic towards the citizenry about the high prices, a starting point would be for them to remove the duties and taxes that they themselves have imposed on certain items. That alone can assist in providing major relief.

    I see videos of St. Lucian in Dubai dancing and doing crap and I just shake my head. In these difficult times I feel like the country’s money could be put to better use. It’s just time deaf.

    I really feel like we need a totally new set of leaders with some imagination and new ideas running this country instead of the egoistical “men” from either one of these 2 parties in charge because it wasn’t working then and it’s not working now

    • @$$NEIGH, where the document that was on your desk that when signed would reduce the price of gas. Man stop bleating.

  17. The former administration should open the “lock box ” to cushion the price of fuel. I may opinion I believe the last administration has enough money based on cost over run to cushion the price of fuel globally.

  18. Why when the price of fuel is going down we cannot get a respite. All we are getting conserve, buy local and all kinds of shit. I am a pensioner also invalid I dread going to the supermarket as my money cannot reach what prices they are quoting. Under the previous administration I got my lucelec bills paid. I got some food rations but since the government that cares nothing absolutely nothing. I mean,man.

  19. So why is kerosene increasing so much. It appears that the authorities believe people will turn to charcoal so one way they definitely will squeeze the struggle.

  20. How is government dat raise it.yoll does really talk poop.chastenet stop trying to fool people.gas prices are going up world can urll be so dam heartless at make it look like a political fing.chastenet go talk to putin urslef uh cause is d war dat making gas price and food price go up not no god dam SLP.##STOPPPP SPEAKING POOP CHASNEIGH

  21. I can understand Pierre doing nothing to ease the squeeze on motorists. After all, if gas prices rise, drivers should drive less. On the other hand, the price of cooking gas is getting out of control, and Pierre shouldn’t expect the more people to eat less and therefore cook less. That can never be a caring government treating its people with such scorn.

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