Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Chastanet: Saint Lucia Government Must Prepare for Omicron

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Press Release:–  As we head into the festive season and cases of the new variant of Covid-19, Omicron, which is highly transmissible, begin to rise globally, the Leader of the Opposition, Honourable Allen Chastanet, is sounding the alarm that Saint Lucia must prepare for possible cases here at home.

“At this time the Government and the Covid-19 Command Centre must respond with a
deep sense of urgency and immediately review all our procedures and the readiness of
our health system to respond to this new variant of Covid-19,” stated Chastanet.

“We must do all within our power to prevent a spread, detect this early and respond with
stringent protocols to protect the population, our health and all frontline workers. We
need additional public education, stringent monitoring and ensure we are at our optimum
in terms of testing and our health response.”

Former Prime Minister Chastanet added that since coming into office the SLP
Government has yet to present a new approach to managing the pandemic and has simply
copied the initiatives of the United Workers Party Government.

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“The SLP has done exactly what we were doing, despite all their baseless criticisms.
They simply changed the name of the Command Centre and changed from a curfew to
‘confinement’; which is the same thing. They have come up with nothing new and in fact
failed miserably to the point that healthcare workers feel completely unsupported. With
this new Covid-19 strain and given the lack of quarantine facilities, we are going to
require much more stringent protocols. What are those protocols going to entail? These
are the discussions we need to have. It is already very late in the day because people have
made travel plans for December and we know home quarantining does not work. How
will the situation be managed?”

The Opposition Leader noted that Global concerns are increasing as the World Health
Organization (WHO) has stated that Omicron has several mutations that may have an
impact on how it behaves, how easily it spreads or the severity of illness.

“Considering what we already know, I expect to see the Government acting with
immediacy,” the Opposition Leader went on.

“We need an emergency meeting to discuss and put a plan to increase public health and medical capacities in order to possibly manage increased cases. We need to strengthen and step up our Vaccination program. We are in jeopardy of having our borders being shut down for us when other countries begin to look at our vaccination rate as a measure of whether we will be allowed into their countries. We need a clear protocol for this Christmas.”

The United Workers Party continues to encourage the population to physical distance
from others, wear a mask, avoid poorly ventilated spaces, keep hands clean and get

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