Chastanet Says Budget Exposed SLP’s ‘Big Lie’

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Opposition leader Allen Chastanet has taken issue with Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre’s $1.8 billion maiden budget for 2022-2023, declaring that the fiscal measure exposed the ‘big lie’ perpetuated by the ruling Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) against the former government.

“The economy grew by 10 percent,” Chastanet noted.

“We saw that all these claims of borrowing by my government are unfounded,” the former Prime Minister and Minister of Finance told the HTS Evening News on Wednesday.

“We have seen that the policies of the United Workers Party when it came to recovering the economy have worked,” Chastanet declared.

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He asserted that the question that needed an answer was if the current administration had not stopped many of the projects of its predecessor, how much further along Saint Lucia would have been.

“This budget really helped to put the facts on the table for everyone to see for themselves the big lie that was perpetuated by the labour party,” the Micoud South MP stated.

He accused the SLP of wanting to bluff everyone and explained that every administration borrows.

The labour administration has consistently pointed to excessive borrowing under the previous Chastanet government.

But according to the former Prime Minister, his administration performed well during an exceedingly difficult time.

And he declared that Pierre’s maiden budget failed to address the problems of inflation facing the country, expressing that he was shocked that the measure was devoid of protective measures from rising prices.

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  1. To those who say Chastanet lied, tell us What did he lie about? Ras Biko does not even know that St Lucia’s 3 billion dollar debt was accumulated by both SLP and UWP. So stop spewing lies and foolishness. Get your facts or shut up. Allen Chastanet did an outstanding jobs as Prime Minister. In know it is difficult for some of you to accept because your minds have been conditioned by the SLP. But let’s see what Pierre can produce where Kenny could not.

    • Kenny could not??? The most Honourable Kenny D. Anthony was the the very best PM this Nation has seen.

  2. When politicians come under fire for failing to deliver, they often rely on the technique of trying to shift the focus onto others. They try to lay their failures at the feet of others or they may try to change the debate entirely.

  3. I must admit that money flows more freely under the U.WP admin. The arguement is that it affects us down the line. SLP should have pressed down on dealing with price hikes.

  4. The part that cracks me up is when he said “how far St Lucia would have been if the SlP did not stop projects”. I can’t imagine if this man was given the mantle for 5 more years where St Lucia would really be….. He would have been borrowing more because he spends more……you can’t keep borrowing without the ability to pay back and without starving you citizens and this was where St Lucia was heading .

  5. If you all Labours cannot deal with the truth of the past, let us see what the future will bring. The records are clear guys.

    • I often wonder if Labor supporters actually read these articles. Because once they see his name every single one of them go ‘Allen is a liar! Mate really muhtee!’ I think that they believe that if they repeat it often enough then it will be true. A good tactic to be sure but it’s been almost a year since the elections and it has gotten really old. I want what’s best for the country but telling people that we have to work together and you keep insulting people on the other side of your mouth. 5 years goes by very quickly as UWP found out. So enjoy your victory, run the country the best way you can and let’s see if you’re good enough to get two terms.

    • So, you do believe that the Lucian economy grew by 10%? Do some actual research and you will see for yourself that he “pulled that number” out of his . . .

  6. Do you think St Lucians have forgotten over 3 billion dollars borrowed by the UWP in a short space of time compared to the present 1.8 billion or is it 500 million which is being borrowed by this current administration. Rising prices started way before this current administration. What did You Allen Chastenet do about it during your tenure? Only now you care in opposition.
    Finally I was happy to hear no monies allocated for so call investor in our budget which was the norm under the previous administration.

    • But the ill-informed has forgotten that he created a source for repaying most of these loans prior to covid-19 (Airport Tax and road tax) which was not a burden on us. Also most of the loans were at very low interest rates. Let us see what the future brings.

  7. One of the problems facing the former PM, Allen Chastanet, is that he is not aware of his lies. His constant lying was ad nauseam and made many St. Lucians want to shut him off. Mr. Chastanet has made himself a cackhanded symbol of everything presently enraging St. Lucians. He coopted his followers into believing his lies.

    St. Lucia under Chastanet was ensnared in a full-blown debt crisis. Has Chastanet forgotten this? Credit-rating agencies like Fitch Group, Moody’s, Standard & Poor’s, CariCris downgraded the country’s government bonds. The International Monetary Fund (IMF), World Bank, CariCris all sought to project negative growth under the Chastanet administration for 2020 and 2021. With all due respect, I am virtually convinced that Mr. Chastanet is a demonstrable liar. A self-serving parasite who leads a party that rewards ignorance and hubris.

  8. Really the economy grew by 10%? Some guys just don’t know when to quit! Former PM nothing worked under your leadership. You just cannot attest to the facts and truth. You have a problem with the he Truth. You and the truth just don’t get along.

  9. Calling Allen Chastanet a clown is unfair to clowns. While the term “clown” is often used as an insult, it is in fact a compliment Chastanet does not deserve. Clowning is a noble art form animated by a spirit he does not share.

  10. “The economy grew by 10%”!? Certainly the best performing economy in the region and the world. 😅😅😅😅. Easily the best Pinocchio moment yet.

    • Best performing economy in the region after Guyana who was discovering Oil. Now this is a fact. Let’s see what the future will bring!

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