Chastanet Says Crime A ‘High Priority’ Amidst Spike In Homicides

Prime Minister Allen Chastanet has described crime as a ‘high priority’ for the state, on the heels of a spike in gun crime.

Hours before Chastanet spoke to reporters Tuesday, a woman identified as Cecilia Louis was gunned down at Monchy, Gros Islet on Monday night.

Cecilia Louis – Deceased

Law enforcement officials disclosed that she was walking home at the time and was shot multiple times in the back.

Saint Lucia has so far chalked up 26 homicides for the year.

They include the recent shooting death of Dexter Felix Jr, a police officer’s son, and Dexter’s cousin, Francis Altenor alias ‘Tiny’.

The shooting occurred at Sarrot.

Prior to the Sarrot homicides, Marchand resident Annela Wilson, 22,  was shot multiple times in the head at Pigeon Island and died on the spot.

A male, Hubert Kerry John, who was with her, sustained gunshot wounds and was treated in hospital.

“It’s not a good situation but I’ve been speaking to the Commissioner of Police. Clearly we have seen some form of revenge crime that’s been taking place and they’re on top of it,” Prime Minister Chastanet told reporters.

He explained that a lot of additional resources have been brought into play.

“I can say to you on a weekly basis I meet with the police department and this is of high priority to the state and will continue to be of high priority,” Chastanet explained.

The Prime Minister did not rule out the possibility of reintroducing a curfew if necessary.

In the past he has indicated that the measure has assisted the police in their battle against crime.

“We have learned a lot during COVID. We learned how the curfew can be used and  whereas people may not be interested in hearing about the zones, they also helped the police officers significantly in the  area of crime,” the PM asserted.

“We now know it can work and if it’s something that we have to do, this government will look at re-implementing a curfew if it is necessary,” he told reporters.





  1. You just wasting time curfew or lockdown,you can implement it but you dont have the means to control our roads and all the night movement that goes around,The bad boys dont rest or sleep

  2. All of y’all asking for curfew, why don’t y’all ask the police to do their work. That is what they are getting a salary for. So make the whole country prisoners because Chastanet has no solutions for crime. He open his back side and say Kenny couldn’t but he could and curfew is his lazy solution. Mate needs to get the hell out!

    • I agree with you Nisha. It’s as if the way to solve issues here is make others feel like prisoners to get the job done. Close borders and others without a job have to suffer. Put curfew and others that have to work at this time to get a salary have to suffer.
      No one wants to get to the root of the problem to solve it. Only the easy way out.

    • @Nisha, the Police are not fortune tellers, who can predict where crime will take place. How about parents raise their kids to be law-abiding citizens and also, if they have knowledge of a relative committing the crimes, turn them in

  3. Chastenet paix CHOOW la! You are a waste of time because your actions has proven that crime is not high priority for you.

  4. Talk,Talk,Talk, and more talk. Didn’t you promise to improve the crime situation in 2016? It has only worsened under your watch.

  5. Who said this leading up to the last elections?: Kenny couldn’t, I will.

    The sweet talker- Allen Chastanet

  6. lucians go learn…all those that know the criminals doin things and saying nothing now chass want everyone to pay for it….

    covid come no social distance curfew is the only thing that make us behave….now spike crime look chass talking abt curfew…lucians go learn….the bad way or the hard way…

    report the criminals

  7. Chastanet and Kenny kids don’t commit crime.. mindset of people unfortunately is to much usless killing innocent people are getting killed. The judges are to be blamed… whenever a law implement so many advisors in St Lucia so much hatred to hate to many grudges put down the d….gun stop blaming people for senseless action taken by heartless people. To much politics in the country 🙏🙏🙏🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨

  8. Who so ever think Pierre will think that situation think again joke you making mindset of people…human being heart becomes dark black lives matter… but yet still black killing black smh

  9. Chastanet has lost all credibility on this most vexing issue. The man and his party are clueless. Not once in his remarks did he mention the Minister of National Insecurity. Why keep this humongous liability in such an important position? Chastanet’s days as PM are numbered. If one were to grade you on your performance in fighting crime, you will get a Z-.

  10. You and your administration have no clue or effective plan on crime. A few months ago the acting commissioner stated that he intends on decreasing the murder rate to the high twenties. Stop making promises that you cannot keep.

    • His promises can be kept if only he takes the correct measures. He just flaps his gums and expects normalcy. It doesn’t happen like that in the real world. It’s like a weightlifter who doesn’t practice and expect to beat his opponents.

  11. I am not surprised at the upsurge in criminal activity in St.Lucia. With all the aggression and hate being spewn all on a number of radio stations and TV channels everyday of the week, what do we expect. The young people by listening to the venon that comes out of the mouth of some talk show hosts fuel them to engage in violence. It will get worst as we drawn closer to election because the venon will become more lethal.
    An appeal to all of you talk show hosts. Please pay attention to what you say and how you say it on your show. There are persons in our society who are very gullible and can easily be influenced by what what they see or hear.

  12. Allen you are the problem…you take away all social programs, when young people are frustrated they need an outlet…you took that away. You and your government are giving all opportunities to foreignerS and friends while people are struggling. A hungry man is an angry man. You are like an abusive partner , you inflict hardship and then punish your partner because you have power. Just get out of our country and let is build back and live in peace. Get your knee off our necks.

  13. I do not think there is just one thing that needs to be done to address the increase in homicides in St Lucia. So much has to be done but introducing a curfew/lockdown is far from “the solve”. It is very unfair to put the entire country under curfew because a percentage of the population are bent on committing crime. If a parent has 5 children at home and one child has misbehaved, the parent cannot punish all 5 children for the wrong doing of that one child. But the fact is the people of st lucia need to be reassured that the safety of st lucians is paramount. The police have a hard job also. Before they can make any arrest for the last homicide, another one is already committed. It is tough.

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