Chastanet Says Elections Not On His Mind

Amid evidence that Saint Lucia is approaching full fledged campaigning for the next general elections, Prime Minister Allen Chastanet has asserted that the poll is not what’s on his mind.

Elections are constitutionally due next year, Chastanet’s United Workers Party having come to power after the poll on June 6, 2016 by an 11 to 6 majority.

Days after  the PM recently in a Facebook post that the upcoming elections will be ‘very soon’, he opposition Saint Lucia Labour Party declared the official start of its campaign.

“Elections are not what’s on my mind,” Chastanet told Blazing FM’s Morning Heat during an appearance on the show on Monday.

“Right now what’s on my mind is the decision that we have to make this week with regard to opening our borders,” Chastanet told the programme hosts.

He explained that what was on his mind was also trying to help some of the more vulnerable groups in the society and spread the money available as much as possible.

Chastanet declared that as Prime Minister, while he is not in every single government ministry, the responsibility of all the ministries to get the job done falls on him.

He said he understands that he is accountable to the public to ensure that things are executed as speedily as possible.

“Those are the things that are on my mind right now. How do we position Saint Lucia to get the  the economy recovered as quickly as possible.”

The Prime Minister gave the assurance that he would not call an election during the current state of emergency, which expires at the end of September this year.

“My party would never – hear this, never consider and never have elections during a state of emergency,” Chastanet declared.

Explaining why, the PM said that Saint Lucians, whether members of his party or the opposition SLP, have a sense of fairness.




  1. So one day you boasting elections will be soon and the next you claiming it not on your mind. Bluff as usual.

  2. Election is not on your mind, yet UWP endorsed 3 candidates last week. Tell me Chastanet, what was on your mind when your party endorsed Belrose, Jn Pierre and the female newcomer as candidates for the upcoming general elections?

  3. When one defends a Leader who is a liar, if this person is not a liar as yet will soon be a professional liar too. Can one recall one thing Chastanet has said and its the truth. Waiting for the 43 % to defend.

  4. So because the man said soon y’all assume that elections is this year. Ever watch movie trailers? Coming soon!! Soon can be anytime, weeks or months away. Avaitay y’all make me laugh ha ha

  5. What is wrong with my PM? One time ,election is round the corner, another time it is not on his mind! well boy! he is in contrôle! when you ‘re up you’re up, when you’re down you’re down! but when you’re only halfway up, you’re neither up nor down!

  6. seriously; is elections constitutionally due this year? the answer is NO! so why you all behind elections? SLP WILL GET A DRUBBING AT THE POLLS. I guess the desperate fools cant wait.

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