Chastanet Says People Must Speak Up To Hold The Government Accountable

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Former Saint Lucia Prime Minister Allen Chastanet has expressed that people must speak up for the current government to be accountable.

“If we are going to hold this government accountable particularly with their mental state of supremacy, one of arrogance, the people need to speak,” the United Workers Party (UWP) leader told a news conference on Thursday.

“I have asked myself the question over and over again given what is taking place in the last five months, where are the voices of our civil society? Where are the voices of our community leaders? Where are the voices of our churches?” He asked.

In this regard, Chastanet said the response from many people he spoke with has been ‘real fear of victimisation.’

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“And who can blame them, because a government is doing the things that they are doing so blatantly,” he observed.

Chastanet recalled that the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP), while in opposition, campaigned against the State of Emergency, even though it was necessary for a curfew.

“You could not go back on that promise and so you come up with confinement. You spit in the face of law-abiding people in this country and create a rule for yourself and it is now coming home to roost because the people know it,” the former PM asserted.

According to Chastanet, if the government cannot follow the rule of law, it cannot expect those it governs to do so.

He again raised the matter of the importation of Dr. Ernest Hilaire’s Range Rover, which the opposition has dubbed ‘Rovergate.’

Recently Chastanet demanded answers from the Acting Comptroller of Customs over the decision to withdraw the criminal case against Dr. Ernest Hilaire regarding the importation of a Range Rover Discovery Sport motor vehicle.

And during Thursday’s news conference, he also criticised the government’s handling of the current COVID-19 situation, as Saint Lucia grapples with a massive surge in cases of the virus.

Chastanet declared that the actions and policies of the government do not support assertions that they want to get rid of the current fifth wave of the virus quickly.

“In essence, Saint Lucians have been left to their own. It doesn’t take a mathematical genius to understand where we are heading,” he asserted.


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  1. @ the fox, let all those who want to come at me go ahead, my wrath is kindled, me and my Father are one. All those who hate the righteous shall be made desolate. All those who think they rule eill answer to my holy spirit.
    Every negative / idle word spoken against me or mine, you Will stand before me and my holy spirit and give an account. I am not worried, just know who has the final say.

    They will know who is God, bring your fire works.

  2. The hypocrisy of the SLP and their hacks. Listen to them when they want to find a black god in PJP– you will know them. After their 2016 win their supporters accepted defeat. They started campaigning. Now they won and saying UWP must accept defeat just by pointing out the truth.

  3. Unintelligent, arrogant, sick i really dont know how to describe those SLP unfortunate hacks that Richard Federick still paying to post gabbage on here.

    But this great you know why? Chastanet have you’ll on your toes that just shows the “Measure of the Man”. From the stroke of his pen he commands attention!

    Chastanet Commands Attention! Keep it up Chastanet! You are really stepping on the toes of an insecure bunch and that is obvious!



  4. Chastenet you are shameless.

    You are asking St. Lucians to demand of the SLP GOVERNMENT what your government refused to do while in office.

    You have no moral standing to request that of us……

  5. Stop talking politics and focus on the message. The man is right. Blind support is dangerous and unhealthy. #puttingmefirst

  6. Woooie wooie wooie this everlasting jackass why he don’t go back up to his publicly declared homeland . If he would just lay low, when he open his Yellow &@#SS someone might just want to hear from him.. You don’t see when The Honorable KDA speak everybody scatter because they don’t hear from him like that. CROW Big Up yourself well said and Oh Okay you are OK.

  7. The man is right. I might never vote his party, but he is right. If people do not speak up, we are doomed for a rough ride with this present government. There are enough competent and qualified persons in St. Lucia to form a meaningful third party. Most of these people do not even write their own speeches. I have written speeches for some of them. The PS’ are the ones managing the ministries, doing most of the ministers’ work. Why should we be stuck in this wash, rinse, repeat cycle? #puttingmefirst

  8. Allen do you know you are part of the Government of St Lucia. You were re-elected by the people of Micoud South to be part of the government of st Lucia. Well as you said we have to hold government to account and speak up loudly. Guess what let me question you on a few Governmental issues which you are part of from June 6th 2016 to present…… 1) Why as leader of government Business 2016 – 2021 you never ensure there was a deputy speaker, 2) Why as leader of government business you never disclosed the SJH (hospital) audit which cost taxpayers $ 980,000.00, 3) Why as leader of government business you never disclosed the DSH contract to the taxpayers, 4) Why as leader of government business you never disclosed $7.3 million contract to purchase vaccine, the only way taxpayers got know about it, is because of a news article in Barbados Nation, 5) Why did you not attend 3 seating of Parliament and was looking forward to get paid by the taxpayers, 6) Why have you moved the Office of Leader of the Opposition and having this Governmental office being sponsored by private people and financer, 7) Why have you change the official logo of the Leader of the Opposition add yellow to it with the permission of the speaker of the house, 8) Why have change the back color of the coat of arms of st Lucia without approval??????????? Why Allen Why…… Hope you can answer……… Allen anyway let me also help you….. Government is continuous but Administrations comes and goes…….. Also the is a big difference between Government and Administration…..

  9. One thing I have against this brand of the SLP is only three persons; they form the ‘unholy trinity’ – as a Card carrying member of the original Labour Party, from its inception under my late friend and brother George F.L. Charles, Oleo Jn Baptist, Herman Collymore etc etc; very honourable men, with absolutely zero mention of corruption, I cannot say the same for that brand of today, particularly Jufalli but I must set aside the P.M. PjP, a good guy but too damn soft, he drank the cool aid so as to be P.M. I don’t really blame him, but you must be a – nom san gren – to go along with the idea of Jufalli being Deputy P.M. – bad move, look out, fire works to come later. I can never understand why a man with his &millions born with, could stoop to such abuse from paid political hacks; ‘to each, his own’ – May God have mercy on St.Lucia.

  10. The 5yrs of chastnet and flambeaus is over chastnet crying . Chastnet you trying to be honest but refuse to say the millions for st.judes and Bob Ball you , ezikel, guy Joseph , bellrose etc .

  11. Get this through your head last elections the people have spoken and voted you out what do you want again. A by election in your constituency?

  12. I regret that I voted SLP. We the citizens must be objective in our comments. This administration has failed miserably in their handling of covid,corruption,unemplo
    yment and many other tbings they promised. I am ashamed.I want my vote back.

  13. The children of Israel cried and the entire word came to their rescue. Yet my people do not know me farless love me. Much damage was done to my my reputation and to me personally by this guy so unless I see a drastic change for the better, I will allow you people to yearn.

  14. TChas, I am glad you are there to hold the Government accountable but you alone are not loud enough as you can see – no government should govern without an Opposition. It would be just stupid to trust a group of guys to manage the business of the nation without any check points. It is unfortunate that some Lucians do not understand your language and they do not understand the plan you wanted to implement. We cannot continue to live in a society where there is a huge dependency on the Government for hand outs. If Covid has taught us something is to prepare for the future. Yes, it caught us with our pants down and no one was expecting that to happen. We can learn from it. We can learn to prepare for the future, we can learn to be less dependent on the government and prepare for the future should we run into something similar to Covid. The plans to implement, universal Health Care, Unemployment Insurance, create a system to have more people contribute to NIS were all in preparation for not only a good future but for a future with anything related to Covid. The comments about you and to you are clear, Lucians do not understand and they are not prepared to understand. They will be in the same situation ten years from now with nothing new. They will wait for persons like RF and PJP to hand them some hand outs – SHAME !!! on Lucians. Time to prepare for the future.

    I witnessed Pierre at an interview last Sunday where he talked about the St. Jude hospital. The completion of the hospital should be considered a project and no one expect it to be permanent work. The guy actually made Lucians believe he will commence the work on the hospital this year. However, if this is considered a project, it should have an END date. Pierre could not give the end date of the project. This simply tells me he does not have a fully qualified plan for the hospital. Again with his BS he told the Lucians what they wanted to hear. He is fully aware that there is no project and there is no schedule for this hospital. How can Lucians settle for that and do not question the guy ? Where are the smart Lucians to raise their hands and force Pierre to give an end date and hold him accountable – The interviewer was worst than Pierre, he did not pose any follow up questions and even when he tried to pose a follow up question on some other topic, Pierre just ignored him – Wow . Showcase interview !!!!

  15. But in 2021 there was a company call name radical investment that paid that 7 million back to the government was that fake news man politics try don’t get caught SMH

  16. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THIS JACKASS! 😬😬. You are not relevant! Your talking points have not, are not, and will not, get any traction. Go get a life. FOOL!

  17. Honestly chastanet. You have heart. All what u did to majority of st lucians. Are u trying to forget. Even the daughter of the father of the nation in which u were the leader of the party he formed, u victimized. The UWP can rally again but not under ur leadership. As a UWP supporter we the people don’t want u. So please chastanet couldn’t u have seen that as a result of the outcome at the polls? We don’t want u

  18. Allen you borrowed millions in the name of covid VH was a mess shortage of oxygen and medication no working x ray machine. Your government provide no income support for misplaced worker. NIC could only pay for 6 months our own money. 7 + million for vaccines we have yet to receive. St Judes Hospital not completed it could have been used for isolation and care in the South and yet you speak

  19. now alone you want people to speak, you almost blocked off free speech in its entirety. You had nothing to do with poor and ordinary citizens, now when the shoe is on the other foot you calling up on us

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