Chastanet Says Pierre ‘Clueless’, SLP Government Has No Plans And Does Not Care

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Over the last 12 months, on an almost weekly basis, we have seen evidence of a Government that has no plans and doesn’t care, headed by a clueless Prime Minister who refuses to keep his promise and put people first.
When the SLP assumed office on July 26th, they inherited an economy which was extremely well managed, especially during the heights of the COVID-19 pandemic.
The UWP had implemented a Social Stabilization and Economic Recovery plan which included stimulating the country through an ambitious islandwide construction programme amongst other initiatives.
This plan was so successfully executed by the UWP, that Economic growth for Saint Lucia was the highest in the Caribbean only after Guyana in 2021.
Whilst the SLP tries to hide their failures over last year, I must remind you of the many failed and empty promises which the SLP made:
1)They promised each of your $1500. That was a bluff
2)They promised to remove the $1.50 excise tax on fuel for fisherfolk. Well today, fishers now pay $5.00 more per gallon than they did when the UWP left office in July 2021
3)They promised that they would remove income tax for those of you making $4000 and less. That was another bluff
4)They promised that they would do a better job of managing the COVID pandemic. In one year of labour covid infections and deaths are triple than those under 2 years of the UWP management
5)They promised that they would give you your tax returns. Thousands of Saint Lucians are still waiting
6)They promised that they would complete St Jude. Instead, they have abandoned the state of the art St Jude hospital which was 6 months away from completion and still haven’t started work on the chicken coup that they have insisted on returning to. Our doctors, nurses and citizens in the south deserve better!
7)They promised that they wouldn’t borrow but in their first year they have borrowed $505 Million dollars, the most in Saint Lucia’s history!
8)They promised that they would deal with the crime issue but instead the Prime Minister runs away on extravagant monthly trips with absolutely no returns to the country
9)They promised that they would be a Government for everyone but instead they have fired hundreds of citizens across the public service whilst they hire their family, friends and shady characters to high government positions and cabinet
10)Since the UWP left office 1 year ago, citizens now pay more for fuel, more for groceries, more for electricity and now more for bus fares. They claim to care but their actions say otherwise.
Can we truly say that the SLP is “Putting You First”? Are you any better off today than you were one year ago? You deserve better!
Source: Allen Chastanet’s Facebook page
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Editorial Staff
Editorial Staff
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  1. A perfect match ❤️
    Be blessed and stay
    alive .
    A giggle, a huge and a 😃 smile
    will chase the stress away.

  2. Guys we not the second to last lowest IQ in the world, just in the Caribbean. Go online and check where we place, its not way to the bottom.

  3. SLT I’m making a meaningful contribution to the debate so please post my comment. Stop doing me that crap.

  4. Snow Frolic we are the second lowest not highest.
    I don’t always agree with Chas but I can tell you if Coco was alive he would be able to see the nonsense that passes for leadership in this country today. My friends know that I support this current government but I’ve said time and again I’m a St Lucian first and foremost. Therefore after every election I work with the government of the day to advance my country. I work equally as hard when UWP is in power as I do with SLP. However this time around I must express my disappointment at the way things are going. I work with Infrastructure and the current Minister will throw St Lucia to the dogs in order to spite Chas and Guy. The man is so vindictive and revengeful that he doesn’t know the difference between black and white. Pierre I know you said you strategized to win the election but you really need to check on those two hooligans that you have in your cabinet cause at the end of the day it will be show me your company and I’ll tell you who you are. Save our country please.

  5. OPEN YOUR EYES, I use to support our PM BUT OPEN YOUR EYES. How much plock do we need to take for us to realize he is right.
    How can I continue to hate on chas when he brings VALID points and VALID solutions for inflation?? How can you laugh at a man for trying while the other man DOES NOTHING but point the finger and mock people in his speeches.
    I will always respect our pm but come on people, y’all defend anything he does even when it’s nonsense.
    LOOK AT THE PROGRESSION IN THE COUNTRY! When will y’all learn?!?

  6. The most honorable Lucian Highgrade is turning out to be an unusual brand of idiot never seen in our country before. It appears that the news that St Lucia has the second highest IQ in the world must certainly be true and this clown is the evidence of that.

  7. Honestly I used to support the Slp party (now I am not voting period) and that is the first time I have seen it so bad. I have no clue as to where they begin and where they are heading. Nothing they start is being completed. The care takers for the roadside only had that job for one month when they came in power. They were promised in choiseul that p. S would call them to have them come sign contract up to now they are waiting for that call. If u as a government can’t do it or don’t have the money to do it then don’t do it. Stop pretending by starting something and have it for just one month. I am tired of things can only get done by who you know in stlucia. I am tired of the biasness all around. Things are hard . Stop fulling you all and yr friends pockets and forget about the lower or middle class. Learn to share. If a uwp can do a job and will help shape stlucia for the betterment then give him the job even if it’s at the top level. We are sinking and this government is not helping. To many greed . Jealousy, biasness. Hatred among us. I warn you that god has had enough and one day sooner than we think he will unleash his wrath on us. As it was in the beginning so shall it be in the end. Remember the days of Noah. Stop playing politics and help bring people together and not only Slp’s together but both Slp and uwp together. I hope mr chast when you get back there you bring the changes that is needed. Unite stlucians and don’t be only for uwp and not Slp. Try doing it with an honest heart and watch the power of god heal and transform st. Lucia. Peace and love

    • Yes thats right, vegeance is more important than “Putting the people first” to hell with that slogan. All must pay voting for Chas 6 years ago. Make the people suffer!

  8. Once we can retrieve the state funds that has been allegedly bank personally from that last administration our economy will be great again.

  9. Well stated Mr. former P.M. You always bring the facts! Gosh, we sure do miss you at the helm – an articulate and capable leader!

      • They sure are, a shame really. Most of this cabinet members are incompetent and frankly an embarrassment at almost every turn. A country progress for the most part is a reflection of it’s leaders competence. We are in for a rough ride for the next few years. I take solace in knowing I did not vote for this embarrassment in power.

  10. Ça zot jwen, chébé…the issue with Lucian politics is that the people ain’t politically savvy…they let government on rotation between the two main politcal party’s take them for a ride every 5 years and they don’t learn…so in that instance, you get the government you deserve….at the end of the day all opposition supporters and incumbent supporters suffer for their imprudence or lack or prudence while ministers take the country for a ride….and it won’t be the first, nor will it be the. Last… When will we get true governance in Saint Lucia? Where politicians say what they mean and mean what they say? Hold on tight…there is still 4 more years to go… enjoy the ride….

  11. Chas giving them too much good advice. I suggest he keep quiet now. Let St. Lucia get plat plat attire, Let lucians feel the pain, let them suffer. Then come and save Lucia.

  12. As expected and patiently waiting for this Drag Queen to open his ass on the day they became LOOOOSERS. They expect all the above to be done in one year….read what he is say “THAT’S A BLUFF” he did not say IT WAS NOT DONE OR ATTEMPTED. Lets start with number (3) the fisherfolks paying higher gas prices ? Duhhhh who isn’t and who SOLD THE FISHERS COMPLEX making it harder for them to get right pricing for their daily catch. Who tore down the ECD$ 20 Million MEAT PROCESSING PLANT ??. No the government has not abandon St Jude’s that’s a lie…and when it’s done it will be eggs in their faces. (5) You left the country with a ECD$ 7.5 Billion Debt to repay, we owe the Bank of Taiwan USD$ 120 Million because of your callousness not to mention been The Prodigal Son for The Caribbean Development Bank of which St Lucia owes the most money to more than any other country, you ran St Lucia like the shady business man that you are . This man has no SHAME, talking about health care under his Reign of Terror ?? He had to go to Mar-a-Lago with knee pads to stand in the door way of the toilet in the hallway leading to the kitchen to beg Trump has he past by to send the medical boat here. He mention CRIME the audacity, under The United Worthless Party Reign of Terror is where all this mess started with the influx of weapons, shipping containers of Coke for his Business Friends in high places that to date no one was arrested and those same people moving around in their push Mercedes daily, at one point his LAPO Minister of National Security was off the island for more than a month laying up in New York at taxes payers expense while St Lucia burns with daily shootings. On the onslaught of Covid and the world was scrambling what was his quest to fame A HORSE RACE TRACK, the horse track before health care which explains his failure of St Jude’s. Where is the USD$ 7 million you teef to buy Covid vaccine (so you say) where is it ?? People has been loosing their jobs under this man from the very day he entered politics from back in the days of Air Jamaica right down to their five years of Reign of Terror upon The Saint Lucian People. I will stop here for now because I know the counteract will be swift and the good Doc, Alva and all want to put in their licks.

    • …In the mean time I will wait for my SLP masters to give me more info to rub in your’ll yellow faces! I do enjoy being the toilet paper of Federick, Kenny, Hiliare and Pierre! They give me enough money to pay for extra bomb and buy stuff I can only dream of while SLP supporters stay poor, so WHAT ?? Take that yellow LOOSERS!! Ha ha ha ha!

      • …its fascinating you are fascinated by me…it’s month end enjoy your stipend until the check boonly the likes of you in Chastanet Network of CLIQUES collecting money and rubbing your hands with glee. I consider what I do as a civic duty to counteract your daily spewed rubbish . Allen Chastanet was nothing but a Bend Over.

  13. Fact: Those who hold ministry positions in this government are no better than the average St. Lucians. Their tone come across like people on the streets and sound more frustrated than the people when we share our opinions. They always seem to defend their actions and in an unmannered tone of voice. Helaire is one and Poyotte is another.

  14. Saint Lucians, here are some of SLP’s top accomplishments since coming into office (seems quite different from what we were promised):
    – increase the cost of food and other basic necessities
    – reduce the supply of food resulting in shortages
    – increase the price of passports more than 2x the original cost
    – increase the cost of public transportation
    – increase the county’s debt & borrowing
    SLP has been such an oppressive government! Horrible government!!!

  15. One year ago we made the most terrible mistake by voting for this hysterical oppressive SLP government because they lied to us. They have only made things worse in Saint Lucia and life harder for Saint Lucians

  16. NO slp is not putting me first and i deserve better from the time these people came into power things has become harder and more expensive in this country and this is a habitual thing once they are in power and everyone can tell you once they get into power xpect more taxes expect more increases

  17. Our problem in St.Lucia is the word “CHANGE.” We are a nation who do not believe we can implement change and make it work even it takes us some time to get it right. Pierre knew that very well so what he did during the election was to offer the same shit but from a different Asshole. He played on the people’s weekness by not talking about any change. He will leave there exactly where they are and then feed there at that level – no change. Chas you have not failed but you are just before you time – the Lucian population needs to accept change first and then they will embrace a leader like you. The term “Malayway” is just one Pierre will keep on using all his political career. It is like a sleeping pill to some lucians. It is makes them comfortable in the sense they do not have to do much to gain anything.


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