Chastanet Says Racial Inequality In Any Form Is Unacceptable

Prime Minister Allen Chastanet has asserted in a statement following the police killing in the US of George Floyd, that racial inequality in any form is unacceptable.

The PM’s statement is reproduced below:

The current worldwide discussion on race, following the death of 46-year-old black man George Floyd, has brought once again to the surface, a festering wound that is yet to be healed.

Our country was impacted directly and felt it deeply when the young rising Saint Lucian Botham Jean was in 2018 shot and killed in his apartment by a police officer. 

The whole world is painfully aware of the tensions between Black Americans and police and we have seen too many of our black men cut down and families affected due to discrimination.

In Saint Lucia we continue to be worried about the sons and daughters of our country who live in the US and may be exposed to prejudice.  

It is unacceptable and intolerable that the colour of one’s skin can affect how someone is treated, what jobs they get, what schools they can attend and something as simple as what stores they can walk into.

Racial inequality in any form is unacceptable, even worse was that the colour of a man’s skin could mean the difference between life and death

As a leader, as a man, as a Saint Lucian, I want to say that I stand with those who have felt the brunt of racial insensitivity and brutality. I stand with those who have suffered because of the skin they were born with.

Saint Lucia’s Goodwill Ambassador and Harvard Professor Dr. David R. Williams has researched and spoken extensively about the deep effect of racism on the quality of life; that it can lead to tangible, measurable negative effects specifically on health.

Dr. Williams found in his research “that discrimination is a type of stressful life experience that has negative effects on health similar to other kinds of stressful experiences.” 

Dr. Williams advises that we can heal this divide and in a speech in 2016 he quoted Professor Patricia Devine, and advised that: “We must attack our hidden biases head on and effectively reduce them. Each one of us can be a ripple of hope. This work will not always be easy . . . We must dissent. We must dissent from the indifference, we must dissent from the apathy, we must dissent from the hatred and the mistrust. We must dissent, because America can do better.”

I say to you we can all do better. We have to heal those wounds. Let us not judge each other based on skin colour, or economic status but on character.

Our policies as a Government have been targeted at ensuring equality in access to healthcare, education and general quality of life and we will continue our quest to improve the quality of life for all Saint Lucians. 

Let us all stand with each other, hand in hand, to move forward together, to build a united community, a united country and a united world.


  1. So is classism so is discriminators so taking them laptop program so is not answering the media when you are ask questions relating to the country so is closing the fisheries and giving it to rich ppl so is a lot and my friend you will be voted out so is 4 years in jail or 100k fine

  2. Chastenet, you have not dealt with the statement which you made . . . that colonialism had a conscience. I believe whatever comes from the mouth is an expression of how the heart feels. Until then, all I have read from this piece is BLA, BLA, BLA.

  3. So is allowing one or two sets of people to get all government contracts without competitive bidding.
    So is colonialism and discrimination all of which could lead health and stress issues.

    • …….( choops) bandwagonist Chastanet hold your *** now you talking thru one side of his mouth while the other side demeaned our Black St Lucian Women from a foreign soil, you continue to SELL OFF our Black Men in to modern day slavery to cut sugar cane and pick fruits during a world pandemic would you have done this to your own children hell no. You continue to lock our people into servitude bartenders, butlers, molly maids, and taxi drivers so it has become difficult for them to build a middle class ARE WE NOT WORTHY. Man up and denounced your racist slave masters family tree, then the people would have respect for you

  4. How can a Racist say anything about Racial Inequality. The days of fooling St. Lucians era over. Done.Your time has EXPIRED

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