Thursday, September 29, 2022

Chastanet Says RSLPF Warrant Execution Timing, Timeline Unfair

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As it implements a countrywide warrant execution drive, opposition leader Allen Chastanet has taken issue with the timing and timeline of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF).

“The timing and the timeline given in this notice is absolutely unfair. The people deserve better!” The former Prime Minister asserted on his official Facebook page.

Chastanet’s reaction followed an RSLPF announcement that as regards the warrant execution drive, anyone with outstanding court fines, including fines for traffic violations, should pay up at the District Court office no later than March 4, 2022.

On Friday on its official Facebook page, the RSLPF warned that arrest and detention face individuals who fail to comply until the fines are paid.

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The notice reminded members of the public that the District Court Offices are located on St. Louis Street in Castries and on Commercial Street in Vieux Fort.

And it said the police prefer the cooperation of people to whom the notice applies.

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  1. It’s perfect timing as Hilarious and his crew have to pay the Dubai Bills before the rush of Oligarchs hand over their Dollars for the Citizenship By Investment Blackhole money makes it’s way through the back door !!

  2. With war on the horizon, don,t look for too many Tourist ships in the harbour or Plane loads of visitors any time soon. Things are hard now and will get harder if war really gets nasty; hope China stays out, but keep your eyes open. Only God can do a miracle thru His beloved Christ, the SON.

  3. God put a hand. We need you more than ever. Honestly this is too short noticed. I agree that people cannot run away hoping not to pay. But there should be a plan put in place where it will be possible for repayment. Things are difficult and u can’t expect ppl to come up with cash within a week when they have other responsibility to handle. Salary is small cost of living is high. Have a plan where they can give a certain amount monthly or fortnightly. I don’t see things getting any better in st. Lucia. Can’t wIt to hear what’s I. The budget presentation ie if there is one. We need more prayer in our beloved stlucia.

  4. That’s what matters to the RSPF now that money. They need some extra cash to pay those price hikes now a days. Just ridiculous how the warrants became “outstanding” is just a joke

  5. Government must repay people their income tax refund. Hope PJP will go to court with the people. After all we must PUT PEOPLE FIRST. Not just Jufallie.

  6. So let’s put this in perspective, if someone is owing say $1000 for a traffic offense, and cannot pay, (many people are unable to provide food and basic necessity at home much less a warrant at this time) you arrest them and detain them until the fine is paid, so if this person cannot pay for an entire year or more they remain confined? and the cost of feeding them surpasses $1000, their livelihood small as it is, is destroyed, when they come out they cannot find work, while I do not condone lawlessness this is not the time for this. The answer cannot be the problem, and this does more harm than good.

  7. Now, I understand the government needs money and pressure is being put on the police as a revenue source. However, I don’t understand the desperation. Would not have made more sense to sensitize the public; create a list that can be placed at certain check points (like the courts, police stations, ect.). The list complied have been published without actually stating the reason for the fine. Then give people a reasonable time to pay. The same police that claim to be to be stressed and cannot handle everyday crime will be available to lock up somebody owing for a minor traffic offence. So the energies will go into jailing these people rather than handling the serious crime plaguing the country. SMDH

    • Y’all old ass hacks time will come only their to get position and hand outs from this slp administration, they can dismiss court cases cancel millions owed by cdc residents but can’t do the same thing with these fines.

      • It’s amazing how stupid you’ll Lucian’s are. Honestly day by day I get to see the amount of ignorance in this lovely little country. First of all most of you if not all of you spurting out garbage on you comment would know that before a warrant is issued you would have been given time to pay the fine. It’s only after the time expires and you didn’t pay the amount that was give in the amount of time you agreed to pay in that they will issue a warrant. I’m sure most of those warrant are yrs old that’s why this course if action is being taken.

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