Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Chastanet Says Saint Lucia Economy Collapsing Under Pierre

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Rejecting an offer to present solutions to the government as Saint Lucia faces  unprecedented economic challenges, opposition leader Allen Chastanet has declared that the national economy is starting to collapse under Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre.

Chastanet made the comments Wednesday during the HTS Evening News.

He said he had zero confidence in Pierre’s offer to solve the problems.

“He has a problem with tourism. He has a problem with agriculture. He has a problem with manufacturing. In fact, the entire economy is starting to collapse under him, and he has no solutions,” Chastanet declared.

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The former Prime Minister recalled that he had made recommendations to Pierre before.

But he said the Prime Minister ridiculed the suggestions.

“We gave him a six-point plan. He laughed at it. He said it was a joke, so the fact is that this Prime Minister has shown no willingness to work with the opposition,” Chastanet told HTS Evening News.

Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre had invited all stakeholders, including the opposition, to provide solutions as Saint Lucia faces unprecedented challenges.

Citing climate change and the war in Ukraine, the Finance Minister has said there has never been a time, not even at the height of the COVID-19 crisis, that being in government has been ‘so tough’.

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  1. Mr. P.m. if you really want to help the people most affected by inflation at this time, please have your ministry scan and place the Math, English, Business and Agriculture textbooks online. Especially for Forms 3 to 5. The $90 facilities fee isn’t cutting it.

  2. For the first time in ages I actually agree with chas on this, even my friends who work for government confirmed that Chas is actually giving solid solutions to help decrease inflation and keep prices limited. If Pierre raises salaries I don’t think people understand that everything else on the island will raise even more. The raising salary solution he has will put us in even deeper inflation or even a recession.

    Even if he has the power to make our lives easier we must continue to support our pm. Inflation as he said only effects the poorest of the poor and we need to learn to be more resourceful by being more creative with bananas. Making banana bread or just adding more bananas to our diet.

    Reducing the import tax is actually possible but people fail to realize this would take money out of Pierre’s pocket and for the government as well. They need the money so they can continue developing the country at the rate they are going. If they helped us too much then we wouldn’t be getting hospitals and new airports. It would still come but it would take a few more years for it to happen.

    So our pm needs to put the government first not the people, he needs the money so he can continue making the country more developed, he has already made great progression with the development of the island

    • There’s no development taking place at this time. Government revenue goes toward paying salaries of public servants and Consultants. The SLP administration increased the unemployment situation when they stopped the Airport improvement project and abandoned the works started by the last government on the improved design of the St.Jude Hospital. The stoppage of these two projects have resulted in a reduction of the cash flow in the economy. We are not doing better.

  3. How many projects did the United workers party, put in place in order to pay back the debits of six billions dollors they left this country with
    Now they want the St Lucia Labour party to created miracle in one year in office, those people has to give the government a chance to work, and stop their foolish talk which takes them out of power

  4. The people of st lucia is the problem not Pierre neither chastnet..but I can say I’m a laborian I was working under the chastnet administration..but pjp administration I don’t have a job..I’m not political blind I’m for my country I’m for country..

  5. Many of the problems we are facing today started under SLP with the Kenny Anthony led administration. Kenny wasted so much money, and was PM for 3 terms and implemented useless projects that under his administration he had to introduce VAT at a high rate, increase pension age, increase vehicle licenses, increase drivers licenses, increase water, increase parking penalties etc. to get his house in order. So gov’t waste money and get away with it and we have foot the bill. Now it is so bad any government that comes since we not rich in resources will be a challenge unless we get someone with a brain like Elon Musk. . I have not seen the person who will take St Lucia to the next level. Philip only wants to go back in the old days. Allen had a few ideas but the way he goes about executing them is his problem. We need inventors to search for other resources in St Lucia. We can start with the Volcano and find what sources we can use from it so we need a change of leadership.

  6. We are in this position because of decades of poor leadership. Leaders are not Gods, just human beings like ordinary men and women. But we put them on a pedestal like Gods and believe that they cannot do no wrong. They only give their word and we are stuck with them, making bad decisions for five years and must accept it.

  7. @WISELY, exactly what i am saying and these fools are behaving like kids fighting for candies when one was out the had all solutions when the coin flip its another story the circus never ends. This is what bothers me, both parties have put their eggs in one basket that is TOURISM and what do we get in return from tourism? Kenny made all the hotels gone all inclusive, only a few get a $ here and there and that ultimately becomes their income which cannot sustain them in a manner to expand, while on the same breath the fools that run the country is balling out for local expansion. I mean this is stupidity at its best and it will only get worst as time process because we keep supporting the same fools decade after decades,

  8. P.M. Pierre actually did invite all Stakeholders, that included the UWP opposition to be part in providing some solution to the present and forthcoming collapse of the economy of the State. This Slp government wants no part of the opposition; they are still fighting the last elections, and refuse to carry on with the construction of the new hospital in V/Fort. There are two members of the Cabinet who are solidly opposed to anything Chastanet started and is proposing; You don’t know who you are fighting and opposing: don’t play with His anointed ones.

  9. This PM is so fool of himself, on one hand he’s asking the cooperation of everyone and on the same breath he’s rejecting the opposition’s recommendations which includes relief for we the struggling poor people. PJP you fooled us once but trust me it won’t happen again because you and your crooked cabal will soon be out. And remember “ five years is not fifty years.”

  10. Pot calling the Kettle Black…These 2 clowns & their USELESS parties have really run this country into the ground,what’s the point of Government when they can’t help the countries they supposedly govern?! Just useless back n forth while they both get rich,I’m so tired of this place,their so-called supporters self are another set of ignorant ppl who pretend they don’t see what’s going on just so they can have a few crumbs.


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