Thursday, August 18, 2022

Chastanet Says To Cut Inflation Government Must Cut Import Duty Rates

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The Opposition United Workers Party is immensely concerned about the Government’s tone deaf response to rising inflation, rise in gas prices and major economic woes affecting Saint Lucians.

It seems the Government’s meaning to “putting people first” is putting people first to bear the brunt of the negative impact.

If the Government does not put measures in place Saint Lucia’s economic gains will be eroded and people could lose their employment.

It appears this Government does not understand how the economy works. What’s happening with the rise in prices is that businesses are paying more for raw materials and goods; for everything.

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This cost in some cases will be passed on to the already stretched consumer which is another difficulty all together. What will also happen is that businesses will try to get cost savings by decreasing staff. We have to act now in order to keep people employed. This is unsustainable and the Government must do all within its power to assist the private sector and save jobs.

I propose that the Government introduce two measures immediately: the decrease in import duty and the implementation of an electricity subsidy for both the business sector and households.

We saw the cold hearted response of the infrastructure minister to the rise in bus fares. He said the people have to pay one way or another; the people have the responsibility. Where does the minister expect Saint Lucians to get this new money to pay for increases that the Government has imposed on the people at a most difficult time?

This is an attitude of a Government that does not care in a time when Saint Lucians most need support. during his time in office introduced specific measures to help the most vulnerable with programmes such as income support and provided electricity assistance.

People are suffering and prices are still increasing at alarming rate. Are we going to watch as Saint Lucian businesses close or have to make the choice between buying goods or firing staff? Are we going to wait for families to make the choice between sending their children to school or buying food? Are we asking Saint Lucians to choose between buying medicine or taking the bus to work?

The Government has to act and cannot be allowed to pretend it can do nothing. As I have said before the Government is back to pre-pandemic revenues and needs to use some of those gains to help the people of Saint Lucia.

Source: Office of the Leader of the Opposition

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  1. Some of you all should embarrass some comments no wonder we in that shameful country are some of you all living in St. Lucia..We need to stop the hatred peace and love

  2. Chas, the school you attended closed its doors when they got to know you were an Economist and the Cry Minister of St. Lucia.
    Dunnator school is where you and Doctor Secret belong.

    My friend works in the government and he did confirm to me they do have the power to cut down import tax but I don’t see anyone complaining about inflation. Our pm is one of the best ministers we have ever had in this country and he will continue to make life more affordable for us.

    I don’t see anyone complaining about inflation apart from uwp supporters

    • When you see a UWP supporter, please let me know. As I do not know how they look, what colour they are, or where they work. Takes a goat to know another goat!!

    • You must be the only person living in st lucia. Even the ministers are complaining and you saying people are not complaining. You are a joke.

  4. The Government cannot reduce Importation Duty on its own. It must be a CARICOM decision as the (CET) Common External Tariff is harmonised throughout the region. What the Government can do is reduce or remove the other taxes which were enacted through parliament (eg) Service Charge, VAT, Exise and the Gas Tax. The Government can also change the mode of calculation of the taxes on importation by have the taxes directly on the CIF. ( cost Insurance & Freight instead of the calculations being compounded, thus causing more tax on tax.

    • double entry … and no one can see that. Only the consumers see it and know, but they are usually side-lined when they point it out to the customs officers.

    • My brother when it comes to import and export all caribbean countries a independent. Caricom or OECS has nothing to do with that. Countries import where and whenever they like.

  5. During the pandemic the previous government did several things to give us some relief even though it was receiving less than half of what the current one is getting at this moment. This slp admin is not doing anything to help us. What annoys me is that each time the present cabinet members speak they say they are putting people first and complain that they are unable to assist. Is this what we expected from them in governance? We were fooled.

  6. This is exactly why we’re in this shit today… those shitty comments says it all. You think you’ll can walk in chas shoes. You think the man have to be involved in st. Lucia politics to survive. The 2 goats who just commented against chas, I’ll say this to you’ll.

    Because of people like you st. Lucia is a laughing stock. Sad

  7. Chastened in your 5 plus years of plenty what relief did you give us ?
    You remove 2.5% VAT and added 45% tax on fuel including cooking gas.
    Please tell us what financial relief you gave us under your administration.

  8. Man go take a shower and keep out of our country business. Had you and your goons not stolen the whole treasury we would be in a better place.

  9. ” … I propose that the Government introduce two measures immediately: the decrease in import duty and the implementation of an electricity subsidy for both the business sector and households. …” makes sense to me as a consumer, and a national. Import duties have been the thorn in everybody’s sides for years!!!

    These days, the goods a consumer deems “a necessity”, customs deems it “a luxury”!! This is not in keeping with the times at all.

    As for electricity …. St Lucia is 50 years behind in this commodity. As a tropical island with 24/7 sunshine and winds, we should be in the bud of solar and wind energy – NOT the expensive fossil fuel!! When will we learn??

  10. Bring back the real boss. Lord we need help. Don’t be surprised the suicide rate will start to increase again.


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