Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Chastanet Says UWP Not Afraid Of Being Investigated

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United Workers Party (UWP) leader Allen Chastanet says that his party has never been afraid of being investigated or held accountable.

Chastanet spoke this week in a televised statement on Prime Minister Philip J Pierre’s budget policy.

The opposition leader observed that Pierre continues to refer to corruption, the rule of law, and talk about a Special Prosecutor.

But he noted that the prime minister calls out the former UWP administration members with no proof while ignoring evidence of ‘blatant wrongdoing’ within his camp.

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“The United Workers Party has never been afraid of being investigated or being held accountable. That is why in 2017, our government complied with the recommendation of the Ramsahoye Commission by amending the Crown Proceedings Act to protect the
funds of the State by removing the statute of limitations,” Chastanet recalled.

“Now, we must all ask ourselves, who will hold the SLP Government accountable?” The former Prime Minister stated.

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  1. I don’t get it – everyone knows that there is ONE, the original and genuine #The Fox – yet there’s a young fellow who masquerade as a Fox, sometimes as Foxy. This is childish behavior and I am humbly asking the young person, to please adopt another title, how about ‘Tiger’ ; oh you little Cub – I must stop to watch the Spanish Carlos win that Tennis match. (on this day of rest, I worship the Lord & Pray for my fellow Lucians to be Blessed mightily)

  2. From next to other ?
    When money ‘speaks,the truth is never to be found ?
    So far, has yellow fever cured and labour pains gone ?
    “Can you pull a Léviathan with a fish hook,or tie down his tongue with a rope. Can you put a cord through his nose ? Let him confront me,and let us face each other !
    Who is who, among you to fear the LORD and his command ?
    Let us trust the LORD and rely on his word.

  3. Herman Joseph Vitalis, be careful bro , high blood pressure will kill you for your Massa’s sake.

  4. SLP know they have nothing to investigate… that was they tactics to gain political points by brain washing the ignorant one’s.

  5. SlP has a rapist who is a lawyer in top position.
    A drug baron who had runnings with the G-Islet police.
    Another minister in connection with a Range Rover.
    A snake who is waiting for his 5 years to end to cry corruption corruption.
    Yet with all the accusations against the UWP especially Joseph & Chastnet with close to 10 months in power nothing cannot be proven against these two. The same accusations that is spewed from SLPs morons are repeated by their peasants who just repeat what their black masters utters.

  6. The nerve of SLP. Y’all have a disbarred lawyer who is convicted of theft as the head of our carnival committee. But y’all have morals when it comes to uwp and not your own scoundrels?

    • Disbarred lawyer and thief….. you have those with money in offshore accounts as payment for making a man diplomat…. you have those who aided and abetted in defrauding foreign governments by abusing their positions of trust but are being rewarded. You have diplomats who engaged in clandestine money making activities which are in direct contravention of the Vienna convention but here they are holding high office in our country.

  7. …..accountable for what ?? But the United Worthless Party should be held (especially you ) for running this country in the ground and fiscal enslaving the working poor of this nation for generations with your failed Yellow Economics 101 Investment Without Dividend. Name one project you Clown Bastard that was profitable that you started ?? Exhibit (A) The damn horse track that is a pivotal reminder to St Lucian’s of you dismal failure, we should send you ass over there to deforest the place. I am not even going to touch the meat processing plant, the fishing complex, Bananas, CABOT, Sell Out Soufriere Pitons, the vaccine money you teeeeef, St Jude’s incomplete, ECD$ 20 million spent on a quarter mile of road, Bringing in The Loan Shark IMF to our shores, Been the prodigal Son of the Caribbean Development Bank, USD$ 100million Dollars for Airport from the Bank of Taiwan when we could have gotten it for free with lease to upgrade, no respect to our National Heritage, failure on Crime, failure on healthcare…man if you not afraid you should BE ASHAME.

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