Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Chastanet Says War The Last Thing The World Needs Now

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Former Saint Lucia Prime Minister Allen Chastanet says his thoughts and prayers are with the people of Ukraine, invaded this week by Russian forces.

“The last thing that the world needs right now is war,” Chastanet; currently the leader of Saint Lucia’s parliamentary opposition, stated.

On his official Facebook page, Chastanet observed that Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky spoke in a video conference with European Union leaders and told them: “This might be the last time you see me alive.”

Chastanet said Zelensky has since put on his military attire and joined in the fight to defend his country.

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The Saint Lucia opposition leader’s Facebook remarks on Friday came as the BBC reported the sound of gunfire echoing through Ukraine’s capital Kyiv as Russian tanks entered the city for the first time.

Ukraine’s Ministry of Defence called on those living in the northern outskirts, where the tanks were, to make firebombs “to neutralise the enemy.”

The European Union has announced new sanctions to freeze Vladimir Putin’s assets in Europe.

At the same time, the Kremlin has said that Russia is ready for talks with Ukraine.

The Caribbean Community (CARICOM) has strongly condemned the military attacks and invasion of Ukraine by The Russian Federation.

And the regional grouping has called for the immediate and complete withdrawal of the military presence and cessation of any further actions that may intensify ‘ the current perilous situation.’

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  1. Vladimir Poutine 🇭🇹☮️🇺🇦Volodymyr Zelensky
    🇭🇹A fierce looking nation whithout regret for 🇺🇦
    For the old or pity for the young.
    A sprit of war is in their heart,they do not acknowledge the LORD !
    When they go at war their flocks and herds will
    seek the Lord, but will not find him.
    The 🇭🇹Russians are stubborn like a stubborn heifer,a snare for 🇺🇦 Ukrainiens and a net spread over Kiev.
    The 🎺🎺trumpet sound has heard at Donbass
    by 🇭🇹 Russians soldiers,the horn sound at Kiev in the city,🇺🇦 Ukraine is under attack,the battle cry has heard in 🇺🇦 Ukraine and n has become a battle field.
    Lead on,O Poutine !
    🇺🇦 Ukraine will be laid waste 💩💩on the day of recknoing. Their rebels soldiers are deep in bloodshed, because of this the land mourns,all who live in waste 💩 away.
    Leave them alone !
    The 🇺🇦 Ukrainiens soldiers are like those who move boundry stones.
    🇺🇦 Ukraine is oppressed !
    🇭🇹 Russie is trample in Judgement !
    I will punish both of them for their
    and repay them for their deeds !
    Ukraine is not hidden from me-
    This Judgement is against you Russie !
    “Your deeds do not permit you to return
    to your God.

  2. Гражданство за инвестиции доступно на Карибах для тех, кто в нем нуждается

    A predictable Headline in the Regional Newspapers in days to come for Ex-PM Chastanet

  3. Chas your days have gone. Why don’t you have some body who make sense to be on Sky Fm? Just listen to the dummies presently on Sky fm. They cannot impress anybody.

    • Lydia Pierre the hatred some of you all Lucian’s is practicing is not a good thing for ST lucia.. I rather listen to sky fm then mbc no wonder ST Lucia in the mess..THE moment some of you all see chastanete always have some negative make peace with your self

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