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Updated on July 6, 2020 3:47 am
Updated on July 6, 2020 3:47 am
Updated on July 6, 2020 3:47 am

Chastanet: SLNT subvention cut not political

Prime Minister Allen Chastanet has asserted that the decision to cut the $700,000 annual subvention to the Saint Lucia National Trust (SLNT) has nothing to do with politics.

He told reporters today the move has everything to do with the re-engineering that he has been speaking about.

Chastanet declared that government’s responsibility is to ensure that every single dollar it spends generates the greatest amount of growth.

“We have a lot of hungry stomachs to be able to feed and I take that seriously – that is what drives me every single day more than anything else,” he stated.

Chastanet said he will hold every single person in his administration accountable for every tax dollar spent.

SLNT Chairperson, Doctor Vasantha Chase, has said that the organisation can make up for the shortfall as a result of the subvention cut by the government.

Chastanet said he was happy to hear that.

“This is what we have been saying all the time – the trust is making money; the trust has assets,” the Prime Minister told reporters.

He explained that the subvention was cut so that the SLNT cannot use it as a recurrent cost – a contribution to salaries.

“We have said to them if they have projects that make sense, we would be happy to invest,” Chastanet stated.

The Prime Minister, who has called for SLNT Director Bishnu Tulsie to be removed, expressed the opinion that Tulsie has not performed.

“When you look at the trust and you look at the assets of the trust, it has under achieved and I think the trust can do substantially better than it has,” Chastanet told reporters.

But he asserted that was a matter for the trust, its council and its members.

“They are the ones who have to make the decision,” the Prime Minister said.

Chastanet observed that Tulsie’s contract comes to an end in October.

The Prime Minister said once he was told that he was satisfied.



    • You ignoramus, most of the money the Trust receives comes from grants that helps various people like the seamoss farmers, horseback riders the charcoal producers (in the south) who they encourage to use the island’s natural resources to make a living. This PM is talking about “We have a lot of hungry stomachs to be able to feed and I take that seriously – that is what drives me every single day more than anything else”… how is taking $700,000 from the Trust an organization that helps to feed some of these very people going to help!!!! Woiiiii I pray that the number of idiots in St. Lucia is limited to you and your inner circle, you give DUMB a new meaning!!!

  1. U lie. I dislike u so much. I disliked Kenny but u worst than any prime minister we have had. But don’t worry. The same way we said bye bye Kenny come election time kick in going to kick u

    • Al of a sudden you don’t like Kenny and you dislike Chastanet so much? You are a liar. You are a labour hack who want to use Kenny failure to insult our PM. In other words, Kenny is out, so you can say bad things about to give the impression that you did not vote him. You are an old labour hack. Chastanet has done nothing for you to dislike him so much.

  2. Why you lying bruh lol, in fact you are correct it ain’t political cuz the government and slnt on the same team, wake up dude you’re not the political leader of the uwp you are the leader for saint lucia all of us not just the uwpees so start acting like one……..

  3. I have heard over the last few weeks that the Trust wrote officially to the PM asking to meet since they came in power like they have done with former administrations. But based on the Trust Chairperson’s interview on Straight Up, the PM only met with the Executive once and another time with her (notice he never responded to them officially but instead reached out when HE was disappointed about how their members treated the Dolphin Developers and to issue orders to fire the Director). Then now he says, “We have said to them if they have projects that make sense, we would be happy to invest”, if so agree to meet with the Executive and the Director to better understand all areas of the organization’s work…not just DSH and Dolphin Park. Such a myopic way of thinking. Anyway, when everything is said and done I hope the $700,000 goes a long way to feed the hungry stomachs” and not to fatten the already “large stomachs” of some of our politicians.

  4. Every government department has to submit a annual department budget to the Ministry of finance prior to the government Budget. Can anyone tell me if the SLNT submits a budget proposal to Finance for the $700,000.00 they are getting? If not, why isn’t it necessary.

  5. This idiot is the worse PM ever in the history of this nation! Mate is a bloody liar . . . this whole thing has been about the agitation by the SLNT. He vex they didn’t get rid of Tulsie, he mad so he cut the subvention.

    Chastenet is a damn blasted liar!

    • If only he was 1/4 of the man that Tulsie is, would have been a great PM. But vindictive buffoon, liar etc….. Going as far as erasing everyone’s legacy to create his own idiotic ones would be laughable if only it would not be causing harm to poor Helen.

  6. All politicians are bad and dishonest people. Believe me, ALL, with no exception. Some are more evilsome than others. Politicians are notorious liars who make lies sound truthful and victimization respectable. To become a doctor you have to study medicine at university, a lawyer- study law at college, a politician- practise to tell lies convincingly. When Mr. Chastanet was first elected, I really gave him the benefit of the doubt. I have now very reluctantly come to the conclusion that he is well over his head. To bolster my point would someone answer these few questions truthfully?
    1. Has joblessness decrease?
    2. Is criminal activity trending downwards?
    3. Is the state of the economy buoyant?
    4. Is Agriculture on the rebound?
    5. Why is Ubaldus still on gov’t payroll as a Minister?
    Do not label me as a Labor Party supporter. I think Kenny Anthony was grossly incompetent. I am just trying to be brutally honest.

  7. If you know so much In your questions and want so much in answers why the hell in the world you didn’t go for politics.
    Cause it seems like you know so much that makes me see that you’re an idiot. And a real idiot for sure.

    • Why are you getting so emotionally aroused? Calm down and stop cursing. I have never allow others to define me. I don’t allow anyone to walk through my mind with their dirty feet. I am not at all upset with you cursing me. In fact I expected that from political diehards like you. You are the very reason why politicians behave badly and refuse to work for all the people. You are a politician’s choicest treat. Curse me some more. Your words are like water running off a duck’s back. People of your caliber are just pathetic. You need some serious therapy. You should be institutionalized for mental constipation and verbal diarrhea.

  8. Well as far as I can see you brutally murdering honesty. Cause you’re nothing but a labour gooroo.

    • why do people accuse persons of being hacks. Are they not St. Lucians? We need to stop being party people and start being nationals and look at things objectively. When we act like party is all we are playing into the hands of the politicians who live by “divide and rule” and this is most glaring now.

  9. Wouldnt the PM’s behaviour towards the SLNt Chairperson be considered as black mail……

    Talk about shiester behaviour! Perhaps the police should investigate…

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