Chastanet Speaks On Postponement Of Parliament

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Prime Minister Allen Chastanet Wednesday addressed the matter of the postponement of the sitting of parliament that was scheduled for Tuesday.

A sitting of the senate scheduled for Thursday was also postponed.

“We had some very important bills to be able to pass and the level of consultation I was assured had happened had not happened,”Chastanet told reporters.

He said it was important in this particular season where everything is exaggerated, that ‘we get it right’.

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“We had several bills that had several entities and once I satisfied myself that everybody has been properly consulted and everyone’s concerns have been brought to bear, then we will proceed,” Chastanet disclosed.

He also made reference to the money bill.

“Because we had the estimates and we had the appropriations and in those bills there was permission for us to be able to borrow, we were simply looking to access EU money at very concessionary rates and instead of using as bonds, we would use it as a loan,” the PM explained.

“And because we were changing it from a bond and treasury bills to a loan, it would require and still requires parliamentary approval,” Chastanet stated.

However, he asserted that it does not constitute any new borrowing.

“We are are only borrowing within the limitations of what was passed in the budget,” the PM declared.



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