Thursday, September 29, 2022

Chastanet Suggests Government Use CIP Revenue For Cost Of Living Relief

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Opposition leader Allen Chastanet has again called out the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) government over cost of living relief measures, suggesting that the Philip J. Pierre administration use Citizenship by Investment (CIP) revenue for that purpose.

On his Facebook page, the former Prime Minister and Minister of Finance observed that based on the 2022-2023 Budget, revenue from the CIP is now $100 Million – the highest it has ever been.

“Why can’t they use this increased CIP revenue to deliver on their $1500 income support promise or increase the amount that Government is subsidizing fuel, kerosene, and cooking gas to make it cheaper for you?” The United Workers Party (UWP) leader wrote.

Remember that one of the first things that the SLP did upon assuming office was to amend the CIP legislation to make it easier for them to spend CIP funds,” Chastanet asserted.

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And he declared that he could only conclude that Prime Minister Pierre doesn’t care.

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  1. I see all the slp dogs barking, keep on feeding them chass one day they will understand.

  2. The worse is obviously yet to come why should we waste funding now when our situation will be worse in the future we should save and wait for when this reaches it’s true breaking point. It is quite clear and has been pointed out by many financial institutions a recession is coming.

  3. Everyone is to satisfy their own personal gains and to reap real rewards due to dishonest ⚖️ gains.
    It starts from your goverment followed by the other.
    We must stop the hypocrisie, Gossip and lies because there is a God,a father who judges each man’s work impatially.
    Even when the plea of the needy are just,ther was no to talk on behalf of the hardworking employees to spare them, which was their only source of income to nourish their familles,as a result of your vaccin god,followed by tax 15% added by charcoal tax,so how much it would be while deforestation is a catastrophe for the country.
    How many years to go again, before the re-implimente of the labour code in order to bring back the 😄 smiles of every employees ?
    And to say to foreigners enough is enough St-Lucians at ease and foreigners (employers)be our slaves.

  4. Proverbs 12:15 ESV /
    The way of a fool is right in his own eyes, but a wise man listens to advice

  5. Chas, hole your grASS from dere! What did you do with the CIP money when you were there? You certainly didn’t help Lucia.

  6. Uwp supporters are feeling so embarrassed with you Chas telling Pierre what to do. You were there and didn’t do a dam . Why only now. Man go back to Canada

  7. And what did you do with the CIP Mr. Chastanet? That’s what I need to know!

    • Probably if Chastanet had spent the CIP funds it would not now be available. Why don’t you idiots learn to think? It’s upsetting reading the rubbish some of you write.

      • He didn’t spend the CIP money? Where have you been? He couldn’t tell and wouldn’t tell where that money went. He spoke of a “lock box” but couldn’t tell the people of St. Lucia how much was in that “lock box”. In fact, that “lock box” was just as fake as the document he had on his desk awaiting his signature.

  8. It is a good suggestion. Some people are closed to all ideas. If they don’t personally like Pierre, they think all his ideas are bad. If they don’t personally like Chastenet, they think all his ideas are bad. One can’t engage in serious thought until one is able to explore all ideas. Examine all possibilities and probabilities.

  9. This yellow dog needs to stop barking!!!Enough is enough. You were there and you gave all our monies to white dogs like yourself. You WILL NEVER be pm again. Your exploitative father will die and that won’t happen again. RACIST OLD DOG!!!!

    • Is all that hate and name calling necessary?! Referring to another human as a dog? Would you like someone to refer to you as a dog? You may not like his politics (neither do I), I refuse to stoop that low. Please refrain from name calling, not nice actually!

  10. Let pjp make st lucians eat za gee canal the love the misery look at how he is raising the gas..putting the people first.Go Philip go..never see a bunch of people love their party before their country..

  11. I guess if he was in the position of PM that is what he would have done. But then again would it be enough or would that money have been allocated to something else. The thing is when we are in power we see the available money can be allocated to so many things but when the time comes it is not available. The thing is money just don’t sit there. There is so many things to be done so when cash is available it is utilize without thinking of saving for dire needs especially when a country like ours is always needy.

  12. Chas is trying to create a vision that he once had control over. If you really did care…You had an opportunity to do what you are suggesting. But no, you had a different plan for the CIP money. Now you are trying to bring this up for a “got you moment“, which exposes your sincerity. What if they also have plans just like you had for this money. I’m not against the suggestion, I just think that Chas knows very well by virtue of his past position, that we have not been in a good financial place and he is trying to throw everything at the wall to see what sticks. Sad!!!

  13. Chas, hole your grASS dere! What did you do with our CIP money, for five years? What! Keep your suggestions for yourself and your family.

  14. It’s not that His Most Honorable PJP doesn’t care St Lucian’s has to tighten their belts in these times. You can’t be just drawing down money when your are in serious debt there has to be a rainy day fund and the most Honorable is wise to this……look hurricane season starting just now we have to be prepared to assist when folks really need it the most you never know how this year will play out. That Yellow Johncrow was a compulsive spender, a compulsive borrower, a crack head has more discipline than this fool who just love to spend and forget about what lays ahead of tomorrow. A wise leader set aside a rainy day fund and NEVER touched it unless it’s for the most utmost importance.

    • The suggestion is good- what is extremely disgusting is using the current poor state of the common man/woman to force the hands of the current administration. Why didn’t you do it when you were there for 5 effing years bruh? didn’t the common man/ woman need some relief back then? Stop using people as yol ploy!!!! As for you Andrew, you need to donate your brain to…….nevermind, no living thing in the universe wants it.

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