Friday, September 30, 2022

Chastanet Thanks United States For Field Hospital, Vehicles Donation

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Opposition leader Allen Chastanet has expressed gratitude to the United States for donating a field hospital and utility vehicles to Saint Lucia, describing the gifts as ‘needed support’ for this country.

The former Prime Minister observed that his Administration worked hard to strengthen Saint Lucia’s relationship with the United States.

“And we have already seen the benefits in the softening of the Leahy Law and our police being allowed to participate in U.S. funded training activities,” Chastanet wrote on his official Facebook page.

“We had been in discussions with the United States for some time for this donation, first as a response to Climate Change and responding to natural disasters,” he said of the field hospital and utility vehicles gift.

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“However, as the pandemic hit, we proposed it be set up as a respiratory hospital for the south. We are pleased that it has finally come to fruition and the present Administration saw it fitting to accept the donation,” the United Workers Party (UWP) leader stated.

The 40-bed field hospital and utility vehicles were made possible through the U.S. Southern Command Humanitarian Assistance Program.

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  1. All they have to do is just give Chas a lil credit for asking for the donations first but SLP is so stuck up to themselves @LMAO hi dolphin

  2. @LH imagine you alone got about 10 comments under any press release about the man. The poor grammar and illogical arguments give it away even under 10 different pseudo names.

    C’mon that’s obsession!

  3. @Lucian Highgrade … just imagine Chas got you out here Sunday to Sunday … eat, drinking, sleeping thinking about him! Imagine your day ain’t made without mentioning his name. Sounds more like he is your God!

  4. Again, this ass-wipe abusing people with the sh17 coming out of his mouth. UWP, please get mate off the stage because with him, UWP will continue to be in the wilderness. Please, do us that favour.

  5. Chas will be vindicated! Most visionary leader St.Lucia has had and ahead of his time in this country of small- minded thinking.

    The hate that some jealous Lucians have will be their own undoing.

  6. Former Prime Minister Allen Chas. Is a man of vision. No need to racist in a predominantly black island. His work is clear. Look at the standard of living these guys brought about. We still cant meet the cost of living but the standard was much improved under UWP. Had Allen been given 10 more years, St. Lucia would have been the place!

  7. For those who believe that because a new gov’t came in the US donate this tents and vehicles, y’all really fishing for things that are not there. Worry about RF because he the US has a problem with not Chastanet and RF is in gov’t so the US might be looking at him closely. From what I understood his visa the still deny him a visa after he was sworn in. Ask yourself why the US waited almost 6 months after election to donate. One can also say that maybe the US was having second thoughts of not donating these tents and vehicles anymore since Chastanet was not in power but finally decided to donate it because the people needed it. I heard the black US guy said in his speech please use it for the people. Saying this right there might seems that they are skeptical of this new administration. Another thought the Leahy law had just been removed just before election, maybe they were putting things in place for St Lucia.
    So people stop looking for things that is not there. It is a donation for the people not government as they explain it just be happy.

  8. Chastanet needs to feel good ,please don’t be too hard on him.

    Five plus years Chastnet could not get one donation , but now he is out of office the donations start pouring in and Chastnent .need a little credit for his five wasted and corrupt years in office..

    Please ask LIME and Digicel to send Useless Chas some credit .

  9. Chas we love you keep doing good for the island
    To Al the haters including SLT and the laba hacks… I know you’ll want us to stay under the rocks like the crabs.
    Chas we love you, you are the only one who can help make st. Lucia better. God has chosen you but he needed to teach us a lesson, this is why he allowed this to happen.

  10. You know I’m really start to hate st. Lucia because of the stupid people commenting on this platform. You’ll hate a white man so much that you’ll are willing to kill your country for what?
    Chas does not need you’ll to eat!!!!
    Chas is the best thing that ever happened to us… the laba salops go eat your self !!!!
    I pray chas come back to rescue us from this incompetent man they call a pm, sorry am
    Chas I know you want better for us, but too bad this world is a world full of demons,so keep fighting the good fight.
    god is with you for a better st. Lucia.
    Chas we will love you for wanting better for us!!!
    This was for all the haters!!!!!

  11. I believe there’s more behind the donations given to by the america…Lucian’s prepare y’all self for a destructive American plot!

  12. Zot sah mootay. Zot sah daysand. The truth is Chastanet was the one who procured the field hospital vehicles for the island. Bat see zot as y’all please. The facts remain. PM fig and his cabals are not responsible for this donation. And nothing y’all can come and say about my comment will hurt one pwell on me. Enjoy y’all fig, sickweeyays.

  13. All you’ll SLP hacks sounding just like Richard Frederick. Then again one cannot blame you’ll since he is your coach and mentor. For more than five years he has trained you’ll to hate on anyone who does not agree with your opinion and anyone who has a different opinion. Would you train your kids to be just like Richard Frederick? Unethical, no integrity, no morals, a pathetic lier who is now costing you tax payers over $34 million dollars because of his lies and hatred. Then behind him are his parliamentary SLP colleagues who some follow him blindly like the PM and others are so quiet you wonder whether they were elected in office.

    Actually you’ll comments are right in the sense that I am beginning to think that it’s UWP in power and SLP is still in opposition. Why? ….you’ll figure this out based on your comments and the current administration’s ranting and lack of performance..

    Now let me hear the opposition hacks, curse me like RF and lie like Pierre and Hilaire ( humm only three people in opposition I wonder where the others are) .

  14. Exactly @reverse…Pierre has a very good rapport with Biden from years ago. Please help St Lucia More USA. There are a lot of Lucians contributing positively in Brooklyn.

  15. He is probably right but don’t read much into it, because that’s the way it is. The new party in government always inherit everything that is pre-established. Now, on the other hand,who knows whether the US was waiting for this government to get into power before they delivered ?

  16. Can someone tell Allen there is only one government at a time and a congratulatory message from the Official Pm Mr.Pierre represent the Government and People of St Lucia. Can someone tell Allen please read and understand the constitution of St Lucia. Furthermore he Allen is a member of the Government of St Lucia and therefore the head of GOSL is as follows (1) Governor General, (2) Prime Minister and (3) the Chief Justice…. Allen rest your self in a corner…

  17. Imagine ^ssholes like straight want bad for the country because his white God Allen Chastanet was kicked out of office

  18. Imagine assholes like straight want bad for the country because his white God Allen Chastanet was kicked out of office

  19. Oh yes Mr Chastanet it’s all your doing and they want to take credit for your work and the UWP’s work. They wanna come in and do presentations and do not acknowledge the UWP. That is why I know SLP is not a genuine party and will not drink the stupidness they talk. The US warn the new government to use it for the people. Listem to the presentation you will hear their tone. I hope PJP remember that and do not play politics and take the donation for granted. Bravo Allen Chastanet !

  20. Meanwhile on Friday Jan 21, the MOH received confirmation of 439 new cases and 2 deaths. Total outstanding cases- 4197.
    Stay safe all

  21. To all the Chastanet haters, “The Facts Stands”. He got it for St Lucia. Love it or not. He is now happy this mongoose gang did say “No” to it.

  22. @haha because ….Yes because he makes the SLP relevant because nothing can be done without mentioning his name. He remains revenant in positivity! Well done Hon Chastanet. You laid the foundation and there is the fruit of your Labour. You had a vision…let SLP build on it.

    Let me hear the rest of the hacks …Chastanet….Chastanet…Allen Allen…Chastanet…Chas, Chas

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