Chastanet To Meet With Canadian Prime Minister

Press Release:– Prime Minister Honourable Allen Chastanet is currently in Canada for several critical meetings including a scheduled meeting with Canadian Prime Minister the Right Honourable Justin Trudeau.

Issues for discussion at the meeting include Climate Change, investment opportunities and improving trade.

Canada has had a long and close relationship with Saint Lucia and Commonwealth Caribbean countries, which stem from a significant Caribbean diaspora in Canada, long-standing regional commercial links, and a long history of Canadian support for the region.

While in Canada, the Prime Minister will also meet with investors and officials of the Canadian Commercial Corporation to discuss opportunities for investments and partnerships.

The Canadian Commercial Corporation (CCC) supports the growth of international trade by helping Canadian exporters gain access to foreign government procurement markets. 

In the Prime Minister’s absence, Minister for Economic Development, Housing, Urban Renewal, Transport and Civil Aviation, Honourable Guy Joseph, serves as Acting Prime Minister.


  1. Dear Allan Chastanet,
    Please don’t stand too close to Justin trudeau. I hear that his kind of stupidity is very contagious. Or if you must be near him, do shower often. Trudeau is an incredible idiot. “the Trump of Canada.”

  2. I’ll bet you he will win a third term, and judging by the way Chas is approaching his business
    abroad he too may win a third term. They are both respected men among world leaders; that
    makes me proud to be a St. Lucian. Canada has done good for St.Lucia, and is still doing good.

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