Chastanet Urges Coherent Strategy In Battle Against COVID-19

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Opposition leader Allen Chastanet has said that Saint Lucia needs a coherent strategy to address the COVID-19 spike effectively.

“We all now know that the SLP administration never had a plan to address Covid-19. Even while they sat in Opposition watching us manage Covid-19 for 18 months and participated in NEMAC meetings, they learned nothing,” the former Prime Minister asserted in an address Sunday night.

And he declared that six months later, the SLP administration still wants people to believe nothing is a plan.

Chastanet  asserted that the Covid-19 measures over the holiday season were ill-informed and irresponsible.

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But he observed that there have still been no new protocol changes or improved enforcement with the virus spreading, and the delicate balance between lives and livelihoods is at risk.

Noting that fighting COVID-19 is everyone’s job, the United Workers Party (UWP) leader spoke of the need to urgently step up the vaccination drive as he called on the population to get vaccinated.

“There needs to be a reinvigorated national effort, with a greater sense of urgency in dealing with Delta, Omicron and other variants to come. Our administration had set up the COVID-19 Command Centre to analyze data, anticipate, make useful recommendations, engage stakeholders, and share information with the public. We now know this is not how things are being done. Cabinet has all of a sudden become the oracle on Covid management,” Chastanet stated.

He quoted the Chairman of the national COVID-19 Management Centre Cletus Springer, saying in a statement to Voice Newspaper that full transparency is the best policy.

“Mr. Springer could not be more correct. We can only hope the Government also recognizes the truth in Mr. Springer’s published recommendations,” Chastanet said.

And he questioned what example the Government is setting for the people if it continues business as usual.

Chastanet recalled that when his administration was in office, the purpose of the State of Emergency and Curfews was to remind people that there was a crisis.

In this regard, he expressed that the country needs heightened awareness, so people don’t let their guard down.

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  1. Joe and the million he borrowed all in the name of covid no income support for misplaced workers NIC could only pay for 6 months our own money. Victoria respiratory hospital was left in a mess shortage of oxygen and medication no working x ray machine. 7 + million for vaccines we’ve yet to receive one shot. This clown should not speak on covid.

  2. Richard Cherry well said! We need to do far more to personally take responsibility for our own health.

  3. Seems you only can talk about covid , but you refuse to tell us you make believe st.judes was almost finished that’s why you were denying the press entry to the compound. The millions FIFA gave you for the footballers yea you and Bellerose pocket that money . You destroyed the cacabeff where all lucians learning to drive on .. you stop mercury beach .. you defund national trust close the fire relief fund . What did you do with those monies. Shame on you . Now what’s there for the fire victims..

  4. Why the #$#$ is this idiot not realizing that he is just an ass40le and that he is very irrelevant? Go peddle your stuff somewhere else because no one is buying!

  5. Please stop exploiting the pandemic for political mileage. St. Lucia is not the only island/country experiencing a covid spike. Chastanet, political leaders, unions, churches and community leaders have failed in advocating vaccine mandate for all public servants and general public. People need to take personal responsibility and follow the guidelines of the health professionals.

  6. Buddy there is no battle against covid. Covid will go through the cycle like every other virus before it. Those shots aren’t doing anything and y’all know it.

  7. Man, you lost the right to speak since the 26th July, 2021, why are you still braying? Hush, no one wants to hear you. Worst PM ever.

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