Chastanet Urges Financial And CIP Restrictions On Russians

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The Opposition United Workers Party stands in solidarity with the Government and People of Ukraine as Russian forces continue their invasion and attack on Ukraine which has created an economic and humanitarian crisis.
The Government of Saint Lucia, through the Ministry of External Affairs, has recently released a statement and condemned Russia for its actions.
The Opposition United Workers Party supports the position of the Government and People of Saint Lucia on this issue, especially in light of Saint Lucia’s principles, values and our participation in International Organizations.
As a Member of the United Nations we are committed to respect for sovereignty, the rule of law, peace and dialogue.
In a recent interview, I noted that as much as possible when it comes to foreign policy Saint Lucia should speak with one singular voice. What we see taking place in Ukraine does have implications for us geopolitically and it is important for us to participate meaningfully as I also warned against Saint Lucia abstaining from this issue as it did in 2014 over the issue of the Russian annexation of Crimea.
Now that the Government of Saint Lucia has stated the country’s position on the attack on Ukraine, the Opposition offers its support and joins in calls for meaningful dialogue and a peaceful resolution.
As the Leader of the Opposition, I have also strongly advised that the Saint Lucia Government and the region consider measures to impose additional limitations on Russia in our territories.
The Western countries currently are imposing sanctions against the Russians and part of it is to create isolation . . . If we are going to support the West in these initiatives then clearly putting a temporary ban on new Russian applicants to Citizenship by Investment (CIP) and limiting Russian access to our banking system in Saint Lucia to avoid Saint Lucia being used as an intermediary is something we have to consider at this time.
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  1. Some of you all lucians have to read and understand for yourselves..Read more st lucia is not producing oil in nothing than babies..Every time you all see or hear Mr chastnet you all selves wonder st lucia in that mess just because of racism and hatred..what is pjp administration is doing right people are hungry and hurting awa we finished

  2. With God apparently absent or invisible,the hope of God of a promise still remains.
    Ultimate goals remains the same ;to bless all the nations on earth, remove the the curse from creation and restore the original realationship and make it clear that his remains true and faithfully follows his ways.
    Sadly,and inspite of God’s repeated warnings and pleadings,we follow the false gods of nations that surrounds us and bring the Judgement of God down upon ourselves.

    So because satan is governing the entire world, God only protects his true and faithful onointed ones (or chosen ones)
    He gave up his own life to make attonoment (sacrifice) for the sins of his people.
    Therefore, God is not responsable and are blameless for no one or out come which is caused by humanity.
    👉Mediator or Peace Maker :

  3. They will continue to look at it like Chas not in power but he has been making good points these days. The US and the west as well immediatly put a block and sanction Russia and its oligarchs knowing how rich and powerful they are they could seize oil companies like they did recently in the US and they could deprive world leaders from political oppertunites which also means by stealing money from other governments however Pierre is only talking about the economical impact. Russia wants to show Ukraine a lesson for moving away from them because they are power hungry bullies

  4. The last I checked, St. Lucia was still a democratic Country, why can,t Chas or anyone of us speak our mind. There is no censure in voicing ones opinion, so put the election talk behind us and look forward. Let wisdom be your guide; think of our maker and giver of Love and Freedom.

  5. With very rich, I mean filthy rich Russians on the move (run) their $Billions and massive properties being seized in the West, are quickly and desperately looking for a safe haven to hide some cash and valuables, some of the Islands, and in particular St. Lucia, where they have eyed and believe might be a safe place to hide their Treasure; certainly not as the pirates of the past, this time its legit so Chas is giving you a heads up, be warned and be smart and objective, business is business, with safe Harbours and two Air Ports, a Government with the smell of big big money unheard of, a deal can be struck. Money is money, once you got it, you have friends; but be careful, the Americans are watching, and you depend so much on them for Tourism and many other items of the imported kind. So now we call for wisdom from the giver of wisdom, Almighty Father give freely wisdom to the rulers of the ROCK. Amen

  6. Chas just likes running ahead, however,he must understand that he’s no longer the, Prime Minister he must allow the government to make their decisions as they sees fit.

  7. This war has nothing to do with us, let the Russians (This is what all of them are) fight amongst themselves. Survival of the fittest, the children who stay back in Ukraine will be just as radicalized and desensitized as their leaders. Have any one of you ever met a Ukrainian? They are just as numb and brutal as Serbians and Russians. It’s maybe a humanitarian crisis, but these people will move into other countries preserving their culture without changing their mentality. Two gangs fighting, none of our business.

  8. Did anyone else witness duriing last nights sunset a HUGE satellite I think”” on fire coming from way above pigeon island area passing the Caribbean coast and then it disappeared, I thought it was a nuke God Forbid.

  9. i totally agree cause i dont agree with putin going over there and killing so many innocent people especially women and children that have done nothing wrong

  10. If St. Lucia allows Russians oligarchs in their yachts and private jets to take refuge on Lucian waters of land, triple their expenses with everything an make it a useful enterprise since that’s a sign to the US that you stand against! Please focus on WascO Storage capabilities in the North TIP of the island. Smph

  11. @Objectively pompous political……I hope the SLP will do what they did in 2014 and just keep silent on the matter and tha’s the best thing for them to do, not everything the Head yellow Clown state’s their must be a follow up or rebuttle….the Supreme Leadership party supports Equal rights and Justice not war and stop holding your donkey breath.

  12. Mr. Chastanet where is Jack Lamb? And whats about the 23 islands you promised St Lucians in VF?

    • This is funny as sh*t because Chas knows that SLP is more aligned with Russia through Alba, Venezuela Cuba etc. So Chas is daring them….lmao! Chas 1- SLP 0! Even though I voted you out …you are right on this one….let’s see how my Labour leaders will respond to Chas!

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