Chastanet Urges Government To Cushion Price Hikes

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Opposition leader Allen Chastanet has called on the administration of Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre to reveal plans to ease the burden of rising commodity prices on the people of this country, especially the vulnerable.

“What is the government doing to minimise the impact of the increasing cost of living for Saint Lucians?” The United Workers Party (UWP) leader asked.

“Over the last few months, we have experienced some of the highest rates of inflation,” the former Prime Minister and Minister of Finance observed.

He said due to the current oil price, there’s anticipation that the cost of gas at the pumps will rise, resulting in price hikes for goods people require.

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“This is a serious issue,” Chastanet declared.

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  1. As Friend and Allie of Chastnet please be warned that he Chastnet do not care about the citizens if St Lucia he simply wants the government to fail at any cost .

    That is why he continues to make all these reckless statements .

  2. Honesty you ignorant f#<k quite a bit of st Lucians built their houses and sent their children to school and not just any school universities because of bananas. What did your jack@ss uncle Chas do for bananas sent them to France or was it Miami So shut the f#<k up you Allen Chastanet @$$ licker

  3. When times are good rejoice (enjoy !
    When times are bad consider (think !
    For God has made the one as the other !
    How great is your goodness, for 🇱🇨and 🇱🇨ians ? Which you have stored up for those who fear you ?
    O LORD God,i will give you thanks forever !
    Men was made to suffer and women to feel the pain ?
    “Yet if we devote our lives to God and stretch out our hands to him ;for God’s word is a great anti-poverty plan !
    Jesus met miseries
    Defeated it and conquered it.
    In Jesus’s name
    The great Conquerer !

  4. Uncle chas I don’t understand why you keep defending st. Lucians. They love misery!!!
    The people used to eating roasted green fig every morning and water. All those commenting in here, with all their bank accounts put together can’t match her yours halfway far less. You will know when they start feeling the pinch, wait for it

  5. Price start to rise under the UWP, after the removing of the 3%from vat which was the protection for the poor,now because of COVID 19 loses the Rich people’s said that they have to recover their loses, who will pay for this,is the poor, remember you gave the CIP money to one man, did you remember the poor?

  6. Some St.Lucians really have a low IQ indeed. I hope Pip continues to do nothing and tell you’ll he can’t. Lol

  7. As shortages increase so does prices everywhere in the world. What Chas should do is to encourage people and government to conserve their resources because all signs indicate a worsening trend. Look out for huge increases at the gas pump.

  8. “Cushion it” !! Hear this Clown Cushion it how ?? Do we have oil ?? Do we make gasoline ?? 90 percent of what St Lucians consume we import. Did you promote agriculture during your raine terror ?? What did you do with Bananas as was reported in The London Times ?? Farmers were hanging themselves left right and center under your Raine of Terror everyday. What did you do with the 20 milillion meat processing plant in VF ?? What happened to the displaced farmers ?? What happened to the Fishing Complex ??……by the way when you were running GQ with a distinct monopoly on grocery import for years while building your empire on the backs of the working poor of this country did you ever think for once how to cushion poor St Luican’s at your mercy with your ridiculous prices I just had to ask ?? I can tell you one way in which you could SHOW The Most Honorable PJP how he could “cushion” price hikes immediately simple, by refunding the state that USD$ 7.3 Million you teef to pay for vaccine (supposedly)..

  9. They will do the same thing you would’ve done. Pass the cost to consumers. Because they are absolutely powerless and have no resource due to mismanagement and corruption by successive governments.

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