Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Chastanet Uses Guy Joseph Analogy To Explain Hilaire Land Rover ‘Scandal’

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Former Saint Lucia Prime Minister Allen Chastanet took to Facebook last week using an analogy involving former Castries South East MP, Guy Joseph, to explain what he described as the Ernest Hilaire Land Rover scandal.

Guy Joseph was also Minister of Economic Development in Chastanet’s Government, which lost the July 26, 2021, general elections.

“Maybe if I use an analogy, more persons will have a greater appreciation of the extent of the Ernest Hilaire Land Rover Scandal,” Chastanet stated.

“Let’s say that Guy Joseph when he was Minister for Economic Development, purchased a vehicle for his brother and used up his duty-free allowance when purchasing this first vehicle,” he stated.

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“He then decides that he wants to purchase a second vehicle duty-free,” Chastanet asserted.

He noted in the hypothetical scenario that since Joseph had used up his allowance purchasing the first vehicle for his brother, he then decided to buy the vehicle in the name of the Ministry of Economic Development to receive it duty-free.

“He then doesn’t inform the Government that he has purchased and registered a vehicle in the name of the Ministry,” the former Prime Minister said in the analogy he used.

“Then, upon leaving office as Minister, he tries to transfer the vehicle in his name.. Be honest, don’t you think that the SLP would be calling for Guy Joseph’s arrest?”

Chastanet’s also posted a video clip of a call he made to Newsmaker Live  featuring Attorney at Law Thaddeus Antoine ‘to challenge and clarify’ misleading statements made.

The programme aired on Wednesday.

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  1. That Hillary guy is not a moral man everyone should have know that when the Sheikh Walid Juffali scandal broke out. This man cannot be trusted and everyone knows it. You will never be Prime Minister you slim.

  2. Why doesn’t this a**hole shut his hole!!!?? Just throwing ahit in the sky and expecting it to stick. The sad part is there are stupid standing under the shit and letting it fall on their face.

  3. Chastanet it is a fact Guy Joseph on Newsmaker Live admitted submitting documents to the Taiwanese for projects that were completed pretending that they were new projects. Allen what do you have to say about that crime?

  4. I am sold. I believe the H guy was up to eyebrows in illegality. That woman, St. Lisi was raped again. That other guy was also raping her. Poor St. Lisi.

  5. The key question here is; if he bought the vehicle in the name of the government, where did the money come from to pay for it? He would not have paid private money for a vehicle he buy for the government. look like the Juffalli money is involved there. So there is that dimension to the fraud. Did he use government money for the vehicle and then decided to steal the vehicle back from government? whose cheque paid for that vehicle? this is very easy to find out. Mate should be in jail. instead SLP made him Deputy PM.

  6. I think the former PM has some legitimate questions about the vehicle saga. I just wish he would have been this zealous about the many issues that affected St. Lucians during his tenure as PM.

  7. Slp and uwp are the same. When Slp is apposition they have everything to say. When they are campaigning they have everything to say. They portray to be someone they really are not. After elections you get to see who they really are. St Lucian’s we need to stop letting politicians used us. Let us stop being party hacks and speak out when we have to regardless of which party we support. Let us stop being party hacks and support party which we believe or know will do a good job. I support Slp but I am disappointment in the candidate that I supported. I voted for changes and to see things differently but it’s the same old stories. They only use you when they are campaigning. Let’s give our loyalties to god and not politicians. Let’s wait during elections and voted the party we believe will do a better job. And even before we do that let’s take it to god in prayer to direct us to make the right decision. Happy National day to my beautiful people. Relax and enjoy the time you have with your family and your love ones. Forget politicians and let them fight each other. Let’s be happy no matter what we have . Let’s share with our love ones and give thanks to god. Peace and love

  8. Who cares about the PHoCking car what about the Land sale to Cabot of donkey beach and secret beach for 99 PHoCking years, what about DSH, an utter disrespect to animal owners, what about the Piton land sold to a dollar PHoCking store owner? What about PHOCKING WASCO?….. no Daytime water for residents past sandals golf club for a year…..l WTF is That? u all have water so u don’t give a phock!? The people are Angry, where is our water? Smph

  9. I call on UWP to hire a good lawyer from outside st Lucia to challenge that case don’t let it die for the sake of every law abiding st Lucian

  10. The politicians are all lying comfortably in the same bed and watching the movie that St. Lucian are making about them. Are politicians really concern about the views of the public?

  11. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha @ Okay then well said boy one thing I can rely daily on is Chastanet supporters to give me jokes. Of all the people and analogies he could have used look who this Jackass pick the very same person who brought him down TEEFING Guy Joseph. What this telling me this man still have faith in this man and have not distance himself which means he would be in his cabinet again so SLP will hit a home run again. LOVE IT !!!!!

  12. How you mean? every politician should be living in the heads of every citizen rent free to stop corruption. Party supporters stop supporting politicians blindly. Well the hacks..???…….you can’t do nothing with them, they looking in one direction.and swollening every pill the politicians give them………Hahahaha.

  13. I don’t give a damn about Chastanet because had he managed himself and Guy properly, he would still be PM. But I really believe that Hilaire and Guy are two peas of the same pod. And that makes Hilaire very bad for an otherwise good government.
    Having listened to the video, my question to Hilaire and Thaddeus Antoine: (1) If there was nothing to be gained, then why register the vehicle in the name of the high commission at the time of purchase and then deregister it and put it in Hilaire’s name after? Why all that rigmarole?
    (2) If a vehicle is bought and registered in your the name of the High Commission or any government entity, doesn’t automatically belong to the state? To me, once it is purchased and registered in the name of the state, it belongs to the state. It really does not matter who pays. If I buy land in the name of my brother, it belongs to my brother.

  14. Alken is a arcissistic psychopath with a borderline personality disorder. Saint Lucians rejected you and your UWPee get that through your thick skull.

  15. I was so happy he used Guy Joseph in his analogy because them same SLP targeted Guy Joseph as corrupt and to date they have discovered no corruption. So in other words if it was Guy Joseph who did this the SLP would have been on fire. The UWP need to do more of this. That is to request the finding of their corruption claim. Both SLP and UWPs are waiting. Guy Joseph’s name should be ponding in their heads.

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