Chastanet ‘Very Sorry’ For Marcus Nicholas

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Opposition leader Allen Chastanet has reacted to news that former United Workers Party (UWP) parliamentary opposition leader Marcus Nicholas would serve six months in jail effective Tuesday for using false documents for tax purposes.

A jury unanimously found the former Dennery North MP, charged in 2017 after being arrested for attempting to get a tax return in his girlfriend’s name, guilty.

“I am very sorry for Marcus,” opposition leader Allen Chastanet told reporters.

“It was a personal thing that he had. At the end of the day we have two different lives – when we’ re in government and then you have one as your personal,” the UWP leader stated.

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At the same time, Chastanet disclosed that he was happy at the announcement by the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions of recent court convictions.

“We saw a murder case being successfully tried and I want to congratulate the DPP’s office. This is something that we had lost the ability of doing,” the former Prime Minister asserted.

And while admitting it was not enough, Chastanet expressed that Saint Lucia was moving in the right direction.

“I am glad to see the cases are coming in and they are being heard and if people did something wrong then they’re being held accountable,” the Micoud South MP told reporters.

Headline photo: (L to R) Marcus Nicholas & Allen Chastanet

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  1. Whats about if someone might a
    agree and argue :
    “Let us do evil that good may result ?
    If falsehood enhances God’s truthfulness increases and condemnation if deserved.
    The devil is a liar from the begining and cannot stand the truth (light).

  2. Bring Pierre, Hilarious, and all of the labour stooges before the courts and convict them accordingly! then i will have confidence in the system! until then this is pure nonsense! did the same attorney general who is Hilarity friend drop the charges against him? Go on prosecute all of them! we dont want selectivity though! you corrupt you hang! thats my motto!

    • Bro. Chas himself admitted that he asked his attorney general to drop the charges against the honourable Hilaire.

      • That’s where the corruption starts and end. It is not Chas duty to ask any Attorney General or DPP to drop any case against a colleague or foe. That’s the work of the Judiciary and there should be no partisan or Cabinet influence in it’s decision making. Just like Pierre and Claudius should never have been in Court to force anyone to drop the charges against Helaire. If Marcus gets six months, trust me if Helaire was found guilty, his sentence would be at least six years.

  3. All The Corrupt So Call Politricktians Should be Sentence to Prison when Found Guilty at the Courts

  4. Well what is Hilaire still doing in government? Go ahead prosecute him! in fact he worst than marcus nicholas by far! Chastanet not worried! because these politically motivated attacks will not succeed?

    • @Trap. It was your leader who asked the who asked the his attorney general to drop the case against the Honourable Hillaiere. So, weal and come back again.

    • Trap I agree wholeheartedly. Hilaire’s attempt to defraud the UK government of VAT on his vehicle and his lack of transparency in producing the documents…his various maneuvers in putting it in this name and that name to evade certain tax payments are even worst that this because he was employed in a position of trust by the government. I see slp supporters rejoicing at this but right in their camp there is this man who they have even imposed on the people of Saint Lucia in the position of deputy prime minister who is guilty of worse. Tanto tanto

  5. woiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii they must learn, now this is what you calling justice, to many times people in hi position get away with to many things even if he do it as personal he still has a name to uphold to but that right to happen to you thats time uwp was in power so why you want to rob your own government ? looool

  6. You mean to tell me mate was so hard-up that he had to resort to trying to scheme the government and his girlfriend of returns? Now, imagine how much more these fellas did while they were in.

    • Trust me, chastanet day will come ..His father is a rich man and a freemason no bit his day will come although I do not support any of the two partiesbut I want the state to go after chas. He is a dirty man

  7. What do you mean by he used his girlfriend’s name? Did he use his girlfriend’s name as his own? Like Susie, Mary or Agnes, lol. I have a friend name Jerry, and his wife and daughter also name Jerry. Some names common to men and women Leslie, Jessie, Jerry, Madison and John or Jon, to name a few. Anyway, I might be wrong on my assumption.

  8. Maybe if IRD had processed the refund quickly and paid off there would not be this issue of a honeypot.

  9. Chas , be careful, you have a case coming soon.
    I has shown UWP is the most corrupt party in the caribbean. Chas you have tarnish our sweet St. Lucia with corruption.

    • ….way overdue he should never ever received any tax return for all the millions he owe the state that he made on the backs of working poor St Lucians, plus the USD$7000000 million Covid Vaccine Money he teef, he needs to be tied up and horse wiped in Castries Square.

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