Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Chastanet Warns Saint Lucians To Brace For More Fuel Hikes

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Accusing the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) government of being seemingly uncaring despite the rising cost of living, opposition leader Allen Chastanet has warned citizens to brace for new hikes in fuel prices.

“Brace yourself because as of Monday, you will have to pay more for gas, diesel and cooking gas,” the United Workers Party (UWP) leader and former Prime Minister wrote on his official Facebook page on Saturday.

And he asserted that for a Government that constantly claims to care, they certainly don’t seem to care about how the constant increases in the cost of living make it increasingly difficult for Saint Lucians to put food on the table and survive.

The Micoud South MP recalled that the SLP administration presented the largest budget in Saint Lucia’s history two weeks ago.

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Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre’s maiden fiscal package was for $1.8 billion.

Chastanet observed that the budget requires borrowing over $500 Million.

But he lamented that the Pierre administration did not see it fit to include programmes and initiatives that would ease citizens’ financial burdens.

“It is more important to show that you care by your actions than by just saying you care in every speech you give. Mr. Prime Minister Saint Lucians deserve better,” the opposition leader declared.

On Monday, March 21, 2022, hikes in gasoline, diesel, and LPG 100 Pound Cylinders took effect, with the Ministry of Commerce announcing that the next adjustment of the retail price of fuel products will be on Monday, April 11, 2022.

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  1. @Economic, my initial response was not meant as a response to your post. I posted using my IPhone and accidentally went as a response to your post. My reference was to Chas. “My bad”. My response to your last post was

  2. @Economics, while I do understand that taxes and duties do affect the price of gas, that’s not the case here. The price is driven by market forces. The price of LPG and Petroleum has almost doubled due to world events. You must have got your economic degree at one of those unaccredited online schools. I would be careful making comments without first checking your sources

    • “while I do understand that taxes and duties do affect the price of gas, that’s not the case here. ”

      Man check your brain. You suffering from massive cognitive dissonance and low IQ.

  3. The recommendations have made for Chastanet to be awarded a Nobel prize for telling Lies. Liar of the century

  4. Oil is trading at the same price it was before the war. Why the price increase? Oh right. Greed.

    • You know full well that there is nothing the government can do to impact gas prices. You need to stop blaming for blaming sake and play a more constructive role instead of looking for anything to get back at this group. You are constantly looking for…I got you moment!!! This is the sign of weakness on your part. You opposition should be constructive and not distructive.

      • Clearly you lack the intelligence to understand that fuel prices are impacted by duties and taxes. Taxes and duties imposed by government. Clown

    • What does KFC have to do with gas prices? Last business class taught me businesses like KFC make profit base on customer demand.

  5. Chastanet we don’t like u. Please again we don’t like u. No matter what u say we just don’t like u. We suffered too much under u and we will never forget that. So please I’ll have to speak to Rackel to tell u that WE DON’T LIKE U CHASTANET.

    • How can youth be our future when adults like this writer how and openly display so much hate? Make me wonder which GOD they serve because according to the Holy bible it cannot be the father of our Jesus Christ.

  6. Chastenet go screw yourself! You promised people that you had a document on your desk and have us pay less for fuel and that was a bloody lie. So bug off you goat!

  7. By the way Allen can you please explain to the people of st Lucia why are Barbados citizens paying $20.76 EC for a gallon of gas, when Barbados is an Island with Raw Oil and natural Gas????

  8. Allen go wash yourself in Bay leaf and Limocal…. In the meantime go F##k self in Canada where you are a product.

    • Chastanet Warns Saint Lucians to Brace for Cold Water in the Taps on Mornings. Unless you are living under a rock, one should know that prices for food, fuel and other commodities have dramatically increased. Governmental intervention can’t completely shield consumers. Worst, many economies are still struggling from the effects of the pandemic. St. Lucia is no different from other countries across the globe.
      Chastenet is busy working himself into redundancy. Probably, he is churning out those statements for the faithful. It would be wiser on his part to make statements that have meat and can generate serious discussion. The place must have effective opposition.

      • History has proven that it can happen. During the recession of 2008 a barrel of crude oil was over $140 and the price of the pump was not $14.00. The price presently is just about $100 a barrel. A reduction in excise tax can help the situation drastically. This is where OUR Sir Arthur Lewis economy, which Hon Chastanet applied, works. Putting/Keeping the money in the people’s pocket. Not taxing.

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