Chastanet Welcomes Special Prosecutor – UWP To Submit Matters For Investigation

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Opposition leader Allen Chastanet has welcomed plans to appoint a Special Prosecutor, declaring that his United Workers Party (UWP) will be submitting matters ‘that have long been crying out for investigation’.

Weeks after assuming office after the July 26, 2021, general elections, the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) government announced that a Special Prosecutor would investigate corruption allegations under the Chastanet administration.

A bill for the Prosecutor’s appointment was before Tuesday’s sitting of parliament.

Chastanet announced on Facebook that he would miss the sitting.

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The UWP leader disclosed he would be off-Island supporting his father as the older man undergoes cancer treatment.

Nevertheless, he noted that the government had allocated one million dollars towards the appointment of the Special Prosecutor, an appointment promised during the SLP’s election campaign.

“I wish that the Prime Minister had been as eager to deliver on his other promises, including the provision of relief for the thousands of needy Saint Lucians, especially those he deemed  ‘the poorest of the poor'”, Chastanet declared.

“These hard-pressed citizens are the worst victims of the continuous increases in the cost of living,” the former Prime Minister asserted.

“As has become this government’s trademark, personal vendettas must be taken care of before anything else, however urgent. So much for its pledge always to put the people first!” He stated.

In addition, Chastanet pointed to ‘ several irregular and possibly unconstitutional points’ in the new Special Prosecutor legislation.

But he said he welcomed the appointment while reminding citizens that one of the first amendments by the former UWP Government he had the honor to lead, was the amendment to the Crown Proceedings Act soon after taking office.

According to the former Prime Minister, the amendment basically removed the ten-year investigation limitation that previously existed.

” Ironically, the current Prime Minister and his team did not support the amendments,” Chastanet recalled.


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  1. I support this 100% and I am waiting to see how all of it will work. Mr Pierre I know that your investigation according to Helaire is against the Chastenet administration but I would like it to go much further. Especially between 2007 – 2011 when the accusations of corruption and Mal practice in government was unprecedented. I know it would be difficult for you but both you and Kenny accused King, Frederick, Mondesir, Bouquet, Guy of so much corruption. Now grow some balls and investigate them.

  2. 1 millions so that crooks who robbed our coffers of hundreds of millions get to face their judgment. I say small price to pay. Go for it. Shake in your boots volairs

  3. With all what is happening around the country the pm is missing in action..but they looking for every crap LUCIANS are hungry..what that administration is looking for they will learn the hard way let Richard Fredrick confused your mind mr pm

  4. Government never has money bit to look good it will find money.
    Suffer St Lucians, keep crying for the next 4 years.

  5. 7.2 Million was given to a Crook for Covid 19 Vaccines so what’s wrong with paying a Special Prosecutor 1Million

  6. so slp wants to allocate one million dollars towards the appointment of the Special Prosecutor while we the people complaining of high gas prices at the pump and the increase in other things as well? so piere can get to waste all that money on senseless things but all he want to do is remove six percent or what ever the amount is on certain goods.


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