Chastanet Welcomes Student Laptops, Chides Government Over E-Books

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Opposition leader Allen Chastanet has welcomed the presentation of laptops to Micoud Secondary School students at a ceremony he attended on Thursday, asserting that he would support any initiative that assists the development of the nation’s children.

However, on his official Facebook page the former Prime Minister expressed disappointment with the current Government’s decision to ‘ completely abandon the E-books programme ‘ started under the former United Workers Party (UWP) administration.

According to the Micoud South MP, the E-Book programme had two components.

“The first component focused on supplying students with an electronic device/tablet which would help facilitate and nurture their ability to use devices to assist with achieving their educational goals,” he observed.

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“The second and most important component consisted of digital textbooks which were uploaded onto the devices. This project would eliminate the need for parents to spend over $1000 annually purchasing physical textbooks for each of their children,” Chastanet stated.

He also explained that the digital textbooks would improve the learning experience for students because of the interactive lessons, including audio and video presentations.

Chastanet said the E-books would better allow teachers to follow students’ progress given the monitoring and evaluation tools the digital textbooks programme contained.

“Whilst anyone would be happy to receive a laptop, providing our nation’s children with a device which doesn’t contain any educational software will prove disadvantageous to both students and teachers. Our nation deserves better and I am calling on the Government to do better for our students and teachers,” Chastanet declared.

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  1. Shall we as St. Lucians put the childish political comments aside, and in this respect think of the children/the next generation/ provide the best in our capacity for them; my grand kids come over, while eating baked stuff, their heads buried in these devices and I ask, what else are they reading or seeing, Homework ofcourse, Mom says. It is important for the youth to be guided in the right direction, the pathway to competence against rough multitude of very smart kids globally competing for the good jobs in Nth America and in Europe will not be easy. It was not easy for us yesterday without computers/ for you all the grades must be higher/ I do pray for a better St. Lucia tomorrow-Lord hear my prayer.


  2. I wish the former PM would have included the cost of the ebooks including the recurring costs, explained how we selected the supplier for the ebooks and the experience of the countries in the region who have used the same supplier. In addition, let us know if his technical people were in support of the ebooks. Don’t let politicians fool us.

    • The software cost EC$340 per year, and includes all school books. This would be a saving of approximately $600 per year per student. The UWP government also paid this fee in the first year and intended to pay it for this year. Instead this government has said that is to expensive. The software also had links to references and allowed teachers to spend less time on administration and more time with the students. The next step was to include videos of our best teachers teaching all subjects at all levels. This would make sure all students had equal access to the same quality education. The decision to go back to an empty laptop is regressive. We need to prepare our students to be global citizens, and learning how to use this platform will help as this technology is part of the global language.

  3. The Electronic device tablet is what I see my grand son using. No fooling around at my sons’ home when comes to school and the kids mom who’s a career freak. I think Chas has the edge here. Its a new world – don’t teach any stupid Patois or kreyol at school – learn proper English, French and Spanish – big jobs awaiting if you’re tri-lingual. Chas has been around bugger boys.

  4. Gosh, we used to have an intelligent P.M., now we’re stuck with a clueless dummy who keeps embarrassing us on the World stage.


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