Chastanet Writes Customs Comptroller Regarding Hilaire Vehicle Case

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Opposition leader Allen Chastanet has written a letter to Acting Comptroller of Customs Sherman Emmanuel, urging him to publicly indicate the reasoning behind a decision to withdraw a case against Dr. Ernest Hilaire regarding the importation of a Range Rover Discovery Sport.

In the seven-page letter dated January 4, 2022, Chastanet wrote that the presence of Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre at the court hearing and the PM’s assertion that justice had was served ought to confirm that the case is no ordinary one.

As a result, the opposition leader said it requires that the Customs Comptroller publicly reveal the details of his discussions or the facts he relied upon to make his decision.

“Failing which the Office of the Leader of the Opposition will be forced to pursue all remedies available at law to compel you so to do,” Chastanet stated.

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The former Prime Minister indicated that the case has implications for Saint Lucia’s reputation and the trust of the public and this country’s international partners.

“In particular, we are concerned about the integrity of our Department of Customs and its officers, the reputation of our Foreign Office and its adherence to its Diplomatic agreements and obligations. It is my hope that in your deliberations, you equally considered these important concerns as you would be duty bound to do,” the Micoud South MP wrote.

Chastanet outlined several points he described as ‘facts as we know them’ regarding the Hilaire Range Rover case.

He also raised questions regarding the vehicle’s importation and registration in Saint Lucia without a perfected invoice.

In addition, he posed some questions which he said the Comptroller must answer, including whether it was not a fact that he failed to consult with the Director of Public Prosecutions prior to the ‘purported decision to withdraw the case and to support the request for the Court to “dismiss” the case.’

The former Prime Minister said it was important to understand why the Comptroller of Customs has not given any public statements explaining his decision.

“The only statements that have been offered are that of Dr. Hilaire’s attorney and the Prime Minister. Their statements are bewildering and inconsistent with the facts and law and it requires for you to publicly clarify the rationale for your decision,” Chastanet asserted.

“Sir, I hope you treat this matter with the seriousness, respect, honesty, and transparency it demands. The citizens of Saint Lucia and our diplomatic partners expect nothing less than clarity on this matter and that this matter has been treated fairly and impartially and consistent with the Laws of Saint Lucia. I look forward to your earliest response within 14 days of the date hereof,” the letter concluded.

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  1. What a shame for a little (so called) Country with less than 200 thousand souls, struggling to feed its people, you have some 1/2 axx persons, seemingly posing as educated, buying their way into Government, trusted by many, but under the thin skin are found to be chief liar, schemer, bluffer, artful and cunning, see how he played Jufalli, no sympathy for the Arab, but it shows the artful mindset of a high member of an individual on the ‘Rock’ whose actions is tarnished, and the U.K. government don’t take lightly on this kind of behavior. At the top, we have elected an ‘Unholy trinity’ with the dark deeds of one has doomed him from setting foot in the U.S. (shame) how can one allow this to carry on, our banana industry is slopping downward, Tourism is in ICU hospitalization, crime is ravaging the nation, the poor and elderly are preyed upon for their last Nickle & Dime, beaten and left, God have mercy. people have turned their backs on God while the gifted bid for greater kickbacks and bags of dough. I pray for this Nation, that’s about all anyone can do, be it SLP, UWP or XYZ, St. Lucia is St, Lucia.(Crime go away, Covid, go away, in the name of Jesus, Amen)

  2. I think if the UK Government is not interested in tax evasion or defrauding them it will bare no fruit here in this banana island regardless what you do. We do not jail politicians and other political appointees in this rock land…

  3. Both are chronic liars but Chas got him this time using his power for benefits. Chas will not drop that case until Hilaire admit the truth but i have a feeling that will not come to light cause he have enough links in parliament covering up for him including SLT

  4. The crow u need to shut up! the dirty volaire must be removed from office. no ands if or buts. what money he buy the vehicle with??? u mean Jufalli money?? the huge pay back that he got for giving the man a government position? get rid of mate from the SLP and send him out to pasture! old volaire!

  5. Chas, you need to shut your rass there! You think we forget about the Soufriere Foundation money and the resulting court case? No, we eh forget at all! When y’all came into power, y’all swept it under the rug . . . you, your AG, and your Merry Men! Answer that question, what happen to the case? Maybe some of the “Jim Crows” here will be able to answer.

  6. When will Allen understand St Lucia is a westMinister system and therefore chain of command goes through Permanent Secretaries and not head of departments. Secondly the Comptroller has no power to disclose the agreement from the mediation process. Mediation agreement are seal documents available only to the said parties, Mediator and Judge/Magistrate. Any disclosure of the agreement by anyone is a breach of the laws of St Lucia. Allen can jump high he can jump low no Court, Judge or appeal Judge/court will give him access to the agreement.

  7. Chas – you digging a can of worms! You are obsessed with this case- be careful that those you pursue eh open the huge can of worms that you and guy let marinate around all those Fresh start road projects – not to mention the duty free concessions given to ONE Forestiere individual for endless coasters, audi and buses + pajoah+ st judes technical audit + street lighting project scandal etc etc. You see Lucians quick to forget and keep beating their jaws (fingers) on here as if this is the only important matter!

  8. Whether the 7.3 million dollar Covid funds has been returned or not is not the issue. If the deal had come through, he would have left the treasury $3.9 million in the hole. He would pretended to pay $7.3 million for one hundred thousand doses of vaccines, whereas Barbados was paying $3.4 for the same hundred thousand doses of the same vaccines from the same source. This is a much more serious matter. Although the jeep saga could easily be unlawful, I have no doubt that this practice was the order of the day since the beginning. He paid for his jeep and may have used his position to evade taxes, something that 99.9% of those reading this would have done themselves, even if they know it is cheating. It is happening even as we speak. In the public sector, it is all about family, friends and political affiliation. Everyone is looking for freeness even when they can afford it. No one wants to pay taxes but yet want to rely solely on government who itself depends on taxes to survive.

  9. Y uall make politics out of everything that happen in st Lucia. So uall have no problem with wat the man did. Big man have de money so him are de boss. Give that some thought

  10. lol i wishing Allen was so focused on transparency when he was in office we would of have gotten a proper investigation about the Pajoah letter.

  11. @me again…. Oh yes I was thinking the same. Your comment was before mine. What the f happened SLT. Come on it had nothing offensive unlike what lh writes

  12. Keep at them uncle. He lies had every intention of defrauding the UK regardless of how things turned out regarding the VAT free status. Also ensure that his enabler who is still in the UK mister taffa will I ams never work in any capacity in the UK as a representative of St. Lucia. For that matter the UK government should sanction him!

  13. T-chas I applaud you on this matter. Hilaire need to understand that no one is above the law and if he has done the wrong, he should be prosecuted like everybody else. In his words, he is in government and he can take Revenge. This is the past behavior of authorities and this is no more. Hilaire should stand Trial and answer to the people of SLU – Good Job T-chas. Please do not let it go.

  14. So the previous comment on Hilaire and agreeing with Chastanet 1000% has disappeared. does dirty Hilaire own one of you little bitches at St Lucia times? lack of education continue will continue to stifle! i hope he take jail in england or the US. !

  15. What an obsession? Please tell us about your almost 6 years in office .the Chef Harry land that was deceit fully tried to acquire right under your leadership,.

    The vaccine money, St Judes .the key Lago roundabout and the many many more .the five 500 million covid income support loans.

    Please let us know , what Alli Baba and his 40 helpers do with our resources .

  16. Seems chastnent really wanted to drive that range rover . there are more important stuff to investigate like guy joseph 100 million dean and land sold for 9million around soufrierie area all of which you deny .

  17. You will get an answer when you can say where then 4 billion went to in the mean time say hi to the people of derisseaux they haven’t heard from you after the great defeat

  18. Chas I’m so proud of you. This is the pm I wanted to see a few yrs ago. Now I can see you got balls!!!
    We need answers and we also want slp out of government. Out of st. Lucia for good. We can’t continue with this kind of governance.

  19. The comptroller is not answerable to any citizen therefore Allen your letter should have been written to the Cabinet Secretary….. Again Allen you do not understand the system of government and the constitution.

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