Chief Education Officer Hopes For Safe Return Of Missing Teenagers

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Chief Education Officer Dr. Fiona Philip-Mayer has expressed hopes for the safe return of two teenage females reported missing by their families.

She said it’s a sad day when any child goes missing, regardless of the period involved.

“In that case we hope for the shortest period that their families would know where they are. We can really empathise with the families knowing they’re not sure where their children are at this very moment,” the senior Education Ministry official stated.

“In the same vein, we also feel that sense of responsibility towards knowing where the children are,” Philip-Mayer said.

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“We have been working with our counselling teams at the various schools to just speak to the importance of supporting our children,” she disclosed.

“Responsible behaviour, vigilant behaviour, being aware of their surroundings, choosing to behave inamanner that is acceptable in terms of the friends that they keep, the people that they engage with,” the Chief Education Officer explained.

In a March 7 post on its official Facebook page, the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF)announced that Darlene Daniel Piltie had been reported missing.

According to the RSLPF, individuals last saw the fifteen-year-old resident of New Dock Road, Vieux Fort, on Friday, March 4, 2022.

Desruisseaux teenager Haillie Davy is also missing.

A family member said individuals last saw the 16-year-old on Sunday at about 4:30 pm in the community.

Haillie was wearing grey Corinth Secondary track pants and an off-white spaghetti strap vest at the time.

Anyone with information about the whereabouts of the missing teens is invited to call the police.

“For us it is always a very sad moment knowing that parents do not know where their children are and in this case we have female students being impacted,” the Chief Education Officer explained.

“We do not know what the outcome of this will be, but our hope – our desire is to have our children safely returned to their families and accounted for,” Philip-Mayer said.

Headline photo (L to R) Haillie  & Darlene Daniel Piltie 

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  1. Hardships we suffered-under great pressures,far beyond our ability to endure.
    Away in our hearts, mothers (parents)and concerns :
    Sincerly,we will continue to pray, for we know that through prayers and the help given by the sprit of Jesus Christ for rescuing and délivrance of your missing daughters, which may be held by trade masters desires to depart,yet they may say, what shall we choose, but it will be better by far.
    As we eagerly expect and hope for their safe return,as we share God’s grace and comfort,and affection of Jesus Christ.
    O LORD,have compassion on your teens and save them from those who held them in “jeopardy”.

  2. Hurts my heart to see our country going through such a difficult time. The leaders of our country need to come out and ‘restore confidence’. I have never known our country to be so saddled with crime. These two young ladies MUST be found and MUST be found soon. There most likely is something very sordid plaguing our country. Sex trafficking is as real as it gets.

  3. Richard Frederick was so passionate about getting Marjorie her land back, so passionate about getting the oppressive white man out – and we needed that dog out for sure, However, where is Richard Frederick on this? Where is Emma? where is Hillaire? Where is Mary Frncis? St. Lucia we have a MAJOR problem. Fagdius and Hillaire all bent on having carnival in a few months – in the MIDDLE of a pandemic, however, they have NOT said a word on this tragic situation. We need TRUE leadership in this country. Leaders who care and not those who are there just to line their pockets. NONE of these jokers are worth the shoes they walk in.

  4. Where is the Prime Minister of St. Lucia on this? More concerned about ‘fig’. THE COUNTRY IS IN A MESS – OPEN your f….g eyes!!!!!!

    • Everything is politics. Houses were build on fig children were sent to school on fig not just any schools universities

  5. There is a SEX trafficking ring right there at cap. Al these politicians know about it. They know EXACTLY what is going here. They are kidnapping young girls to traffic them. Big business for the elite. Yo toute kornet

  6. Where are the ‘leaders’ of the country on this???? The ones like Guibion Ferdinand, Kenny Anthony that these children parents VOTED for??? Where is Philip J Pierre? Ernest Hillaire? Even Chastanet who cares so much about desruisseaux people. Where is he??? If these were white tourists you all would be all over this. WE LUCIANS NEED TO OPEN OUR EYES AND SEE THAT THESE POLITICIANS DO NOT GIVE A DAMN ABOUT US. Could you imagine the parents of these kids and their sleepless nights?

  7. I’m St.Lucian born living in NYC and it sad reading news coming from my homeland. The pass three months has been tough not just for me but I’m sure others living in the diaspora. What really drew my attention is the silence from the authorities regarding the missing teens. Please see my many questions and concerns below:
    Does the Cellphone providers on Island have the capability to check their network and make available to the relevant authority the last ping off of their cell towers and those most recent conversations?

    Have the authorities question any of her school mates to gather more intelligence regarding the missing teens social circle?

    Both missing teens have one common ground, Micoud. One lives there the other attends school there.

    The VF teen moves from one household to another (Mother/Father) residence. This gives the teen the allowance to have a third home if there is no communication amongst both parents.

    I’m just asking, did she or her circle of friends (Associates) get caught up in the gangster paradise life and she is now being held against her will after witnessing some violent act?
    I think the country should demand both the PM and Police Commissioner issue a statement and we receive updates every four hours leading from the investigation.
    I feel the police like us are just seating back and waiting for something to come up. They are not proactively seeking to return the teens to their family.
    Finally, if those teens are out there on a joyride and decide to return home at their convenience, they and their cronies should feel the full force of the law and the family given a hefty fine for using state resources and emotional abuse of a nation.

    Ladies as harsh as I may sound in my above comment, I ask that you contact your family if you are able to. This world is unforgiving and your family especially your mother will always be there for you.
    I pray that they both return home safely to their family.

  8. Nobody sighted if someone grabbed either of them I mean St Lucia is not that big or they don’t wanna say out of fear. This is not enough information Loop news said Darlene mother saw her number blocked by her daughter.

  9. I do feel for the families and parents of these young girls. This is really not sometning to take lightly and joke about, all you need to do is imagine a child of yours missing, how would you feel?

  10. These two cases are not like the “typical” and very worrisome. Hoping for their safe return.

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