Thursday, September 29, 2022

Chief Education Officer Reiterates Zero Tolerance For Unacceptable Behaviour By Adults In Education System

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Chief Education Officer Dr. Fiona Philip-Mayer has reiterated zero tolerance for unacceptable behavior by any adult within Saint Lucia’s education system while announcing a ‘sensitive nature’ situation involving one of the Island’s schools.

She did not go into details in her statement on Thursday.

But on Wednesday, MBC Prime broke a story regarding allegations against a sports coach employed by an educational facility.

According to the television news story, the allegations pertained to conversations of a sexual nature between the coach and several minors.

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” We are keenly aware that all procedures have been followed in terms of dealing with the matter as a matter of urgency,” Philip-Mayer stated, without making any reference to the MBC Prime story.

“There is on our part zero tolerance for any unacceptable behavior within any one of our institutions,” she asserted.

“And so we continue to work with the necessary authorities as well as our counselling teams to ensure that everything possible is done to bring the matter and resolve it in a manner that is acceptable as well as fair in terms of the delivery of any measures thereafter,” she explained.

Her complete statement appears below:


Headline photo: Fiona Philip-Mayer stock image

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  1. and what abt zero tolerance for students who disrespect teachers and parents who behave like wild fowls for their kids rude behaviour???

  2. I really love this CEO. You can feel that she is genuine about her job and wants the best for the education system. While “they” fight her down, she keeps on trying. Even when she is overtly undermined, she continues to do her job as is nothing had happened. Because of her professionalism and independence, those who matter perceive her as being Red or Yellow. She can never win. She does what is right for the successful administration of the education system, and will not comprise her integrity by supporting overtly partial decision making.. The CEO will not consent to unreasonable and unconscionable demands. The CEO will not participate in the manipulation of a Board or Council. The CEO will not support victimization and discrimination.

    • “The CEO will not consent to unreasonable and unconscionable demands.” – So rushing to reopen school at the peak of Christmas covid outbreaks in January for 2 consecutive years only to close school days after doesn’t count? I dont know if you are getting paid to speak untruths but if so, speak them in your little circles- not on an online-public forum. I am sure she means well but she has bent over for politicians too many times in recent past over the reopening of schools! On this main not though- soon the whole of lucia will know his/ or her? name!!!

      • Opening schools during pandemic is a political decision. Tell will always tell on partisan political decisions

  3. Zero policy my behind. This has been going on for decades. Teacher gets moved to another school to continue the cycle.

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